November 30, 2012

twenty-eight weeks


written November 29th

Apparently I'm looking 'really pregnant' these days.  Yesterday while dropping Ryann off at MDO, three different people asked me, "Now when are you due again?"  When I responded with February 21st, they all gave me that look, and then "Oh, so you've still got a few months."  Yep.  It is possible.  Thanks for letting me know I look gigantic though!  Haha.

Then while we were at the mall a lady working at White House Black Market came around the corner and said, "Wow!  You're really pregnant!"  Uh, thanks?  Great observation.  I can't remember what exactly I said to her, but she tried to play it cool.  "I just mean the rest of you doesn't look pregnant, but your belly is really big."  Again, thanks.  She really was trying to be sweet and told me I was cute and yadda yadda, but I'm not looking forward to all of those comments for the next several weeks.

Also?  There are 12 weeks to my due date.  But if this little girlie were to decide to come at 37 weeks, I'd have only nine left.  NINE.  Do you know how fast nine weeks can go?  I doubt she'd come any earlier than 37 weeks, and I won't let her anyway, because I'm supposed to have a February baby.  Not a January baby.  You hear that little one?

Lastly, I got my RhoGAM injection today (if you don't know what that is, wikipedia might help).  Thankfully it wasn't awkward with Ryann :o).  And I just thought I'd mention both times the injection hasn't been a big deal at all for me.  Just like a regular shot, barely any pain.  I know when I was on the bump the first time around all sorts of ladies scared me into thinking it was the most horrible thing ever.  It may be different elsewhere, but for me, no big deal.

how far along:  28 weeks (compare to 28 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump an eggplant, between 13.6-14.8 inches long and weighing somewhere between 1.5-2.5 pounds.  I think I must have used baby center or something last time for all of the 'what baby is up to' info, because the bump doesn't really give you much to work with.

weight gain:  15.4 pounds.  I am proud of myself.  I managed to only gain 2.2 pounds in the last two weeks.  Score!  I've been trying to be a little more mindful of what I'm eating.  Even though a lot of the time I still reach for the junk.

maternity clothes:  Yes.  Yesterday I wore of regular pants with the hair tie trick and I was miserable.  In general I prefer yoga pants or sweats.  My t-shirts are getting too tight.  My workout shirts are getting too short.

symptoms:  Lots of uncomfortable stretching.  I feel like this little girl is just going to explode out of my belly button it is so uncomfortable sometimes.

exercise:  FIVE workouts.  Bam.  13.8 miles on the treadmill, including a little bit of jogging here and there, plus one session with Jillian's 30 Day Shred.  The best part of my workouts?  Going pee when I'm finished.  Seriously, I usually end up having to pee so bad by the end of my walk or whatever I'm doing, it is driving me crazy.

cravings/aversions: Chips and baked goods are where it's at.

movement:  Lots.  And it is PAINFUL.  Not all the time, but if she is moving around when I'm standing it hurts so bad.  I don't know why, but it seriously feels like she is shredding my muscles apart (which she probably is).

sleep:  Meh.

gender: Girl.

looking forward to:  Holiday sweets.  What?

worries: That I'm not going to be able to handle two kids.  I know part of it is that I'm tired and pregnant and what have you, but there are some parts of my day with Ryann that drive me nuts and I feel like I am going to go insane.  How on Earth will I survive another?

what's different this time:  Even though I'm incredibly uncomfortable, my body definitely seems to be handling this pregnancy much better.  By this point with Ryann I'd already made a trip to the ER because we thought I was in preterm labor.  It was just muscle spasms.  As far as I know my blood pressure is still great too.  I think with Ry it started climbing a bit at this point.  Nothing crazy, like low 130's, but still.

milestones:  Another week down.

best moment this week:  Chris and I were laying in bed Saturday night when Baby Sister started moving like crazy.  We sat and watched her for probably ten minutes or so.  I have no idea what we were seeing, but little knobs of stuff kept moving across my belly every which way.  It was hilarious.  At one point Chris kind of pushed on the right side of my belly (where the bulk of her usually is, my belly is always lopsided!) trying to figure out what was what, and something, maybe a foot?, poked out on the other side.  Weird, but funny and entertaining.

Also, Ryann is really starting to love on my belly and talk to her baby sister.  It is the sweetest thing, and melts my heart every time.  Well almost every time.  Sometimes her loving is a little, well, painful.  But her heart is in the right spot!


