April 18, 2015

twenty-three weeks


how far along:  23 weeks (compare to 23 weeks with Ryann, 23 weeks with Elsie)

size of baby:  My What to Expect app says the size of a papaya. 

weight gain:  15 pounds.  I didn't gain any weight this week.  I have no idea how that happened.  But I'll most certainly take it.  I'm estimating that I have 15 weeks to go, so if I only average a pound a week I could possibly end up at only 30 pounds gained.  Fingers crossed!

maternity clothes:  Yes.  And my mom took me on a little early birthday shopping adventure for some more maternity clothes that I am so very grateful for!  I still need to get my hands on some comfy lounge wear that I really like, but now I have more than one pair of regular pants that I'll actually wear.  And a pair of shorts.  And a swimsuit.  YIKES.  Honestly while I'm at my parents pool I plan to let it all hang out in a bikini because I'm not washing a maternity suit over and over again.  But one or two that can actually cover the belly for public purposes might not be a bad idea.

symptoms:  Nothing too terrible.  My legs get really restless in the evenings and it is uncomfortable to just sit on the couch (THE HORROR) and bending over sucks.  But otherwise I haven't had any terrible headaches or anything.  I'm grateful for that.  In the last 10 days or so, I've had a couple of weird vision issues.  Not 'seeing sparkles' like I've experienced with the last two pregnancies, but something of that nature.  Like stuff just looks weird.  I'm not sure what to make of it, but I feel fine otherwise, so until someone tells me my blood pressure is out of whack I'm just going to assume I'm crazy.

exercise:  I'm trying to come to terms with not running.  It just hurts too much.  Hell I can barely walk at more than 3 miles an hour without something hurting.  Kind of depressing, but it is what it is and I'm still making sure to get my steps in and not be a complete lump.  Actually, 90,749 steps this week.  BAM.  I'm starting to feel like my arms are really really lacking definition, so I'm hoping one of these days I'll kick my own butt and lift a weight or two.

cravings/aversions:  I like to eat food.  Good food.  That's about it.

movement:  I definitely feel her moving daily, and sometimes it is strong enough that I see my belly moving.  But sometimes I have to stop and concentrate to notice it still.

sleep:  I keep waking up really uncomfortable or needing to pee.  It sucks.  And I stay up too late and get up too early.  Meh.

gender:  A little princess.  Or whatever the heck she wants to be.  ;o)

looking forward to:  Our new house reno's being finished and shopping for home decor!  My mom and I browsed Home Goods this week and there were so many things I wanted to buy, I'm just not sure where I'd put stuff.  I need to check the return policy, and then maybe go back in a couple of weeks and buy stuff, then just return what I don't use.  I have a hard time committing to purchases and generally end up just buying nothing, so I'm going to need a little push from my mama to come home with anything!

worries:  I'm worried that we will never agree on a name.  I've started joking that we're just going to go with 'baby sister', and call her BS for short.  Also I'm worried that selling our house is going to SUCK.  On Wednesday I sort of cleaned out my craft/office closet (which means I found the floor and my desk, I did not organize any of the shelves) and it was kind of miserable.  Bending over, getting on and off the floor.  Gross.  I need to kick it into high gear and get all my to-do's finished in the next couple of weeks before I get too much bigger!

what's different this time:  I absolutely did not run a half marathon this week.  Looking back at that, I almost can't believe it.  I feel SO different this time.  I assumed I'd just keep right on running like I did while pregnant with Elsie, but it just was NOT happening.  And it was all the sudden.  I ran at 10k without a problem at 16 weeks.  And now I can't make it more than .15 miles.  While reading my old post I was reminded that someone called me selfish for running while pregnant and that it was endangering my baby and what not.  To me this just proves that only YOU know your own body, and you have to listen to it.  I did feel fine running while pregnant with Elsie.  Not perfect all the time, but I knew I wasn't hurting myself or my baby.  This time around, I can just tell it isn't right for me to be running.  Every person and every pregnancy is different and only you and your doctor can decide what is right for you.

best moment this week:  Nothing major.  Coming home with maternity clothes that I didn't hate was pretty good.  And honestly, some of my favorite moments each week are when Elsie and Ryann actually play nicely together.  It just makes my heart so happy when they are sweet to each other.

April 17, 2015

ryann at five

I posted about Ryann's birthday, and her party, but I have yet to really post about Ryann in general lately.  It seems as though not a lot has changed, and yet she is so different than she was from a year ago.  She is still obsessed with unicorns, is a crappy eater and loves nature.  She loves school and learning and she is so freaking smart.


