September 15, 2014

camera remote fun

Just over a week ago, Elsie and I were hanging out at home while Ryann was at school.  I was attempting to clean while playing with Elsie a little bit too, but she kept whining about wanting sissy.  "Ryann? Are you?!? Ryann! Sissy!" I'd repeat to her over and over that she was at school but she just kept whining.  So I ended up busting out my camera and the remote to kill some time.

I was a hot mess because I had ran that morning and didn't have a chance to shower yet, but I went with it.  First I did a couple and then showed Elsie the pictures.


Then I handed over the remote to the little miss...


Thank goodness for digital technology because she was having a blast. She kept wanting to go right up to the camera and take pictures, but of course it couldn't focus, so she'd get frustrated that it wasn't 'clicking'. But it kept her entertained.


September 11, 2014

elsie - nineteen months

I keep trying to pretend Elsie is still my little bitty baby, and then she goes and starts putting together three word sentences or phrases and has a serious opinion (and a mad temper!) and shows me that she sure as heck is becoming a full on toddler.  The fact that she is a heck of a lot of fun makes that realization a little easier to handle.


I didn't weigh Elsie this month, I'd guess she is somewhere around 26 pound mark.  She is filling out 2T leggings (legging weather, YES) from Target, though they are a little long.  Same thing with the 2T shirts.  Eventually I know she'll slim down, and I foresee her being in a 2T for a long time, but we'll see!  Shoes are still somewhere between a four and a five, and she is also still wearing a size four diaper.  All of Elsie's 1 year molars have made their way in, and has still only cut one of the canine teeth.  Teething hasn't been terrible for her, but I'll still be thrilled when we're done with it!


Elsie loves to play with doll houses and little dolls.  My parents have the big loving family doll house at their place, and she loves it.  She especially loves putting each of the little characters on the toilet, saying 'poop' and then flushing it.  One would think that maybe she is inching closer to potty training, but HECK NO.  She cries if I try and sit her on the potty.  I'm in no rush to potty train her, at all.  I learned my lesson with Ryann.  But man, it would be nice she at least had an interest.  She still hates pooping and resists it as much as she can.  She'll kill me for this when she is older, but see the don't wanna poop stance below...


Food is still a big motivator for Elsie.  She loves to eat.  But as the months go on she is less willing to eat everything.  Shrimp is a definite no.  She has tried it multiple times and just spits it out.  She isn't a huge fan of many vegetables, however she'll eat a squeezy of straight vegetables without a problem, so it can't be a taste thing.  I have no idea.  She is obsessed with bread, but isn't much of a cracker girl.  If I give her raisins and goldfish she will eat all the raisins and maybe a few of the goldfish before moving on.

Elsie is definitely a better sleeper than Ryann is and was.  E goes to bed between 7:45 and 8:15, and usually sleeps until at least 6:30-6:45, but also often sleeps until 7 or later.  Nap time has been interesting throughout the month.  She usually sleeps at least two hours, but sometimes it takes her FOREVER to actually lay down and go to sleep.  She's started taking more and more 'buddies' to bed with her and sometimes they all have to play a bit.  But aside from a few days she doesn't really complain much once she is actually in her crib.  If you ask her if she is tired or wants to go to bed she always says no and runs the other direction.


E's vocabulary has been ever growing, but it is starting to explode.  The words aren't always super clear, but if you really REALLY pay attention she is speaking in two to three word sentences.  Seriously a lot of times she is just talking super fast.  It is really funny.  Some of my favorite phrases this month have been hi guys! no fun! come on and play it (with) me.  Those last two have really cut in to my dish washing time, haha.  It is hard to tell her no when she runs in to the kitchen saying "come on! mama! play it me!" and grabs my hand trying to drag me to the other room.  The other day I asked her if she wanted peanut butter and jelly or a hot dog for lunch, she replied "no ot dog, jelly! elsie eat jelly!" She'll bring me a book, aggressively throw it at me and say "mama eed it!"  We're working on being a little more gentle with that.  And if someone is upset, or a toy falls down, she'll run up and say "it's o-tay it's o-tay" in the cutest little whisper voice.  I die from the cuteness almost every time.