November 29, 2012

that's what she said

Ryann:  speaking gibberish and expecting me to understand, because she thinks it is funny
Me:  "You are probably the craziest kid I know."
Ryann:  "I'm not a skittle!"
Me:  "What??  What are you talking about?"
Ryann:  giggling "You and the dolphins."
Me:  "What?!?!  Seriously.  You are a nut."
Ryann:  "But I'm not crunchy!"  laughs hysterically

Ryann:  "I need to go potty!"
Me:  "Ok, let's go."
Ryann:  "You need to take my pants and underwear all the way off."
Me:  "Why?"
Ryann:  "Because they're wet."
Me:  "Why?"
Ryann:  "Because I pottied behind the Christmas tree."
thankfully there was no puddle behind the tree, but her pants were a bit wet

Ryann:  "Do we still have pumpkins?"
Me:  "No, we don't have any more pumpkins."
Ryann:  "Why?"
Me:  "Well, pumpkins are more for Halloween and Thanksgiving, and those are over."
Ryann:  "Is it Christmas time now?"
Me:  "Yep, it is getting to be Christmas time."
Ryann:  "Well, we better sing some Christmas songs then!  Sing."

Me:  saying our bedtime prayer "God bless Mommy and Daddy, Grammy and Papa..."
Ryann:  "And cake.  Don't forget to bless cake."

Me:  "Did you know you're my favorite?"
Ryann:  "Yeah."
Me:  "Am I your favorite?"
Ryann:  "Yeah.  And fruit snacks."

In general Ryann's conversations and sentences are becoming so mature (in structure and form, not in topic).  She says things like "I haven't quite decided," and "Sure, just give me a minute."  I'd say at least once a day I she surprises me with a phrase that makes her sound so old.  And then she makes farting noises with her mouth and laughs hysterically and I remember she is two and a half.  :o) 

And I have to throw in this little tidbit.  I was a little irritated when I heard Ryann awake on the monitor at 5:45am this morning.  She had 'school' yesterday (which = a crappy nap) and she didn't fall asleep until nearly 9pm, so I thought surely she'd sleep in for me (for the record she has since gone back to sleep).  But I watched her for a minute, and she arranged all the 70 bajillion buddies she has accumulated in her bed into a neat little row by her pillow.  Then proceeded to give them each a kiss and told them to sleep tight.  Dead from the cuteness.


project 366 {week 46}


Meh.  Kind of a craptastic picture week.  And I missed the 16th.  But memories captured people, memories captured.

November 28, 2012

a day in the life - michele

Good morning lovelies!  Not much to say this morning.  Today you get a peek at Michele's day with her two boys.  I hope you enjoy!


Hello blogging world! I'm Michele and I blog over at Daily Dimples. I've been married to my husband, Kevin, for four years and we have two adorable little boys, Ryan (two years) and Grayson (almost three months). Back in the day (pre-kids) I worked as a media planner at a digital advertising agency but when I had Ryan I traded in my nine-to-five for this crazy 24/7 gig and I wouldn't have it any other way! Join me as I take you through a pretty typical Thursday.


6:09am - Good morning world! Since I have a sweet little two and a half month old I have actually been up most of the morning...starting at 1:30 (for about 30 min) and then again at 3am (for about 2 hrs). Anyhow, G is up again so I nurse him for 26 minutes and he falls right back asleep - yay! I drop him back in his crib and head to the shower. I should probably admit that most days I try to go back to sleep but since we have a busy morning ahead (and I didn't get a chance to shower yesterday) I steal one now.

7:01am - Head downstairs to pump. I pump every morning so that I can give Grayson a bottle before his bedtime. Plus I hope to get a night out away from the kiddos soon! Anyhow, I make my coffee, turn the Today Show on, grab my computer and start pumping.

7:30am - Husband is up and showered, he heads downstairs with Bob (our seven year old chihuahua) who is ready to go outside. Shortly after they come downstairs we hear Grayson crying - Kevin grabs him while I quickly finish getting ready.  Once I am done I nurse Grayson from 8:10 - 8:32am

8:30am -  Ryan is finally up - he is a good sleeper but this is a little later than normal. Kevin brings him down then heads out for work. Ryan tells me he wants toast and eggs and since that is what I am making for myself, I add some for him. He eats a couple bites and then decides he would rather have a blueberry mish mash...this doesn't surprise me.  While he is finishing up and Grayson is hanging out in the living room, I run upstairs to get their clothes. I quickly change both their diapers and dress them. I pack up milk, juice, snacks and both of the boys then we are off to the Zoo for Ryan's Cub Club.

