June 29, 2012

alphabet party - ryann's second birthday

Surprise!  I finally made myself sit down and upload all of the appropriate pictures and get them in this post.  So I'll start with the pictures since that is what most of you want anyway (who cares what I have to say right?  :o), and then I'll share some more details at the bottom.  Prepare yourself, it is a lot of pictures!


Planning Ryann's party this year was so much fun, mostly because she can vocalize her likes and dislikes, so I felt like I was really planning a party for HER.  Obviously she didn't care if I went all out or not, but I could pick foods that she liked, colors she liked, items she liked, it made it all so much more fun.  I knew I had to use purple because it is her favorite, even if I despise it, and then I came across this photo on pinterest that sparked my color scheme.

At first I had a hard time picking a theme for the party.  There are so many cool circus/carnival/western/princess/etc parties, but Ryann never had a real interest in any of those things on her own, so it seemed silly to plan a party around it.  I honestly can't remember what caused me to think 'alphabet', but when I finally decided on it, it was perfect.  Ryann learned her letters early on and has loved pointing them out since, so what better thing to incorporate into her party.  And it was so easy to make everything fit the alphabet theme.  I mean come on, everything starts with a letter :o).

I didn't take the alphabet theme as far as I probably could of, simply because once I saw this party and knew I wanted the tissue poms covering the ceiling, everything else was just a bonus.  We (uh, my husband) hung letters that I cut out with my silhouette among the poms.  To tie the food into the alphabet theme I just made up food labels emphasizing the first letter of each dish.  Oh and did you notice the letters in the flower vase?  We found two vases, one a bit smaller than the other.  I spray painted the letters to match the party colors and slipped them between the two vases, inspired by this.

The food was another area that I was aiming to please Ryann with.  She loves marshmallows, pretzel rods, m&ms, meatballs and fruit.  So that is what we had.  Chocolate dipped pretzel rods and chocolate dipped marshmallows.  I made these peanut butter m&m bars (so easy and so good in my opinion).  Alphabet sugar cookies were ordered from a local bakery.  Those also would have been easy enough to do ourselves, but I was trying to keep the prep work minimal after putting together all of the tissue poms.  We mixed up this fruit salad.  We also served meatballs made in the slow cooker thanks to this recipe (again, super easy).  My mom put together some mini macaroni and cheese bites, unfortunately I can't remember what recipe she used.  We used alphabet pasta for them, but you couldn't really see the letters when it was all baked together.  Also on the menu was hummus with pita slices and veggies, simply because Ryann used to say 'H is for Hummus!' without being prompted.

For drinks we made a batch of lemonade and added blue food coloring.  The green drink was from this recipe.  I purchased the tall glass bottles and straws from here, so many cute things on that site!

Now lets get back to all the tissue involved in this party.  Many many people have asked how we manage to make all those, how long it too, etc.  First of all, it was nuts.  It took a LONG time to make all those tissue poms.  I believe my mom and I made almost 100.  I honestly don't know how long it took, because we started in January.  Yes, January (the party was March 31st).  We had all the poms folded and trimmed by the week before the party.  And then I spent the week before the party fluffing them all (with again, a little help from my mom and some friends).  We stacked all the poms in my guest room during the week and hung them the night before the party.  It took my dad and Christopher about an hour to hang all the poms.  We used clear thumbtacks to attach them to the ceiling.  As much work as they were, I still love them.  Seriously, once they were all hung I couldn't stop jumping around all giddy like because the room looked awesome.  The only downfall was that they kept light from reflecting off the white ceiling, so our house with terrible lighting had even worse lighting for the party.  But I still loved them.  So much so that they stayed up for three months...

My sweet mother made a million little tissue poms as well.  The wreath on the front door was made with this tutorial, and the giant R on the mantel was made with this tutorial.  However she started with the R, and was following the directions for tissue size on that tutorial, and then after making a few poms following the tutorial on the wreath realized those poms looks much better.  So I would suggest cutting your tissue to the size described in the wreath tutorial.  Oh and I ordered all the tissue from Nashville Wraps.  Lots of pretty colors there.

oh hey Soph... creeper...

