August 31, 2011

a day in the life - amy

Oh boy.  It has been quite the morning.  But before I fill you in on all those details, you my friends, get to enjoy a peek at Amy's life!  I've loved reading Amy's blog for quite a while now, Parker is adorable, Amy keeps it real, and she is trying to live a healthy lifestyle, which of course is right up my alley.  Hope you enjoy her day!

good morning friends!  

i'm amy, from a good life.  i'm pretty excited to be sharing a typical day in my life with you guys over here at The Domestic Wannabe.  it turned into a bit of a photo journal, so i hope you don't mind looking at my cute little man's face over & over for the next couple minutes.  but really, that's pretty much what my day looks like, so how can you complain?  you can't.

here we go.

7:30 am:
if i'm lucky i'm up a few minutes before parker wakes up.  i throw in my contacts, use the ladies room & then go scoop the little guy outta bed.

8:00 am:
nine days out of ten he wakes up like this.  it's going to be a good day.

8:30 am:
we eat breakfast.  today it's yogurt, toast & eggs for parker, a strawberry-chocolate protein smoothie for me.  same thing i have everyday.

9:30 am:
stroller strides.  an hour of working out for me, about half an hour of playground time for p-ray.  win-win.

11:00 am:
errands.  today it's the fabric store.  i'm working on a little somethin-somethin for this guy's room.

12:00 pm:
back home for lunch.  parker had a turkey cheese melt with applesauce & grapes today.  i had some leftover homemade pizza from last night.  yum yum yum.

1:00 pm:
parker goes down for his nap after some stories & a diaper change.  i pick up the house a bit, shower & then RELAX.

2:00 pm:
i get an idea for a health/fitness post & take some selfies for the blog.

3:30 pm:
i hear a little "mommy?" come from parker's room.  nap time's over!  i go get this warm groggy little boy out of his bed & get him ready for some more running around.

4:30 pm:
we need to pick up a few groceries so sam meets us at costco on his way home from work.  our family has a weird affinity for costco.  it's probably the samples.

5:30 pm:
we get back home to make dinner.  sam & parker get some wrestling in while dinner cooks.

6:00 pm:
dinner's ready!  today it's corn on the cob, oven fried red potatoes, & sam's bbq-ed salmon.

6:45 pm:
it's a gorgeous night which is kinda rare here in the pacific northwest, so we head out for a little family walk to the park.  parker & sam play some one-on-one & i snap pictures.  that's pretty much how it always goes.

7:45 pm:
one of us gives parker a bath & gets him ready for bed {we take turns}.  it's pajamas, teeth-brushing, stories, songs, prayers then bed.

8:30 pm:
parker's in bed & we can hear him singing himself to sleep.  sam & i watch our shows on dvr & relax.

10:00 pm:
sam goes to bed & i get a couple hours of a quiet house with the computer to myself.  i read blogs, write posts, facebook, return emails, edit pictures & get on pinterest.

12:00 am:
as much as i'd love to continue to do my thing for another couple hours {ok, sometimes i do}, tonight i make myself go to bed.  i'm totally a night owl & love this time to myself, but i know a certain little boy will keep me to my 7:30 am wake up call!  so it's off to bed with me.

and now for ashley's famous "three questions":

1.  what is the most surprising thing about being a mom?

i'd have to say i'm continually surprised at what a stereotypical cliche mom i have turned out to be.  there are a bajillion things i thought i'd never do, or i though i'd never be "that" mom, & i totally am.  the one that thinks her kid is cute with spaghetti all over his face, or the mom that has to plan her day around naptime, or leave a party early to get home for bedtime, or who is continually poking her husband in the ribs saying, "look at the baby!  look at the baby!  he's so cute."  yup, that's me.

2.  what advice would you give new or soon-to-be moms?

ah man, this is so hard because when i was a soon-to-be mom i never listened to advice.  i didn't think it would apply to me.  ya know, since we all think we're the exception.  i think new moms need to just experience a lot of the "new" things themselves & figure it out on their own.  however, one thing i always encourage new moms is to take a break when they can.  accept help when it's offered.  one of the best things i did as a new mom was to allow a friend to bring me dinner when we brought parker home from the hospital.  that home cooked meal was one of the best i'd ever eaten.