I taped a whole like nine minute interview where I asked her some of her favorites and such, but I'm too lazy to upload it.  So the overview...

Favorite color:  purple and pink
Favorite food:  chicken nuggets and bunny mac & cheese
Favorite sweet treat:  Starburst jelly beans
Favorite drink:  chocolate milk
Favorite movie:  The Penguins Movie
Favorite song:  Black Widow and Uptown Funk
Best Friends:  Brennan, Drake and Kamryn
Favorite place to go:  Community center explorer room
Favorite place to visit:  Georgia!
Favorite animal:  unicorns
Favorite things to do:  play kitties with sissy, play at Kidscape, and paint and color and cut!
When she grows up she wants to be:  a vet at the zoo

Recently reading has really really REALLY clicked with Ry.  We think she must have more of a photographic memory, or something of that nature, because she doesn't like to sound out words (even though she can).  But if she sees a word two or three times it is logged in her little brain file.  She has also done a wonderful job using contextual clues and the book illustrations to figure out what some words are that she is having difficulty with.  I've been in awe watching her pick up a book, and make it through nearly the whole thing with only a bit of help.  Last weekend I took her to see Home, and at the end of the movie "two weeks later" came up on the screen.  She immediately asked me why they wrote 'two weeks later' on the movie.  It is just one of those moments that surprises you.  Those are words I'm sure she has seen several times, it shouldn't be a surprise that she was able to read them.  But my baby!  She can read words anywhere and everywhere!  So crazy.

Ryann continues to love art projects and drawing.  Her detailed illustrations just get more and more amazing.  I'd go as far as to say that she can draw several animals, dragons and unicorns, things of that nature, better than I can.  She gets that ability from her father.  You'd think being the one with the fine arts degree I could teach her a thing or two, but not so much.  We found a little book at the toy store called I Can Draw Animals and she has done great with it, following along with the little illustrated instructions.

Another random tidbit Christopher wanted me to throw in, is that Ryann loves to watch a little Bill Nye before bed.  It used to be human body lectures, but after they went through all those, she discovered Bill Nye, and now it is her thing.  She can't go to bed without watching a little bit of an episode.

We went to kindergarten round-up last week, that is just plain crazy.  I wasn't exactly sure how the whole thing worked, but I didn't realize that they immediately separated the parents and kids and stayed that way for the whole two hours.  So I was a bit startled when they whisked her off after she had her name tag!  But she didn't even blink or look back and just made her way down the hall with everyone else.  She loves being around other kids and isn't the least bit shy.  Her personality can fill a room, and she approaches each little adventure which such enthusiasm.  Really though, she is going to be in REAL school.  I felt like preschool was the real deal with conferences and such.  But sitting through the parent portion, it was just so surreal.  This is just the beginning, but I know it is going to fly.


As scary as it seems to me for her to be entering kindergarten, I am so very very excited for her.  She is going to love it, and I'm pretty sure she is just going to thrive.  Her preschool teacher couldn't say enough nice things about her, and how much Ryann loves everything about class and has such a joy and passion for learning and exploring.  I'm sad that she'll be spending so much time away from me during the day, but she is going to have so much fun.  At least I really hope so.

There was a shirt at Target that said 'my spirit animal is a unicorn,' and I absolutely had to get it for her.  Between her love of unicorns and her infections spirit, it just seemed perfect.  The kid has a temper, and can drive me crazy like nobody else can, but she is really quite amazing.  I hope nothing can squash her enthusiasm for life.

Love you Miss Ryann!!

April 14, 2015

renovation progress

Some days it seems like so much gets done on the house, and some days I feel like this dang reno is taking forever.  But hey, we don't need to actually live there for another few months so I suppose it is alright.  I thought I'd throw up some progress photos for fun though!

One of the most exciting things, is that our kitchen cabinets were delivered last week.  They still haven't put in all the drawers or doors so it is tough to see how they're really going to look, but I'm SO EXCITED.  Originally we were planning to go with bar pulls for the drawers and cabinets, but now I'm second guessing that decision.  My contractor said they haven't drilled the holes yet, so he is going to hold off.  Just not sure what would happen to the pulls that were ordered with the cabinets...

back of the house, sink wall
opposite the sink wall, with the microwave and fridge
where the double oven will go

I'm so in love with the glass front cabinets.  There is just so much storage in general, and I can't wait to have a place to display some of my serving pieces and cake plates.  This is the lighting we've chosen for the space.  The glass pendant chandelier will go over the island, with the, globes?, hung at varying lengths, and the drum will go over the eat-in table.