Off to the zoo! (It only takes us about 10 minutes to get there which is nice.)

9:20am - Today is penguin day! We start in the classroom with singing, reading a book, a hands on activity and then they bring in a penguin for the kiddos to see up close. The craft today is to make a penguin snow globe - they give us all the materials to do at home.  After the class portion we head to the zoo for the tour of the penguin area. The kiddos have fun watching all the penguins swim around and eat.

Once we are done with the penguins we are free to roam the zoo but today we have somewhere to be so we make our way back to the entrance. Of course we can't leave without riding the carousel! Ryan LOVES riding the horse...every week...what a cowboy!

We are back in the car by 10:45 and head to his Aunt Sarah's house. Ryan is going to hang out with his cousin Audrey while I run over to a friends house for a quick tour. (They just built their house and I want to check out their finishings since we are in the process of building a house.)  I bring Grayson with me and nurse him while I tour their house. (It's amazing how different I am with nursing in public/on-the-go with my second shame.)

12pm - pick Ryan up and head home. He hasn't eaten lunch and keeps telling me that he only wants milk. I make him a ham  & cheese tortilla wrap with hummus and fruit. While he sits at his table I nurse Grayson (the other side). Ryan only eats a little bit of hummus...just one of those days when he isn't that hungry.  Around 12:30 Grayson is done eating so I set him in the swing and take Ryan upstairs for his nap. At this point we realize that we left his beloved Mickey Mouse at his cousins house.  Luckily he is reasonable and is content with his donkey - I explain that we can pick Mickey up after his nap.  He lays down and I leave the room. I hear him playing for a little bit but then he falls asleep.

I head back downstairs and clean the kitchen and living room while Grayson swings. He starts to cry so I grab him and nurse him, then we play for a little bit before he starts looking ready for a nap. Around 1:45 he goes down and I head back to my computer even though I really need to do some laundry, figure out what we will have for dinner...and maybe even catch up on rest.

2:30pm - I hear Ryan playing in his crib and am a little surprised because he usually naps much longer. Grayson is still sleeping so I head upstairs to grab Ryan. We decide to play upstairs in the playroom - Ryan and I play but I also work on folding a ridiculous amount of laundry.

3:30pm - Ryan and I head downstairs for a little snack. We each have a chocolate chip cookie and I have some coffee - I usually never drink coffee midday but I am dragging. Grayson is still sleeping so I wake him up to feed him. He doesn't fully wake up but he eats so hopefully he will be happy since we are about to leave.

4:00pm - We head to the park for our weekly playgroup. Usually it is at someone's house but since the weather has gotten a little cooler we decided it would be nice to do a park. I carry Grayson in the Baby Bjorn and he basically sleeps the entire time we are there.

5:00pm - Head back home...Grayson is awake and he is HUNGRY! We have to stop by my sister-in-law's on the way home to pick Mickey up. It's on the way home so it's no big deal. 

We get home and I get dinner started. I haven't been that good about planning meals but I had defrosted some pork loin earlier so I throw some ranch seasoning on it and pop it in the oven. I also throw some cubed butternut squash in the oven to roast - I am currently obsessed with butternut squash. I actually have to do this with one hand because Grayson was seriously hungry and wanted to eat. Love nursing while prepping dinner...thankfully it was super easy.  I set the timer and we head upstairs to the play room for a little bit.

6:15pm - Daddy gets home! He changes from his work clothes then comes in and plays with the boys while I run downstairs to whip up a salad and get dinner plated. It's ready at 6:30 and the boys come downstairs. Ryan sits at his little table and messes around with his plate but doesn't eat anything. We lay Grayson in his Rock n' Play right next to the table while Kevin and I attempt to have a conversation. As you can imagine there are a lot of interruptions but we are use to it...

7:00pm - After dinner I nurse little G for the last time while Kevin and Ryan play on the floor in the living room.  Ryan loves imitating everything that Kevin does - I think it's so darn cute.

Downward dog is Ryan's specialty.

7:30pm - We all make the trek upstairs for bathtime. Bath time has always been part of Ryan's nightly routine and it seems to work well for us. Both boys are getting a bath tonight - Kevin gives Ryan a bath in the big tub and I wash Grayson in the sink. He almost doesn't fit anymore - what a chunk!