The first two weeks of MDO were kind of tough.  Elsie cried at the first drop off and didn't sleep that first day.  She screamed bloody murder the next week, but she took a nap.  By week three though?  No tears.  And they got to do a little dot painting project and she was so excited to show me and said "boop boop boop!" describing how she put the paint on the paper.  I wouldn't say she loves 'school' yet, but she doesn't hate it quite as much.  Last week when I picked her up, one of the caregivers mentioned she loves food and she loves her belly button.  Yep, you've got her pegged.  She really is a pretty simple girl.  Haha.


Elsie is great with her body parts, and can sort of count to 10 as long as she is somewhat prompted.  She rarely names colors correctly, but she can sort things by color and match shapes and such.  I can tell she is just getting smarter and smarter, her capacity for retaining memories is growing.  She can recount different parts of her day to me.  That has been one of my favorite developments.  It is so cute to listen to her choppy word by word description of things.


She is starting to love books.  Longer ones, that she finds in sissy's room.  She loves coloring.  She likes baby dolls.  Songs have become a HUGE hit.  Wheels on the Bus is her favorite, but really anything with hand motions gets her excited.  She loves giving hugs and kissys to her family.  Her Jayhawk obsession continues, we've talked about getting Jayhawk pajamas so she can wear them more often without me having to sacrifice days out of her adorable wardrobe.


Happy (slightly belated) 19 months sweet girl.  I'm so thankful you're in my life, I love you to pieces!

September 9, 2014

that's what she said

It's been too long since I've recorded some of Ryann's verbal shenanigans...

Ryann:  After it's done it's gonna be fun!  That's just an old phrase I found in my head.

Ryann:  Wanna hear a knock knock joke?
Me:  Sure.
Ryann:  Knock knock!
Me:  Who's there?
Ryann:  Bean stalk!
Me:  Bean stalk who?
Ryann:  Bean stalking yooouu!
Um what? Hahahaha.

Ryann:  I know we don't usually do this, but I'd like another snack now.  Pleeeeease! Bats eyelashes.

Ryann:  used in the correct context WHITE TRUCK APPROACHING!! Mom, what the heck does approaching mean?

while I was bending over, putting on Elsie's shoes
Ryann:  Mom, I gotta tell you something.
Me:  Ok...
Ryann:  I love pickles.  Wanna hear something else?
Me:  Sure.
Ryann:  I can see your bum crack!
Well at least I know she'll tell me if my butt is hanging out.


September 1, 2014

elsie's unfortunate dentist visit

Confession.  Ryann is nearly 4.5 years old, and she has never been to the dentist.  I don't know why I keep putting it off, I just have never made her an appointment.  Major mom fail.  I'm completely aware.  I don't need anyone to tell me how horrible that is.  Moving on.  Elsie is the one who pushed us to make our first pediatric dentist trip, but unfortunately it wasn't for a regular check-up or cleaning.

On Thursday the girls and I met up with a friend at their neighborhood pool.  With school in session now, we had the place to ourselves.  It was great.  The girls all played in the pool, we brought our lunch, I had some adult conversation.  Winning all around, right?  Well while we were getting ready to go, all the girls were laying on their towels drying off, so naturally I decided to take a picture.  I was trying to convince them to look at me, so in true toddler fashion Elsie stood up and walked away.  Just walked, not ran, for the record.  I continued to take a picture of Ryann and Kamryn, but before I could even press the button, Elsie tripped.

She fell inches before reaching a lounge chair, so despite putting her arms out to catch herself, she took the brunt of the impact on her mouth, directly on the end support of the chair.  Her hands slipped just underneath the chair.  I quickly scooped her up and saw blood pooling on her lip.  I could clearly see two teeth marks on her bottom lip so I cuddled her while holding a towel over the wound to try and stop the bleeding.  After just a little while that mark didn't seem to be bleeding all that much, but E was still spitting out a fair amount of blood and screaming.  I opened her mouth and pulled back her lips to get a better look inside her mouth, and that is when I noticed her teeth didn't look right.