I forgot to make sure a good picture was taken of the favor bags, so the one above will have to do for reference.  I happened to come across these aqua paisley gift bags at a local paper store that was going out of business.  They matched the colors perfectly!  I used the silhouette to cut out our little guests' first initials and glued them to the bags.  Inside were alphabet crayons (a good tutorial here), alphabet stickers and an alphabet puzzle I found at the dollar store.  For all of our adult guests we had bags of trail mix we put together.  In there were some little alphabet cookies I also spotted at the dollar store.  I was impressed with the taste for dollar store cookies.

I think that just about covers everything.  Well actually, what is missing is the invitations.  Currently I can't locate my extras to take a picture.  I seriously can't figure out for the life of me where I put them.  But when I do I will share, because I loved them.

All photos (besides my crappy iphone pic of course) were taken by the lovely Adrienne Maples, but edited by yours truly.  So if the editing looks like crap definitely don't judge Adrienne!

June 28, 2012

four years

pretty much one of my favorite pics from our wedding day.  so perfect, isn't it?  :)

Today marks four years of marriage for the hubby and me.  But really it feels like we've been together for a lifetime.  I can't believe how much life has changed over the last four years.  Really, the last 10 years.  We were seriously babies when we started dating!  Christopher I am so thankful to have grown up with you.  You have helped shape me into who I am today, and I hope we get to share many many more anniversaries together.  You are the best husband I could ever ask for!

six weeks


Welp, had my first doctor's appointment today.  It was rather uneventful.  They are claiming my due date to be February 10th or 11th based off my last period, but I know I am not that far along.  I'm still guessing my due date will be between February 18th-20th.  I was hoping the doctor would order an ultrasound for dating purposes, but she didn't feel confident that my insurance would pay for it since there weren't any medical issues.  She did order HCG numbers to see where they are at, so I'm hoping I'll get a call with that at some point.  They never did any sort of test to confirm I was pregnant while I was there, which is kind of weird to me.  I'm sure it is totally normal, but I would have loved a little confirmation, you know, 'yep!  our cheap pee sticks say you're pregnant too!'  It just would have been nice.

how far along:  6 weeks

size of babyaccording to the bump a blueberry, doubling in size from last week to about half an inch.  He/She is developing a permanent set of kidneys, and the arm and leg joints should also be forming.

weight gain:  As of yesterday one pound.  Ok the day after we back from vacation is was like 4.5 pounds, but I guess it was just some water weight :o).  Whoops!  Need to keep the eating habits in check so I'm not gaining a pound a week...

symptoms:  Two days ago I was hit with some extreme fatigue, naseua and aversion to ALL types of food.  Nothing is sounding good.  Today actually I've felt pretty good, which is nice, but not all that reassuring.  My chest has been a little sore, I'm a little stuffy, have a little minor headache hanging around here and there, and all smells, good or bad, are way too strong and offensive.

exercise: Six workouts again this week.  4.75 mile run, three 2.5ish mile walks, and a 3.9 mile run.  My runs do have some walking in them, but when I say run it is at least a majority of running.  Thankfully the nurse practictioner I met with today told me not to worry about my heart rate while I'm running, as much as just taking it a little easier and listening to my body.  So I don't feel quite as bad about running. 

cravings/aversions:  I'm not craving anything in particular (except McDonald's french fries and Sonic's sweet potato tots...), and really most food in general sounds disgusting.  I'm definitely more interested in cold meals than hot.  But I think that has a lot to do with the fact that it is a million (100) degrees outside.

movement:  nope

sleep:  Ugh, sleep hasn't really been great this past week.  But it has just been an awkward temperature in our house and I'm not going to be early enough and I'm waking up early to pee and then I can't get back to sleep...  I've never been a very good sleeper, and it definitely shows and is way more annoying when I'm pregnant.

gender:  I'm thinking boy.  No idea why, just what I'm feeling.