After bath time, Kevin and Ryan read some books then they brush Ryan's teeth before he brings him by to say goodnight. You can tell he is ready for bed in the picture below - the hair twirling is a dead giveaway. I get little G ready for bed and give him a bottle of breast milk (4oz).

8:15pm - Ryan is in bed and Grayson has finished his bottle. Kevin comes for Grayson, swaddles him and gets him down in his crib while I head downstairs and clean up the kitchen and living room. Kevin comes downstairs and helps with any remaining cleaning. We chat for a little bit  - we use to sit on the couch together and watch tv but these days I am just so tired that I head to bed. I look forward to the days when Grayson sleeps through the night so that Kevin and I can spend more quality time together!

9:00pm - Goodnight! I very rarely am up past 9pm these days. Kevin usually ends up working from home until about midnight then heads to bed. I try not to bother him at night with Grayson (emphasis on try) and only request his help on the weekends!

Thanks for following us through one of our days!

And now for Ashley's questions...
What is the most surprising thing to you as a mom?
How much better life becomes when you have kids. I'm not saying life wasn't great before, it's just one of those things that you don't even know you were missing, but now that you have it you would never trade back. It's amazing how your child's smile brightens your day and every tiny little thing they do amazes you. I never could have imagined feeling this way before. Everything is more exciting...especially holidays.  It's exhausting but so worth it. 

What advice would you give to new or soon-to-be mammas?
Find mommy friends in your area and get out! A great place to meet other mommies is baby gym classes or music classes - even if you think your child is too young I promise you there are benefits for them but more importantly for YOU! A lot of churches have groups for first time moms/parents and some neighborhoods even have mommy groups you can join. With Ryan I didn't really have any close friends that had a baby around the same time but I joined a group through church and it was so great having other mommies to talk with. I think it's so important to have friends with babies in the same stage as you. Although your babies can't really play at such a young age it is so nice to get out and talk with other mommies that are going through the exact same thing you are.

What are your top three baby products?
1. Newborn Rock n' Play sleeper - This thing is great because it cradles the baby (also keeping them slightly upright for tummy relief) and is super mobile.  Grayson has spent many hours sleeping in this and now we have it downstairs for him to nap in. 
2. Baby Bjorn - I couldn't live without this! We use this all the time, both myself and my husband!
3. Swaddle Me Wraps - I love the thin swaddle blankets but at night I need something that will keep Grayson swaddled. The velcro is a must! I had Ryan in these until he was six months!


Thanks Michele for sharing your day with us!

November 27, 2012

project 366 {week 45}


I apparently took maybe three really lame pictures on the 9th, so the plane one is all I got.  But it was funny, she hopped in there and I asked her where she was flying.  "Um, TEXAS!"  "Texas, why are you flying to Texas?"  "I love Texas!"  We have never been to Texas, but apparently it is her favorite state.  I think partly because it was the first one she could recognize on a map.

Oh, and on the 4th?  I have some AWESOME picture of Ryann running around on the beach.  Like mid air leg kicks frolicking through the waves because she was so excited.  The problem?  She is out of focus in every single freaking one of them.  I'm not kidding.  I was so sad.  I really need to work on my focusing as well as just taking beach pictures in general.  Boo.

November 26, 2012

distance or speed?

Before I get any further in this post, please remember, I am NOT an expert.  At anything really.  But the main point is I haven't done much research on running unless it directly pertains to me, and I just kind of go with the flow.  So there is that...

Amanda and I have e-mailed back and forth on and off since she started her get healthy/running journey.  I am always happy to give help, opinions and inspiration if you need it, so never hesitate to e-mail me!  Anyway, one of the last e-mails Amanda sent me had some great questions, and I decided to answer them here on the blog.

First up, the easy one.  Do I run on an incline when on the treadmill?  Yes, sort of.  When training on the treadmill I always set the incline to 1%.  It is barely anything, but enough that I'm not completely slacking.  Occasionally (if I'm feeling incredibly motivated, which, um,  is rarely on a treadmill) I'll toggle up to maybe 3% or so while running, but that is about it.  Just making it through a treadmill run is an accomplishment for me, so I try not to push it too hard.  But there is a reason hills kick my butt during races, I don't do enough of them.  Just saying...