3.  what are your top three baby products?

number one:  my BOB.  i got it off craigslist & i'm so happy i have it every single time i go running, shopping, traveling, whatever.  best stroller ever.

number two:  squeezy pouches.  doesn't matter what brand (plum organics, happy baby, trader joe's, whatever).  they are the best on-the-go healthy snack EVER.

number three: a white-noise machine.  we use the soundspa lullaby thinga-ma-jinger from target (although we've gone through about four of them).  we take it with us whenever we travel, or crank it up when we have company & parker sleeps like a champ.  i love that it helps to give him the same environment no matter where he is & keeps his sleeping arrangements feeling like home, whether we're at a hotel, a friend's, or at grandma's.

well that's it!  thanks for following me through my day!  let me know if you've done a post like this, i'd love to see it.  and make sure you come on by my blog to say hi... i'd love to meet you!


Thank you, Amy, for sharing your day with us!

August 30, 2011

seventeen months

Yesterday I almost forgot that Ry Ry was seventeen months old.  It seriously seems like I just wrote her sixteen month post.  But as much as I try and pretend she isn't, she is indeed another month older.  Only seven months away from TWO!!


We are still rockin' the 12-18 month clothing, but favorite little pair of denim shorts might only have a few more wears in them before they are too snug :o(.  I am getting incredibly excited for her little fall wardrobe we've starting building, so I guess I'll be ok if the weather starts to change and she gets just a tad bigger :o).  Ry is also still wearing her size four diapers, but we've had a few nights of leaking issues (just wet, no crazy nastiness or anything).  I don't know if that means the diapers are too small (they don't really seem like it) or if she doesn't need an entire cup of milk before bed...  Her toes are pushing the end of her pedipeds, so some shoe shopping will be happening in the near future.  Hooray!

Still no new teeth.  They were sprouting one right after another, and now we've gone what, three months without these last few?  I suppose that isn't a bad thing.  But really I'd just like to say we are done with teething (with this kiddo anyway!).  Ry's sleeping schedule is still pretty consistent, with her generally zonked out 8:15pm - 6:15am and 1:00pm - 3:30pm.  Occasionally I'll get a few days where she is up before 6, but they are happening less and less.  Usually it is when we stay at my parents house, and I think it is because she wakes up slightly disoriented, or it startles her when she realizes she isn't in her crib.

oh mom.  you seem to have left a rock under this chalkboard.

As far as new developments in the motor skills department... Ry tries to run now.  I mean, I guess she does run.  But not super fast.  And sometimes her upper body goes faster than her feet so she wipes out a little.  But she has for sure progressed past just walking.  She can also throw a ball relatively well now.  Except she usually walks up to you, and throws the ball at point blank range as hard as she can.  Thankfully as hard as she can isn't too hard yet, but a few of our cat toy balls are pretty heavy, just asks Max if he likes taking one of those to the skull (not so much).

when she rocks the shades she says 'oh yeah baby', love it. 

She is also pretty much a pro at buckling things, mostly her carseat (the plastic buckle part that goes across her chest) and booster seat.  That is nice and all, except she wants to do it all by herself all of the time.  And has decided it is pretty funny to just about get herself buckled in, and then pretend to mess it up and say "Oh drama queen" as she giggles to herself.  She has such a sense of humor!  Ha.  It's not funny after like the 10th time and you're standing outside in the bajillion degree heat just freaking wanting to go home!  :o)  Or when she really wants to buckle her stroller, but that one is still too hard for her, so a huge tantrum ensues in the middle of the park.  So fun.  But yeah, she can buckle.

you'd think I would have learned my lesson after the last few months with the number sticker, but the idiot in me still thought it was a good idea to try a new sort of prop for her second year...

Let me preface this section with, again, all kids are different.  I have ZERO idea why my kid is a freak of nature (sorta) in the language department.  But she is.  Ryann knows an infinite number of words, if I say it, she'll repeat it (including stinky butt, but she'll tack on mommy, and say "mommy stinky butt" for five minutes straight.  hooray).  And be able to use it in context within a couple days, sometimes a couple minutes.  She is putting together 3-5 word sentences, such as "Daddy turn on water" or "Mommy wear gold ones" (referring to the necklace or beads she wants me to wear).  I can't remember what a five word sentence has been, but I remember counting one out and thinking dang!  She strung together five words!  When she is pointing out objects it has also become more of a sentence "that a Y, that a R," or "Mommy have a nose, have a mouth, have eyes".

sometimes you just have to stop and stare at the sky 

Speaking of that, she is OBSESSED with pointing out eyes, noses and mouths on people and animals.  As well as other various body parts.  She will be playing with Simon (her stuffed monkey) and suddenly stop what she is doing to point out his eyes, nose and mouth, plus his belly, legs, hands, ears, and other random ones that I can't remember.  It fascinates her to find the same parts on different people and animals.