looking forward to:  Right now I really just want to fast forward to my next appointment (July 20th).  At that point we will hear the heartbeat, and if we don't the doc promised me a sonogram.  I need to hear or see this baby, I just don't think I'll believe it until I do.

worries: Still just freaked out about the idea of a miscarriage.  I hate HATE these early weeks of pregnancy.  You want to be so excited, but without hearing the heart beat or having that baby bump, it just doesn't feel real.  The other thing I'm paranoid about?  Twins.  It is highly unlikely that I would be having twins, but it is something that always scares the crap of me.  I don't think I could handle two babies at one time.

what's different this time: No official confirmation that there is really a baby in there (I had an ultrasound at my first appointment with Ryann), which is making me a little hesitant to tell our close friends I'm pregnant.  I'm scared it is all going to be a dream.

milestones:  Why did I put this little line in here again?  I forgot I was always grasping for something to put in the 'milestone' section the last time around.  Oh well.  I guess having my first appointment is a milestone right?

best moment this week: Having Ryann tell Auntie Lorin and Grandma 'Nita that there is a baby in mommy's tummy.  Seriously, it was so cute.  Before Lorin came over we prepped Ryann and told her what to say.  I thought for sure she would just blurt it out as soon as Lorin walked in the door, but she didn't.  So after a bit Chris asked Ryann, "Did you have something to tell your Auntie?"  Ryann said, "Um, guest what!!  There is um, a baby in mommy's tummy!"  It was so cute and Auntie was perfectly shocked.  I loved it.  We did the same thing with Christopher's mom, only when Chris prompted her, Ryann first said "Hi" in this awkward flirty voice.  It was kind of hilarious.  Then she told her, it was so cute.

June 25, 2012

project 366 {week 25}



week in iphone pics

Bear with me (or is it bare in this instance?  I have no idea right now, just deal with it).  I think I'm just going to toss up four posts today.  You know because that is how blogging is supposed to go right?  You don't post for a few days, and then you stick up four posts worth of pretty much just pictures of your kid and everyone is happy, right?  Right.  Anyway, last weeks iphone pictures, broken up in to two parts.


father's day.  socks.  testing out headphones.  headphones = happy airplane ride for EVERYONE.  pout pout fish.  playing chicken with the waves.  me and my girl.  photo bombing husband.  my mama and i.  the hubs.  me and my girl, again.  morning family walk.  beach exploring.  chillaxin'.  my little princess in pink.


more beach time.  testing the waves.  ICE CREAM.  the beach.  taking on the waves.  i am the luckiest.  running to moo cow.  humidity curls.  blue ice cream tongue.  view for the morning walk.  watching planes.  owlie.  wings.  my little traveler.  exhausted. 

And yes, my child has a million swimsuits.  I can't help myself.  I mean, I can't help myself with her cute little clothes, and then throw adorable freaking little swimsuits into the mix?  Especially when you get them on sale...  For the record, she has a mix of 2T and 3T.  The 2Ts are fine right now, but I'm pretty sure they won't fit by the end of August, and definitely not in the fall if we happen to go to Georgia again while it is still warm enough.  The 3Ts are a little big, but not always noticeably so, therefore she has an abundance of suits she can wear right now.  But I didn't want to wait to grab any 3Ts just in case I really needed them and couldn't find any I liked.  Silly, sure, but whatever.

week in iphone pics

Oh you know.  Just dumping some more iphone photos your way.  I've got two weeks to catch up on.  Thankfully I didn't take too many pictures, so a short and sweet recap will do.  These photos are from June 10th-16th.


drumsticks are the best.  yellow shoes.  mondays.  cheeseface.  cloud dough.  drawing smiles.  kitty kisses.  story reader demands.  goofy mirror time.  petting fake doggies.  goodbye tissue poms.  cute girl.  crazy faces.  giant waffle.

taking a break

Lately it seems when I sit down to right my 'move it monday' post, I don't feel compelled to write anything.  Honestly I haven't really been running much lately, or doing anything besides walking.  I'm still getting in at least five workouts a week, but a lot of times those workouts are just a long walk.  And that is ok.