The other question Amanda asked that I wanted to tackle is, "Would you try to increase distance or speed after completing the C25K program?"  In my personal opinion, there isn't a right answer to that question.  First you have to ask yourself a couple of questions.
  1. Which goal do I want to accomplish first?  A longer distance race or a faster 5k time?
  2. How much time do I want to commit to running?
Both questions are really important.  You may really REALLY want to start increasing your distance, but training for a half marathon is quite the time commitment.  At first, it isn't so bad, but it is roughly a 12-15 week process depending on your current fitness level.  In the last weeks of training for a half you'll most likely be spending 4-5 hours out of your week running.  At least.  It may not sound too bad, but if you have a lot of other commitments, it is tough to fit that in.

If time is an issue, increasing your 5k speed might be a better immediate option.  Plus, the faster you get, the less time consuming training for a long distance race would be.  And I will say running became a lot more 'fun' for me once I got faster.  It is amazing how much less daunting going for a three mile run is, when you know you can finish in 27 minutes as opposed to 34-36 or something.  The easiest way I know to improve your speed is to focus on interval training.  I'll follow with an example of what I did, but for more ideas on speed work just google it.  There are several articles written by people who actually know what they are talking about that you can read :o).

Now, my version of intervals.  I believe I mentioned this before, but I have no idea where so I'll just go through it again.  I spend a LOT of time running on the treadmill.  I'm not one to run in the dark (or rain, or snow, or any other element for that matter :o), and my husband has a crazy schedule.  So it is the treadmill or nothing.  But I hate the treadmill, it is BORING.  One easy way to combat the bordem is to constantly mess with the buttons.  So I do what I'm going to call a 'wave' workout.

Say the speed I can manage relatively easily for 30 minutes is 6.0 mph.  I'll start out with a 2 minute walk at 4.0, then I'll change the speed to 6.0mph for the next 2 minutes, 6.1mph for the next 2 minutes, 6.2mph for the next 2, and 6.3mph for 2 more minutes.  At that point I'll have hit the 10 minute mark and I'll drop back down, but only to 6.1mph.  And then repeat the process for another 10 minutes, increasing my speed by .1 every two minutes until I hit the 20 minute mark.  Drop down to 6.2, and repeat the process one last time.  When I hit the 30 minute mark I would then spend a minute at 6.0mph, and then walk for 4 minutes at 4.0mph.  A 35 minute workout.

I would do that same workout for a week (assuming probably 3 runs a week).  And then the next week I would change my starting speed (not the walking, just the running).  Maybe that week I would start with 6.1 or 6.2 as my base speed, and just do a 35 minute workout in the same fashion.  Obviously you would use whatever speeds were comfortable for you, this was just an easy example.  In theory, by the end of the month your base speed would be .4mph faster than at the beginning.  You may have to stretch it out a little depending on how your body takes it, but it is a pretty gradual and easy to follow approach if you are going to be on the treadmill.

Ultimately, if it was me, what would I do?  If I had the time, I'd work up to the 10k distance.  I LOVE 10ks.  Not too long, not too short, and definitely doable.  Plus, as you increase your distance and become a more seasoned runner your speed will most likely naturally increase.  Without doing any structured speed work, while training for my first half marathon my pace went from around a 9:45 minute pace to a 9:15 minute pace on race day.  Obviously adrenaline on race day had a bit to do with it, but the more I ran, the easier it was.

Just listen to your body and do what is best for you.  Some people can increase their distance while incorporating lots of speed work.  Some people's bodies can't handle it and they need to choose one or the other to start off with.  Whatever you decide, good luck!

What goals are working on right now?


Link up your health and fitness posts below!

November 23, 2012

twenty-seven weeks


written November 22nd

I think I might finally be coming to the realization that were are going to have another baby.  After painting the nursery and getting the crib put back together, I just sat in her room and daydreamed a bit.  And with people popping out babies around me, I'm getting anxious to hold MY baby.  Hopefully the other snuggly babies can tide me over for a bit.

how far along:  27 weeks (compare to 27 weeks with Ryann)

size of babyaccording to the bump a rutabaga, between 13.6-14.8 inches long and weighing somewhere between 1.5-2.5 pounds. She is still working on her breathing and beginning to show some brain activity.

weight gain:  13.2 pounds.   But actually I didn't step on the scale this morning (and, um, yesterday it said I was up another two pounds) because we are at my parents.  I'm guessing at least 15 pounds.  The eating healthier thing?  It just isn't happening.  And it is freaking Thanksgiving.  Who am I kidding, by next week I'll probably have gained another two or three.  Oy. 