I started to panic on the inside, while trying to keep it together and quickly pack up our things.  Thankfully Chris's morning clinic had been cancelled, I had a text message saying he was at home.  I called him and told him that Elsie had fallen and I needed him to look at it.  Basically, don't even think of leaving for your afternoon until I get home.  Elsie continued to cry and spit out blood.  I felt so bad for her.  She went in and out of sleep during the 15 minute ride home, screaming every time she woke up.  When we got home I laid her down on her changing pad so Chris could take a look.  He confirmed what I already knew, her teeth had been pushed up into her gums.  He said it was worse than he thought it was going to be.

After giving Elsie a dose of Tylenol I called our pedi's office, they told me a nurse would call me back.  Chris went to work searching for a pediatric dentist to call.  In the meantime I sat with Elsie in her room and she passed out.  Chris ended up finding a dentist close by that said yes we needed to bring her in, they'd work her in when we got there.


We let Elsie sleep for about 20 minutes before loading everyone in the car.  After this point Elsie did great.  The Tylenol must have kicked in because she didn't really cry much for the rest of the afternoon (until she got so incredibly tired from only getting a 20 minute nap).  When we got to the dentist we were quickly called back.  They did a quick exam of her mouth and took an x-ray.  The image showed a better outcome than I was expecting.  Her right tooth had barely moved up at all (and honestly I can't tell much of a difference in that one now).  The left had shifted the most, moving up and twisting sideways a bit.  But her permanent tooth buds were still in line with each other and didn't seem to have been disturbed.  He noted there is a possibility of her teeth turning grey because of the bruising that occurred in the gums, and something about the blood, but otherwise she should be just fine.  He said that if he attempted to reposition the tooth there was a good chance it would just fall out.  So now she's left with this...


Oh that makes me so sad.  I know it is just a tooth, and eventually it will fall out and her permanent teeth will come in, and their are always braces to straighten those.  But we've spent a little time mourning the loss of her old smile.  And really seeing it just makes me cringe thinking of how much it must have hurt for her teeth to get shoved up like that.


Overall she has done great.  She is on antibiotics just in case any bacteria was shoved up in to her gums with her teeth.  And occasionally she has said her mouth hurts, so we've given her Tylenol.  But she hasn't complained at all today.  We've also avoided any harder foods, just because I don't know, I'd think her teeth would still be sore?  It sounded like a good idea.  A little bit of exploration on google gives me hope that her tooth might come back down in to place, but I don't know if it will since it is so crooked.  I'm just glad she didn't get hurt any worse.

August 28, 2014

girl's night

Before Elsie was born, when Chris had to work late or do a call shift or whatever, and we weren't at my parents, Ryann and I would have a girls night.  Which usually just meant we ate popcorn and M&M's and watched a little more movie than usual.  But then it get to a point where Chris was working late pretty much all the time, and then Elsie was around, and we just got out of the habit of calling it a girl's night.

Now that Christopher is in fellowship (sports medicine), he doesn't have call shifts, and his schedule has honestly been pretty awesome.  But as the fall sports season gets going he does have some game coverage to do, so there will definitely be some girls nights around these parts.  Last week was one of the first night games he had to cover so I tried to put together a fun evening for the girlies.

We had a s'mores snack mix, painted our nails, took a glow stick bath and watched a movie.  I had picked out Frozen, but I got vetoed and we ended up watching Rio 2.  Still a good choice, but Frozen seemed like a much more stereotypical girl's night movie to me!  I couldn't believe Elsie actually sat still and let me paint her toes.  And the glow stick bath was a huge hit.  I turned on some music and they had a little mini splash rave with the curtain closed.

The only problem is I think Ryann is going to expect some special fun when Daddy has to work.  What to do next time to show her a good time...

