June 18, 2017

thea - twenty two months

Going to try and keep this pretty short and sweet since the kid is just about 23 months old anyway!  Also Miss Thea was not at all into pictures the day I took them.  So whatever.  Can't believe I'm so close to being done with her monthly updates!


Thea is starting to seem so much older.  She understands almost everything we say or ask of her, she still refuses help most of the time ("Ee-uh do it! No help!"), and she finally has some legit hair going on!  She tries to count to eleven, but usually skips a couple of numbers in there.  She does pretty good with colors (yellow is still her favorite), and can recognize a circle and a triangle.  A lot of people have been saying she speaks really well for her age, and while I'll argue that it is still tough to understand her, her vocabulary is huge and she isn't afraid to use it.  A recent exchange between the two of us:

Thea:  "What is dat noise mommy?"
Me:  "It's the washing machine."
Thea:  "Oh.  O-tay.  I go check it out.  What's happening.  Tum on Mommy!"

And recently when she is ticked at me, or unhappy with something I won't let her do, she says "Why you do dat Mommy?"  I can't help but laugh.

She is quite the spit fire, rather determined, and a girl who knows what she wants.  But when she wants to be a lover, oh man, her cuddles can't be beat.  She has wonderful manners (for the most part), almost always using please and thank you.  She says excuse me, an tells me bless you when I sneeze.  And throws out a sorry and a little kiss if she bumps into someone.  Thea also kisses any scratches or bruises she notices on me.  It is adorable (except when she was trying to kiss this blisters on my feet, lol).  She has better listening ears when I call her puppy or Moana.  She wants to be like the big kids, unless I tell her something is for babies.  Then she says "Ee-uh da baby!"

We started gymnastics and dance this month.  Both are parent tot classes, and in both she doesn't really give a damn want she is supposed to be doing.  She is just there to be crazy and have a good time.  Ha.  I definitely get in my workout trying to get her to stay on task.  But at the end of class she is so proud of her stamp and can't want to show it to her sisters.

She is no longer the sleep champion in our house.  She had a good run for a month, sleeping until 7 or 7:30am every day.  Now we're lucky if she sleeps until 6am.  In her defense the so called black out shades in her room don't really block the light.  But often she is up before the sun.  With no rhyme or reason that I can figure out.  She still takes a 2-3 hour nap daily, so it's possible that she is napping too much?  Maybe?  I have no idea.  She's a picky eater 100%.  She loves Moana, and Frozen.  She seems to have a thing for mermaids, and still loves baby dolls.  And real babies too.


Thea girl, I love you so much.  You make me smile every day, and I can't get enough of just watching you play.  You're growing up way too fast, but it sure is a treasure to witness.

nine weeks | baby five

written June 18th
how far along:  9 weeks (compare to 9 weeks with Elsie, 9 weeks with Thea)

size of baby:  A southern pecan.  Baby has graduated from an embryo to a fetus, and all his or her body parts are intact, they just need time to grow!

weight gain:  -1 pound. 

maternity clothes:  nope

symptoms:  I've just got a constant underlying queasy feeling.  More manageable than the last pregnancy, but still, just kind of yuck.  I'm also tired a lot.  I'm pretty much useless by 4pm, and I've been going to bed between 8:30 and 9pm.  There is so much I want to be getting done but I just can't hang.  I'm definitely feeling my best about 30 minutes after I wake up, until about noon.  I've been struggling with whether I work out or get something done in that time!

exercise:  Pretty much just walking right now.  The littles have been very early risers so I often just take one or two on a walk with me.  Hoping when some second trimester energy hits, that I'll be able to set my alarm early enough to get in a video a few times a week before they are up.

cravings/aversions:  As far as cravings go, there isn't really anything, except maybe watermelon and lemonade.  Aversions, well, honestly everything sounds bad until I actually start eating it, then some things taste good, but shortly after I feel queasy again.  Fried foods definitely don't sit well.  Sugar and dairy also are rough.  And after about 1pm I just really don't want to eat at all.

movement:  nope.

sleep:  For the most part it isn't too bad.  Occasionally I'll roll over and get some round ligament pain (already?!?!) but I've been getting a fair amount of sleep.  

gender:  I really am leaning towards boy (as I was the last four pregnancies, except maybe with Elsie, I think I knew she was a girl but didn't admit it).  I've been looking at boy clothes, and a couple people I follow on social media have recently had boys after being girl moms.  I could figure it out, right?

looking forward to:  I scheduled an ultrasound and my first appointment for next Friday (June 9th).  I'm anxious to see if there really is a little baby with a heartbeat in there.  And to talk to my doctor and find out if there will be any sort of a different plan for this pregnancy.

worries:  Really I think until this baby comes home, I'll be worried that I won't be bringing a baby home.  Overall though, my anxiety has been pretty good the last couple of weeks, and I'm still just a little removed from the whole pregnancy.

best moment this week:  I'll roll with 'in recent weeks' since it has been a few since I've written a post.  I had my dating ultrasound on June 9th.  I was such a ball of nerves.  I had to hold back some tears in the waiting room because I was just so dang nervous.  The tech was so sweet when she called me back, could tell I was on the verge of crying, immediately got me tissues an got straight to it.  When the baby (blob, it was totally still a blob) popped up on the screen and I could see the little flickering heart a lump caught in my throat and I realized I'd been holding my breath.  This was really happening.  There was a baby in there, with a heartbeat!  She measured the baby a few times and got dates ranging from 7W4D and 8 weeks.  The last measurement she took was the most zoomed in, and that is when she got 8 weeks, so I believe the office has my due date as January 19th.  I can't decide if I want to roll with that, or just stick with what I believe the due date should be, January 21st.  Two days definitely doesn't make a huge difference, but it drives me a little crazy.  Haha.


I met with my OB after the ultrasound and she said everything really was looking great.  She was very happy with the ultrasound.  She said after 10 weeks I could come back as often as I liked to hear the heartbeat on the doppler, so I went ahead and scheduled an appointment for June 26th.  If she can't find it we'll get another ultrasound.  But I tried with my home doppler this morning and was able to faintly hear that tiny little beating heart.  Music to my ears.  I'm also going to have my blood drawn for the early genetic screening on the 26th.  I'm really hoping I can get the results back before we head to Georgia in July!

what's different this time:  The doc said she'd definitely recommend baby asprin this time around for me.  That it really doesn't pose any harm, and hopefully will help baby get the blood flow they need.  I still kind of hate myself for not just taking it with the miscarriage, but trying not to dwell.