maternity clothes:  I got a couple of Gap demi panel pants, and even though I don't know that they are the most flattering as far as looks go, they are incredibly comfortable.  So much more comfortable than a full panel in my opinion.  Wish I had tried them sooner!

symptoms:  Maybe a braxton hicks contraction here or there?  Or really bad gas pain.  Or both.  Whatever.  Just a lot of uncomfortableness in the belly region a lot.  And the whole torn abdominal muscles thing.  My belly pretty much just never feels 'right'.  And I get pretty bad 'restless leg' in my left leg in the evenings. 

exercise:  Four workouts.  A 5k jog/walk on the treadmill, 50/50 Group fitness class, a 5k walk on the treadmill, and one day of a cardio hodge podge :o).  I tried the elliptical first, but after 15 minutes (and 1.5 miles) my belly was killing me.  I tried to do a slow walk on the treadmill, but the belly still hurt.  Hopped on the bike for 15 minutes (3 miles) but that was uncomfortable in general just with the belly in the way.  So I got back on the treadmill and slow walked a mile, which didn't hurt so bad.

cravings/aversions: Puppy chow, chicken salad sandwiches and Mexican.  Why I can't get enough of chicken salad sandwiches I have no idea.  I've never really loved them before.  Still keep me away from olives and pizza, and apparently anything healthy...

movement:  Some days she is crazy.  Some days I don't feel the movement as much, but the rest of me does.  As in I had to pee seven times in a span of five hours yesterday.  And a lot of times it is sudden OMG I am going to wet my pants if I don't get to a bathroom NOW need to pee.  So I know she is doing a dance on my bladder now and then.  Pretty sure I've gotten a few swift kicks to the cervix as well.  Let me tell you how good that feels...

sleep:  I'm having to wake up at least once a night to pee, and I can't really sleep past 6am.  Usually 5:30.  I'm guessing I won't sleep well until this babe is maybe, um, 6 months to a year?  Squee.

gender: Girl.

looking forward to: It may be Thanksgiving, but bring it on Christmas.  Bring it on.  I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!  Also looking forward to snuggling Sarah's brand new baby girl.  Congrats Sarah!  So excited for you and your family.

worries: Back to my baby is going to be huge and I'm going to go a month overdue (which I know in reality won't happen, this girl will get evicted before then, but that is what I'm imagining).  Ryann was just so petite and so easy to um, get out?  I want another little baby.  It was nice.

what's different this time:  Even though I workout a lot more than I did with Ryann, I definitely seem to be gaining weight faster.  I also think I wasn't as hungry, or as inclined to eat when I was pregnant with Ryann.  My belly seems bigger as well, but I think really it 'sticks out' where as I was more 'round' with Ryann, and the rest of me is just smaller.  Maybe it just looks bigger.

milestones:  Somehow I am in my third trimester now.  Um, what?

best moment this week:  Painting the nursery!!  And in general it has just been a good week.  Chris has time off, Ryann is a happy camper, we've spent time with friends and family.  I have a lot to be thankful for today.

November 21, 2012

a day in the life - beth

Um, it's almost Thanksgiving.  Which means it is almost Christmas.  Which means it is just about 2013.  Which means I'm practically having a baby next week, right?  I'm so anxious to know what our life will look like with two littles.

