well hello there.

I'm Ashley.  The Domestic Wannabe is my little corner of the internet.  I started the blog in 2009 with the intention of documenting our home renovations (that happened for a couple months).  Then I wound up pregnant (yes, I do know how that happens) and my posts have slowly but surely become centered around babies, or more specifically, my little Ryann Elizabeth.  No worries, I throw in some home decor, recipes and crafting as well, plus anything else my little heart desires.  But my intentions for this blog are documenting my family's life and keeping the grandparents up to date on our daily happenings.  So if you aren't interested in hearing a significant amount about my daughter you might as well move on :o).

I have a degree in graphic design and love pretty paper.  Crafting makes me giddy and baking makes me happy.  I spend way too much of my down time on the internet, but come on, there is so much cool stuff to be found on the good ol' world wide web.

Christopher and I met when I was 15 in chemistry class.  Yep, chemistry class, our love story is just that cute (you can roll your eyes if you want, I don't mind).  I found out we were dating when he introduced me as his girlfriend to one of his friends.  I was a bit surprised, but also shy, so I went with it.  We've been together ever since (minus two weeks, but we don't talk about that much :o).  I married the man of my dreams in June of 2008.

Our beautiful daughter, Ryann, was born March 29th, 2010.  She is freakishly smart and well spoken for a toddler, but can still throw a mean tantrum.  I'm lucky to stay at home with her every day while her daddy does slave labor works long hours as a family medicine resident.  We spend our time working out (well, Ryann hangs out in the child care center), having playdates and browsing Target.  I also work from home designing custom stationery, mostly wedding invitations.

Why do I refer to myself as the domestic wannabe you ask?  Well, I think there is nothing wrong with a woman who makes her house a home and takes care of her family day in and day out.  In my perfect world when my husband got home from work the house would be spotless and a warm dinner would be on the table.  The reality is I hate cleaning, cooking stresses me out and I'm not all that organized.  But I try to do my best day after day to achieve my version of perfection.