And just for a refresher, a couple of kitchen photos from the listing:


We ended up going with Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter for the paint color throughout most of the main floor.  I was having such a hard time picking for the kitchen, family room and back hallway, and after they painted the entry and we loved it, it just seemed to make the most sense.  Here is the family room as it is right now, some entry progress as well as the listing photo.


The master went Benjamin Moore's Rockport Gray...


And Elsie's room got refreshing coat (or two or three, thanks mom!) of Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl...


The playroom will also be getting the gray owl treatment.  We've picked most of the paint colors for the house, we just need to get to work painting the rest of the walls.  Most of the master bath items have been chosen, and I can't wait to see that come together.  It took probably at least four layout attempts before I settled on something I liked.  We aren't putting a tub back in the space, which I was a little leary of at first, but now we'll be getting a really awesome shower plus a linen closet, and I'm very excited.

Hopefully there is even more progress to be seen this weekend!

April 13, 2015

easter 2015

Easter weekend fell after our little jaunt in the hospital, so I was a bit stressed out going in to it.  But it ended up being a fun and relatively relaxing weekend in my opinion.  We started Saturday morning off with a breakfast and egg hunt at the country club.  There was a face painter, a balloon animal guy, and no shortage of good breakfast food.  Winning in my book.  They had the egg hunt broken up in to three age groups and it was pretty funny to watch the differences in each group.  The 3 and under crowd moved slowly through their space, and after picking up a few eggs each kid was a happy camper and went on their way.  The 4-6 kids moved a little faster but were overall pretty calm.  I couldn't quite see the 7 and up kids, but it seemed like they ran through there and picked eggs at lightening speed.


When we got home the girls spent a good deal of time playing 'Easter Egg Hunt'.  Ryann hid the eggs and then helped Elsie find them.  Really that went on all weekend.  It was cute.  I truthfully can't remember what we did the rest of the day.  Elsie napped.  We played outside a bit.  Made some dinner.  Nothing crazy.

Sunday morning we started with their Easter baskets (once there was enough light for me to take pictures of course, sorry girls :o).  They were so cute.  Ryann was super excited about a kalidescope, and Elsie was just excited about everything.  Then my mom whipped up some breakfast, and we rounded it out with a little egg hunt outside of our own.


After all that we got to work dying eggs.  Originally my mom had boiled a dozen, and I told her we needed at least 6 more.  Well we flew through those 18 so fast!  Ryann was loving making the eggs all different colors and combos.  I'm sure she could have dyed three dozen eggs and been a happy camper.  I just don't think I could have eaten all those hard boiled eggs...  We'll definitely do two dozen next year though.


My sweet mama spent the rest of the day in the kitchen cooking us a delicious dinner.  We had beef tenderloin, green beans with bacon, mashed potatoes with a mushroom gray and biscuits.  It was sooooo good.  But the only thing I managed to snap a picture of from the rest of the day was the cute little bunny cakes she baked.  I'm pretty sure I loved them the most, but whatever.  They were cute and tasty.


After dinner we loaded up in the car and made our way back home.  Next Easter is going to look a little different, with three kiddos in our new house!

April 11, 2015

twenty-two weeks


how far along:  22 weeks (compare to 22 weeks with Ryann, 22 weeks with Elsie)

size of baby:  Who the heck knows.  The bump says a papaya and around 11 inches, What to Expect says a spaghetti squash, but only 8 inches.  She's growing, and is comparable to the size of some sort of food item.  But I'm not sure which one.  :o) 

weight gain:  15 pounds.  I... just... I'm really enjoying food.  Whatever.

maternity clothes:  NOTHING IS COMFORTABLE.  But yes, maternity clothes.  Hopefully when my mom is back in town I can con her into another trip to the maternity store.  :o)

symptoms:  Just general uncomfortableness, nothing terrible, nothing great.

exercise:  Pretty much just walking now. 79,169 steps this week.

cravings/aversions:  I had some strawberry lemonade from Wendy's and that was pretty tasty.  Wouldn't mind some more.  Basically though, food.  Food is good.

movement:  Some days it is really strong and catches me off guard, and sometimes I don't feel her very much at all.  Often it is just a lot of pressure in various areas, as opposed to distinct jabs or kicks.  I told Christopher the other night I felt like she was stretched out in a giant X, because there was pressure on both my hip bones and up in my ribs.