Beth knows all about it.  I hope you enjoy a peek at her day!
I'm Beth (aka Momma B) and I live with my fiancé Colin, and our two beautiful boys Daniel (who's two and a half) and Joshua (who's five months old),so I basically blog about them over at Momma B & Babyboy. I'm so excited to be sharing a day in our lives on Ashley's blog today, it's one of my absolute favourites & one i can always relate to! I documented a Tuesday, though every day is different round here with pre-school, toddler groups and other activities! I also had grand plans to take proper pictures (i.e. not with my iPhone) but life got in the way, oh well! Hope you enjoy this peek into our day, I love reading nosy posts lie this!
 My creation 
At around 7:20 Colin gets out of bed & Daniel starts to yell. With getting up during the night with Joshua I struggle more to wake up in the morning, so Daniel settles in our bed and watches a show on the iPad. Joshua wakes anytime from then, always smiling, and we all snuggle up in bed (if we have nowhere to be) or I rush around getting everyone dressed. Daniel took that last picture, of me & Joshua!
My creation 
This particular day was a Tuesday, so we all got ready & headed downstairs for breakfast at around 8am before taking Daniel to pre-school. He goes two mornings a week, to encourage his independence as he's been with a childminder since he was 10 months old. It was rough going at first but he has great fun at 'Pre' now! I'm breast feeding Joshua on demand, and often do so over my own bowl of corn flakes! I've recently started running, doing the C25k, so Joshua and I went for a little jog after dropping Daniel off at 8:45. I popped him into the bouncer while I had a quick shower, and then he relaxed on my bed while I got ready. Then I picked up the house and tidied the kitchen, boring jobs as I'm more productive in the mornings, then I get to spend more time playing with both boys in the afternoon.
My creation 
Daniel finishes pre-school at 11:45, so we head straight home for lunch. Kiddo's a picky eater, and won't eat sandwiches or cheese so lunch isn't easy. We had crackers, cheese (I tried to trick him with string cheese, but no bueno), cucumber and little marshmallows for Daniel as a special treat.
My creation 
He was pretty psyched about the marshmallows! After lunch Daniel naps, for anytime between an hour to two, and I get to have one-on-one time with Joshua. I could be doing something off my never ending to-do list, but that can all wait - he won't wait to grow up! We sing songs & I often feed him to sleep, taking the time to savour the moments and sometimes napping myself!
 My creation 
When Daniel wakes (usually at around 3pm) he often requests a show, I try to limit his TV viewing but he has an obsession with Jake and the Neverland Pirates! Joshua enjoys it too!! Apparently we didn't have a picture-worthy afternoon, but play dates are the norm, along with afternoons full of trains/cars/puzzles. Joshua's often quite content to watch us play, he finds his brother fascinating & stares at him with such adoration - it's the sweetest!
 My creation 
Despite our 'witching hour' being between 6-7, I always somehow manage to get us all fed - even if I do have to eat one handed with a baby on my lap. I honestly have no idea how I managed to get Joshua to sleep on the sofa like that, he's a little monster when if comes to napping and will only do so on me or in his pushchair! Which for the moment is actually more ideal than only sleeping in his cot as we're often out and about.
 My creation 
After dinner we read books, some quality time with my big boy while Joshua slept. Daniel loves books and will quite happily read the same ones over and over. We have a huge book collection that is still growing and I love it! I adored reading through school and though it's lower on my list of priorities now I'm so happy that Daniel loves it too! Daddy gets home just after 7pm, he works long hours as an estate agent so the boys are always thrilled to see him! Especially when he lifts Daniel up to be Superman!
 My creation 
7:30 is bath time, we've had a bedtime routine with both boys since birth and I credit it with them both being great sleepers from day one. Joshua's enjoying bath time more and more these days - splashing and smiling at his brother! I often do baths solo while Colin eats his dinner, we sing songs and Daniel helps me wash Joshua which is adorable!
 My creation 
We often tag team the boys after bath time, Colin gets Daniel into his pyjamas (and let's him jump on the bed & wrestle!) while I get Joshua ready. Then we all snuggle in our bed and read 'Goodnight Moon' while I feed Joshua, and Colin puts Daniel to bed too. Once both boys are down for the night (Joshua only wakes once) I don't have the energy to do much, so I relax on the sofa with Colin. Sometimes we'll watch a show (we're really into Heroes right now!) or Colin will play on his Xbox while I blog, occasionally with a glass of wine! Bedtime for me is around 10:30, ready to start all over again the next day! 
What is the most surprising thing about being a Mom? 
How much I love my boys. Cheesey, but true. When I was pregnant, I had the crazy worry that I just couldn't love any more, but these boys just make my heart swell! 

What advice would you give to new or soon-to-be Mamas? 
Ask for advice if you need it, but ignore it if you don't. Trust your instincts, and try not to worry or panic. Colin and I are both quite laid back, and I think that's rubbed off on the boys too. 

What are your top three baby products? 
  • Sophie Giraffe, Joshua's very best friend! Daniel quite likes her too actually! 
  • A bouncer, somewhere entertaining & safe to put your babe while you make shower/eat/go to the toilet is a must. 
  • A sling or baby carrier, for a thousand reasons! I use mine when we go to the shops/when I'm making dinner/playing outside, everywhere really! Whenever you might need two hands and to snuggle your baby at the same time! 
 Lots of Love Momma B xxx
Thanks for sharing your day with us Beth!