December 14, 2016

thea - fifteen months

My sweet third child, I promise I have not forgotten to take your photos each month.  I've wanted to skip it, because my word taking pictures of you is near impossible.  But I've done it.  Actually sitting down to edit them and write a post?  Uh, well... clearly not happening.  So I'm tossing the 15 months photos here, even though we're only two weeks away from 17 months.  I love you just the same!

Of course I can't find our well check paperwork either, but the little miss was just shy of 23 pounds, and who knows how tall.  Wearing a size 4 shoe, a 4 or 5 diaper depending on what I pulled out of the bag, and 12-18 month clothes.


Sweet baby Thea, you are growing too fast.  Thank goodness your minimal amounts of hair keeps you looking like a baby! :)  I love you so much.