sleep:  Not great, but not terrible.  Sometimes I stay up too late because I don't want to get ready for bed, despite the fact that I'm super tired.  Stupid.  Or I just pass out on the couch and wake up a few hours later.

gender:  Girl #3.  I get at least one 'bless your heart' or 'your poor husband' every day.  Three girls is going to be a blast, I just know it.

looking forward to:  Truthfully, I'm looking forward to September.  Ok maybe July, I could maybe handle July.  April, May and June just look too stressful.  So much to get done right now, so many decisions to be made.  I just don't wanna.  But I'm also determined to enjoy these last three months of living in KC so I better suck it up.

worries:  Lots of random stuff.  But I would say all that random stuff is just occupying my brain, not really making me worry in particular.  I'm stressed, but not worried, if that makes any sense.

what's different this time:  I'm pretty much still in disbelief that in probably 17 weeks or less I'll give birth to another little girl.  I simply cannot imagine it.  Can't picture our life with three kiddos.  It will be awesome, and amazing, I know it will.  But it still seems so surreal.  Also I feel like I've been to the doctor a lot less for myself.  That's cool. 

best moment this week:  Finding out that Elsie is really only allergic to cats was pretty stellar.  We don't have to worry as much about having her outside.

April 10, 2015

a new plan

We never did make it to our follow-up with the pediatrician last Thursday.  Wednesday morning around 3:45am I woke up to go the bathroom.  Shortly after while I was trying to fall back asleep, I noticed Elsie was moving around and coughing.  After about 15 minutes I went in and gave her a drink.  I left her for another 5 or so, and Chris suggested I give her some albuterol.  By this point it was 4:30am, and after the treatment she fell asleep in like 10 minutes.

Elsie woke up again around 7:15am, with a bit of a cough.  When I went in to her room I knew I wouldn't be dropping her off at MDO.  Her breathing was incredibly rapid and she wasn't able to talk to me without coughing.  I gave her another breathing treatment.  It didn't really help.  Chris told me to get her to urgent care after I dropped Ryann off at school, so I got to work getting us all ready to get out the door.  By 8:10am when I was getting us in the car, Elsie was sounding much worse.  She started coughing on the way to school and I could hear her breathing very heavily.  I definitely got a sense of urgency, and called the school to ask someone to come out and meet Ryann.  Thank goodness for that.

As I pulled out and headed toward the doctor the coughing just got worse and worse.  Elsie didn't have a moment to catch her breath.  I texted Chris (at a red light for the record) and he said if she really sounded awful just go straight to the ER.  That was all the push I needed, plus we were closer to the ER than the pedi and I wanted to get her help right then and there.

Honestly this was the first time I truly thought my child might stop breathing.  I wasn't sure we could make it before something really bad happened.  I was terrified.  She continued to cough continuously as we checked in with the security guard.  I fumbled for my liscense.  It took me forever to find the damn thing.  I was almost in tears at this point.  The nurse(?) at the desk quickly waved us over, got our information and told us it would only be a minute.  She leaned back in her chair and said someone needed to take us to triage, NOW.  I was so thankful that they were acting quickly, but again, it is even more scary when the nurses and doctors are worried.

these were supposed to be our pouty faces

I think I texted Chris at 8:50am to let him know we were at the ER, and by 9am we were in a room with a doctor.  I am so incredibly grateful to the doctor's and nurses at Children's Mercy.  They took such good care of us.  Elsie immediately wanted to know where her iPad was, which I hadn't grabbed.  Without saying a word the nurse called the child life representative and in a matter of minutes she had an iPad.  They were doing anything they could to keep her happy.

When all was said and done in the ER, I think Elsie had 10+ puffs of albuterol, a dose of prednisolone, and did an hour long breathing treatment.  The breathing treatment was hard to watch.  Her body was being pounded by the steroids, and while she did relatively good, she was getting so shaky and pulling at her ears, scratching at her face, it was making her crazy.  I hated it.  But it helped.  Her breathing improved.  When they first started the treatment she sounded like a full on squeak toy, and by the end of it wheeze was gone.  But she couldn't last more than two hours without some sort of breathing treatment, and her oxygen levels didn't want to come above 91-92%.  So we were admitted.

The rest of the afternoon and in to the evening was filled with more breathing treatments, more prednisolone, a whole lot of movies and snacks, and a bit of a nap.