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August 22, 2014

this and that

::  Last weekend we went to Omaha for my family's annual golf tournament.  Yes.  We have a golf tournament.  Anyway.  We got to hang out with family and make a trip to the Omaha Zoo.  I have more pictures from that if I ever get to editing them, but I loved this one I snapped in the hotel.  Elsie had been wandering around with Christopher's headphones on, so I plugged in my phone so she could listen to some music.  It was so cute to watch her bop around with them on.


::  This week we were back to school.  Ryann started her Pre-K, or 4's class (or whatever you want to call the year before kindergarten, its all the same right?).  She is thrilled to be back in class.  She just loves seeing her friends and doing all of the various activities.  I think we're all in a slightly better mood when she is in school.  Minus the part where she is pretty exhausted from it all.  But we can work with that.  She insisted on wearing the same outfit she wore on the first day of school last year, and making a crazy face of course.  I also felt obligated to get her the unicorn lunch box from Pottery Barn Kids.  I mean purple and pink and unicorns?  It was screaming her name.


::  Elsie started in the Mother's Day Out program!  I can't believe she is old enough for it already.  I was definitely anxious about dropping her off, but I knew she was in good hands.  Little Miss didn't nap, apparently she was too busy chatting it up with her friends and playing in her crib.  But they said she had a good day.  Hopefully she can figure out the sleeping situation because Ryann also has an evening of dance after that, so it is definitely our long day.  But MDO means I have just over six whole hours to myself once a week.  It was pretty glorious.  I mean yes, I was powering through laundry and vacuuming and kitchen cleaning and organizing crap, but it was amazing to do it without a pint sized natural disaster following behind me undoing all my hard work.


::  Elsie had a couple of doctor's appointments this week.  We went to have her stent removed from tear duct procedure a few months back.  Wouldn't you know it must have fallen out on her own.  I wasn't entirely surprised because for a while she'd point to her eye and comment on it and mess with it and such, and then it just stopped.  I thought maybe she had gotten used to it, but she had just dealt with the problem herself.

We also had her 18 month well check.  This girl's growth chart is ridiculous, it has a huge jump then a flat line, another huge jump and another flat line, and now were at a huge jump again.  She weighed in at 25 pounds 10 ounces and was 33 inches long, putting her in the 68th and 83rd percentile respectively.  At her 15 month well check she was in the 26th and 52nd percentiles.  Growth spurt much?  I'm very interested to see how she'll measure up at her next appointment!  And because she's cute...


:: And lastly, I was attempting to take a 'good' picture of the girls because my mom requested a new one for a frame she has.  The girls were feeling much too silly for a posed shot...


I'm not sure what possessed Elsie to put her dress over Ryann's head.  I couldn't stop laughing. 

August 18, 2014

summer fun

With Ryann starting back to school today (last year of preschool!) it seemed fitting to recap a little bit of our summer that I hadn't gotten to.  Because I'm a blogging failure these days, not the point.  Truthfully this is the first time in a while that I've actually been sad summer was coming to a close.  We've had such a great time with our friends, and while I'm glad to gain a little bit of free time, I'm sad that our play date opportunities have become less and less.

But then again... free time...

Anyway!  So here is a quick photo recap of our summer before I move on to trying to accomplish all the things while Elsie naps.  Did I mention how much I missed nap time?  I pretty much sat here in silence for 20 minutes doing absolutely NOTHING just because I could.  But summer!

Before the mosquitos were out in full force we spent a lot of time outside, playing with chalk and running through the sprinkler.  But then there were mosquitoes and mosquito bites and being outside at our house wasn't really an option.  The girls and I attract them like it's our job.  We still had plenty of fun visiting parks and pools.


And the instagram overview.  Pool trips, zoo trips and lunch outside.  A visit to the arboretum and an open gym.  Picnic play dates and splash park adventures.  An adorable baby-q, and even an attempt at bowling (which I don't plan on doing again any time in the near future, thank you very much Elsie).  We were busy busy busy, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.


Next summer, well, we will be moving.  It will be a lot different.  I'm very grateful for the fun we've had this summer, and I hope we can keep some of it rolling throughout the school year!