What I'm trying to say is right now I'm in a bit of fitness slump, and instead of coming here each week and whining about it, I think I'm going to take a little break from the 'move it monday' posts.  If I have something to share, no worries I'll pop it in.  But I'm just not going to make myself feel guilty for not wanting to write anything.

For the record, I'm kind of ok with all of this.  There will be a lot of times in life that I can't or won't want to give 110% to fitness, and that is completely fine, as long as I don't completely jump off the deep end.  I'm still trying to make healthier food choices, and trying to keep moving.  My speed is just slowing down for the moment.

Anyway, so thats that.  I'd still love to read about your health and fitness adventures.  They are incredibly motivational to me.  So share links in the comments or on my facebook wall if you'd like.


Have a good one.

June 22, 2012

big girl room inspiration

Well my plan was to share Ryann's birthday party photos today, but like I said, you shouldn't hold your breath.  I sat down to do it yesterday, and realized I'd missed uploading a few photos I wanted to flickr, so it is just going to have to wait for another day.  Instead I'm going to start rounding up my ideas for Ryann's 'big girl' room.

Now it is true, Ryann's room isn't too baby, and can easily transition to a toddler/little girl room without too much work.  That was my intention from the beginning.  But of course I'm getting a little antsy to do some decorating and I just want to change some things up :o).  We've decided to keep her in the room she is in now, as opposed to moving her into the larger guest room.  And I'm going to keep the gray walls and stenciling because I spent too much time on the stencil to just paint over it.

What that means?  This little room makeover shouldn't be too difficult or too expensive (unless I pick out some absurd accessories or an expensive bed, which, err, could happen I suppose).  The not being too difficult part is good, seeing as the little miss is trying to avoid nap time now by climbing out of her crib.  She hasn't gotten out all the way yet, because I always stop her.  And she hasn't attempted it at night which I'm thankful for.  But I'm sure it is only a matter of time.

Anyway, here are some rooms that are inspiring me right now.  You should definitely click through the links and check out the rest of the room images.  The rooms are wonderfully done!





Basically, right now I'm thinking a white quilt or bedspread of some sort, and various colored accessories and what not.  Ryann says she wants everything in her room to be purple, but seeing as purple is one of me LEAST favorite colors I think I'm going to limit it a bit :o).  I'm not sure if I want this bed from Land of Nod, some sort of a white bed, or to make a colorful upholstered headboard like in the second photo.

Really our first plan of action is to get a twin mattress and set it up on the floor, just so we don't have to worry about her climbing out of the crib.  I wish she could just sleep in the crib forever, I'm terrified that there will be many MANY sleepless nights ahead of us.

June 21, 2012

embrace the camera


The biggest reason I've been MIA the last few days... we're in Georgia :o).  And Daddy even got to come this time!  We are having a wonderful time together and I'm trying to enjoy every minute of it.

five weeks


how far along:  5 weeks

size of babyaccording to the bump an appleseed, a wee .13 inches.  The major organs are starting to form.

weight gain:  well we are on vacation so no scale, but based on the amount of food I've eaten I'd say at least five pounds.  Hopefully less, but you never know :o).

maternity clothes:  nope

symptoms:  I don't really have an extreme symptoms.  Over the past week I've been tired, I get a little queasy if I wait too long before eating or if I don't drink enough water, and today I've been a little over emotional.  But nothing that I would peg as pregnancy symptoms if I didn't know I was pregnant.

exercise: six workouts this week.  3.5 mile run, 3 mile walk, level one of the 30 Day Shred, 5 mile run, 3.5 mile run and a 2.5 mile walk.  No real strength training this week, but still not too shabby with the workouts.  The only problem?  My heart rate shoots up to 160 when I'm running.  The nurse at my OB's office recommended I stay under 140, which would pretty much mean no running.  I think that is a pretty old school and conservative recommendation, but I'm trying to take it as easy as possible and just listen to my body.  Even at an 11 minute mile pace my heart rate is still at 160.  I plan to talk to the doc at my first appointment and get a better idea of what she recommends as far as exercise goes.