Chris had to leave shortly after we were admitted to pick up Ryann from school and take her to dance, but he came back around 8:30 when some friends were able to come hang out with Ry.  He brought us some cheese and crackers, and some Ben and Jerry's :).  After he left again I attempted to get Elsie to go to bed, but she just wasn't having it.  Thankfully she wasn't against sleeping in the crib this time, but she just kept talking to me and rolling around and pulling her monitor off.  All that fun stuff.  Finally around 11:30pm I got her calmed down, and rubbed her back until she fell asleep.  In a matter of minutes E's oxygen level dropped to the mid 80's.  The nurse came in and tried to put a nasal cannula on her, but Elsie was absolutely NOT having it, at all.  She just wouldn't let her put the thing in her nose.  I can't say I could really blame her.

We settled on blow by oxygen.  I got her back to sleep and we set up the tube next to her face.  All seemed to be going well so I tried to get some sleep myself.  But 30 minutes later the alarms were going off and the nurse was back in our room.  Elsie had rolled over, naturally.  The nurse repositioned the tube and her numbers came back up.  I sat back down, but two minutes later she flipped over and the alarms went off again.  I spent the next 45 minutes or so playing move the oxygen tube, but at that point it wasn't doing the job to keep her levels above 90%.  The nurse suggested maybe I hold her in the recliner so that we could keep everything positioned better.  That worked for a little bit, but by 3am even that couldn't keep her levels up.  Our last ditch effort was an oxygen mask.  Why E was less opposed to that than the nasal cannula, I'm not sure, but she let me hold it on her face.  Which I did for the next 3-4 hours.  I dozed on and off a bit, but if I wasn't holding the mask it slipped and her oxygen levels dropped.

Shortly after 6am I was fidgety and uncomfortable, and I think Elsie felt the same way.  She was up by 6:30am.  She pulled the oxygen mask off, but her numbers were still only in the upper 80's, so I convinced her to keep it on while she watched a movie.  Cars for the second time I believe.  After her next breathing treatment her levels stayed in the 91-92% range, so we were able to keep the mask off and get her some toys to play with.  Poor kid was getting antsy with really maybe a five foot radius of space to hang out in.


Slowly but surely, Elsie began to improve more and more throughout the day.  My mom came in to town, so Christopher was able to come hang out with us a bit.  During which time I got to go to an asthma class.  That was certainly eye opening.  Obviously I've heard of asthma.  But my impression was more on the sometimes the kids have a tough time breathing well.  They can't do quite as well in sports because they run out of breath.  But after the last month, and learning more and more about asthma, it was terrifying.  I left the class more knowledgable and confident in what we were doing, but also so incredibly scared that everything in our home, in our environment, etc, was going to cause Elsie to have another flare up or attack.

Naturally the doctor made her rounds while I was in the class.  Which reminds me, crazy thing about the doctor?  She had been my pediatrician.  The day before I thought she looked so familiar, so I texted her name to my mom.  Sure enough.  The world can be such a small crazy place.  Anyway, while she was pleased with how much Elsie was improving over the course of the morning (her oxygen level was now between 93-95%), she really didn't feel comfortable sending her home until we saw what her levels would do while she napped, and also that she could make it 4+ hours without needing any albuterol.  It took a lot of coaxing, rocking, and hair rubbing, but eventually I conned Elsie into falling asleep on me.  It ended up being quite the epic 3+ hour super sweaty nap.  My mom stopped by for a bit and we tried to wake Elsie because I was so uncomfortable, but she had zero interest in waking up.


Her oxygen level slowly started dropping while she was sleeping, but for the most part it stayed around 92%.  Occasionally it would hit 90, but she never set off the alarms.  Woot woot!  When she woke up you could tell she was feeling much much better, and was very anxious to play and move and do anything but sit and watch TV.  A volunteer brought her a mat and some new toys and she was a happy camper.


We hung around for a while longer.  The doctor made her evening rounds and told us if Elsie could make it to 6pm without needing a breathing treatment she would sign the discharge papers.  Score!  Elsie did great and after her 6pm breathing treatment we got to work getting ready to go.  All of the steroids were really starting to add up in her little body though, and my oh my she was quite the character.  Somehow while we were in the hospital she perfected her sass and grumpy face.  She also became a little less compliant to what everyone was wanting her to do, but again.  I just can't really blame her.  She's two.


That night at home was kind of scary and stressful.  Elsie was getting worked up and running around which in turn made her out of breath.  Part of me was wishing we had just stayed in the hospital one more night.  But we survived.

This week we met with an asthma allergist.  She went over the allergy testing the pediatrician had ordered and confirmed that Elsie does have a cat and dog allergy, but pollens, trees, dust, mold, etc, were all negative.  That was good to hear.  She also gave us a new asthma action plan, which includes a daily inhaled steroid.  It should keep Elsie from needing albuterol so much, and hopefully almost eliminate any flare ups.  We've made it three days without the rescue inhaler without any wheezing.  If we get through another three days or so I'll feel so much better.  We've had our carpets and air ducts cleaned.  My fingers are crossed that we've gotten enough pet dander out of our house to allow her lungs to heal.

Thank you so much to everyone who has thought of Elsie or prayed for her and our family in the last month.  I truly appreciate the support, and am so thankful for this little community I'm a part of via blogging and instagram.  Life and parenting can be so scary, but it is less so when you feel like we're all in it together.  I'm sure this isn't the end of our asthma journey, but hopefully with the new plan in place we can make it quite a while without issue.

April 9, 2015

ry's birthday weekend

Yet again, I'm going to attempt to get caught up on all the things I feel like I need to blog for my family, so that maybe I can throw in a few of those random things I want to blog about.  Not that I don't want to blog about our family happenings.  That truly is 90% of the purpose of why I write.  To keep a record of our life for my kids.  But sometimes I just want to talk about random stuff and not feel the need to edit a bunch of pictures.


A week and a half ago was Ryann's actual birthday weekend.  Since we had already done her party with all her friends, we opted to go to my parents house so we could celebrate with them.  Christopher and I had a couple of meetings with various people about home reno things (lighting and bathrooms and other fun stuff!) and we also needed to pick a few more paint colors, so the majority of Saturday was spent on that.

Trying to decide what else to do on Saturday was a little tough.  Ryann just isn't a foodie per say, like the rest of us.  She doesn't like very many things.  She isn't a huge sweets fan.  I mean just give the kid a dum dum or some other form of a sucker and she is a happy kid.  But we still wanted her to have a 'special' birthday dinner.  Eventually we settled on Texas Roadhouse, thinking she would at least like the bread (who doesn't?) and would enjoy when the wait staff line danced.

Turns out the best parts for her were smashing peanuts for Papa to eat, dancing to the music outside while we were waiting, and sitting on the saddle while they 'announced' her birthday to the rest of the restaurant.  She barely touched the bread or any other food for that matter, and didn't seem the least bit phased when everyone started dancing.  But hey, we tried, and she wasn't miserable, so we'll go with it!  Seriously though, the look on her face was absolutely priceless when our waiter yelled out across the restaurant to tell everyone she was turning five.  It was pretty cute.


After dinner we came home for a little dessert.  My mom generally bakes the birthday person a cake, but Ryann just isn't a cake person.  At some point she settled on having ice cream and brownies (which she helped Grammy make).  So we made her a brownie cake of sorts to stick some candles in.  She didn't end up finishing her brownie, but a little bowl of ice cream with sprinkles and she was good to go.


Sunday morning little miss antsy pants was up bright and early (when isn't she?) anxious to open presents.  Naturally I made her wait until her sister was awake, AND it was light enough for me to take some semi decent pictures.  :o)  Mamarazzi for life!  When we finally let her at them she was a pretty happy camper.  I can't get over how old she is looking in some of these pictures.  How is my baby five?!?!  Oh, and she had a bloody nose at some point, hence the blood on her pajamas.


After she was done with presents Grammy set to work on Ry's favorite, chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.  I mean she pretty much makes those every time we're in town, but hey, Ry still loves them.  Then we all took some time to get ready for the day, and set off on our birthday adventure.  Going Bonkers!  Basically a place with a giant play structure/jungle gym and arcade games.  I attempted to crawl through the structure with the fam for a little bit, but being slightly bent over for long periods of time while pregnant just wasn't happening.  So I snapped a pic and hung out with my mom instead.  Thanks for entertaining them Christopher :o).


Unfortunately the day ended with us back home, watching one of Christopher's co-workers drive away with our cats.  Both the pediatrician and the asthma allergist (which I'm due for another update on Elsie) agreed that E has a significant cat allergy, and keeping her away from them as much as possible is the best option.  But Ry was a trooper about it (after I quickly threw out we could get a fish when we move to the new house) and was a wonderful big sister comforting Elsie, who was notably more upset about the cats leaving.

Miss Ryann I hope you enjoyed your birthday weekend!