cravings/aversions:  nothing yet

movement:  nope

sleep:  currently waking up once a night to pee, which is rather annoying.  But I'm sure it isn't going to get better anytime soon.

gender:  I haven't a clue this week.  Really, I am not feeling a pull either way.  I honestly don't feel like I'm pregnant.

looking forward to:  my first doctor's appointment a week from today.  Also?  I randomly got excited to have coordinating sibling outfits :o). 

worries:  I'm incredibly paranoid I'm going to have a miscarriage.  I know I have no reason to believe something will go wrong, but I've learned more and more that they aren't all that uncommon.  I so badly just want to see/hear that little heart beat. 

what's different this time:  I didn't start recording anything about my pregnancy with Ryann until around week 13, so at this point I can't think of anything that is different. 

milestones:  telling my parents?  Does that count as a milestone?

best moment this week:  telling my parents that I'm pregnant.  My mom flew to Georgia with us, but my dad didn't come in until the next evening.  So Wednesday morning we sent Ryann downstairs wearing a big sister shirt, with a belated father's day card for my dad.  She walked up to him and handed him the card.  He made some sort of remark like, "Looks like you're ready to be a big sister."  And then just kept going opening his card and such.  My mom looked at me, "Does her shirt say big sister?!?!"  I told her yes, and laughed that my dad hadn't really caught on.  It only took him another moment before "Oh. Oh!!  Congrats!"  Haha.  It was funny.  They are very excited for us of course.

Just for kicks, another 5 week photo we snapped while in Georgia.  I wasn't 100% sure how I was going to do the bump pictures, so I wanted another one just in case.  So this picture pretty much looks like 'hey it's me on a beach!', but really, there is a little itty bitty baby in there.  Promise.


June 20, 2012

project 366 {week 24}


For the record, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth or anything.  I know my blogging has been pathetic lately, but between being busy and falling hard for reading books again, I haven't much time for the computer.  Not to mention a certain little someone is trying to avoid sleeping at all possible costs.  There is no way I'm giving up nap time before she is four, even if she doesn't sleep there will be quiet time!  Just means we need to move to a big girl bed so the kid will stop trying to climb out of the crib...

Oy.  On another note, I have some (err nearly three month old) party photos uploaded to flickr finally.  So maybe, just maybe, I'll put a post together by the end of the week.  But don't hold your breath!  :o)

June 17, 2012

that's what she said

Thursday Ryann was chock full of interesting conversations...

when I went to get her in the morning
Me:  "Guess who is coming to play with us today?"
Ryann:  "GRAMMY!"
Me:  "Yep!  We're going to go shopping.  What should we shop for?"
Ryann:  "Presents."
Me:  "Presents?  For who?"
Ryann:  "Daddy and Papa."
Me:  I guess I did tell her father's day was coming up... "Daddy and Papa.  How come?"
Ryann:  "Because I want to celebrate them!"

at breakfast
Ryann:  "We need to go somewhere.  We need to go to Target."
Me:  "Target?  Why do we need to go to Target?"  because you always need to go to Target, duh
Ryann:  "To buy new toys!"
Me:  "New toys?!?!  What about all the toys in the family room?  Should we just get rid of them?"
Ryann:  "Yep.  And buy new ones at Target."

in the car
Ryann:  "Look!  It's KU!"
Me:  "What?  Where do you see KU?"  thinking maybe she saw a sticker on a car or something
Ryann:  "Over there!  It's KU!"
Me:  realizing what she is pointing at "Sweetie, that is a cemetery."
Ryann:  "A cemetery... dinosaurs live there."

Oh, and today... before we laid her down for nap
 Ryann:  "I don't want to sleep EVER. AGAIN.

Not cool child, not cool.  And wouldn't you know she didn't fall asleep for nap.  Nope.  Just laid in her crib yelling all the songs she knows at the top of her lungs yet again.  I can't decide if it is a good thing or a bad thing that she knows a lot of songs...