sitting her on the bench didn't really improve the chalkboard situation much

I'm a little sad to say that her enunciation is getting a lot better.  Why would that make me sad?  Because Max isn't "Mac" anymore.  Grammy isn't "Mammy" anymore.  Lately I've been struggling with ok, do I talk to her in correct English (which is the obvious answer, and what I usually do) or do I use her 'words', so she'll keep saying her L's as Y's (lips = yips, lap = yap).  The one word I hope she doesn't start saying correctly anytime soon is Daddy (currently Dad-un).  I think that will be a sad sad day for Christopher.  There is something special about the way she says "Dad-un".


Lord help me, but I think my child can spell.  Or understands context really well or something.  I'm not sure how to explain it, but the other day I was telling Chris we should just put a handful of "c-e-r-e-a-l" in a container for a "s-n-a-c-k" while we were out, Ryann looked up at me and said "cereal?  have some cereal?"  I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor.  How the heck am I supposed to say anything without her understanding, if she picks up on my spelling????  AHHHHHH!!!  Maybe it was just a coincidence?


My little girly is still a relatively picky eater.  Ok a really picky eater.  (Typical toddler, I know.)  Fruit is still her favorite food group.  Well, that is a lie, I think if she could eat cake for every meal she would.  She has a huge sweet tooth just like her mama.  But thankfully she can generally settle for fruit, her favorites being blueberries, mangoes, plums, bananas, red grapes, and watermelon.  All other foods are hit and miss.  One day she will eat more pork tenderloin than I do, the next day she throws a huge hissy fit and won't touch it.  And almost everything (except fruit, cake and crackers) gets dipped in ketchup.  Oh well.  "Yo-gurk" and peanut butter toast are also pretty popular choices these days.  Peanut butter toast actually now trumps a waffle, whoa craziness.

We taught Ryann how to 'cheers' with her cup.  She has also learned how to play 'ring around the rosie' (but don't expect her to play with you or any other kids) so if you see my child spinning in circles singing to herself, that is probably what she is doing.  When she hears a noise, such as a train, a dog, birds, the refrigerator, she cups her little hand to her ear and says "Hear train?  Hear train."  We have no idea how she picked that one up, but I love it.  Her favorite books right now are Baby Bear Baby Bear (which she randomly recites... "Baby bear, baby bear, what you see?  I see... I see...), Panda Bear Panda Bear, Pajama Time and Princess of the Potty.  Oh yeah, I've half heartedly introduced the idea of potty training.  No worries, Ry is in charge for that one.  She is slightly interested in the potty, but only wants to sit on it for a few seconds at a time.  That is totally fine.


Oh my little Ry Ry, you are becoming quite the little girl.  I love you to pieces!

August 29, 2011

steppin' out saturday

I'm feeling really behind right now (Steppin' Out Saturday, posted on a Monday night, yeah...).  I've got a list of 7+ blog posts I want to write.  A giant pile of laundry in my basement.  Tons of photos to edit.  Floors to clean.  Food to make.  Plus things I want to craft.  Books I want to read.  My head is spinning.  I need about 10 more hours a day per day for the next week.  That would be wonderful.

Saturday evening we headed to a little post golf tournament dinner gathering with my dad's side of the family.  My family is so cool that we have our own golf tournament (that I don't ever play in, because I hate golf).  You are so jealous right now.  My aunt Nancy won, but she is trying to act like she shouldn't have because she played from the women's tees.  Whatever Nancy, what are the women's tees for then?

dress:  target
belt:  kohl's
shoes you can't really see:  steve madden
earrings you probably can't see either:  francesca's forever ago

onesie:  carter's
vest:  old navy
skirt:  gap outlet
adorable pink polka dot shoes that are missing:  pedipeds

nice face ry, is it one of your modeling looks?

Photo editing should not be an item on my to-do list that I work on right now.  I'm apparently not being very consistent tonight...

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motivation on the road

Over the weekend we were in Omaha visiting family.  That of course was lots of fun, but gave me a good 'ol excuse to skip a strength workout on Saturday.  I thought about working out, honest I did.  Friday night (around 10pm, nothing like waiting until the last minute) I got on the crossfit website to see if there were any good workouts I could do in the hotel fitness center quickly.  I saw things like 15 foot rope climb, toes to bar, double unders, and muscle ups.  Yeah, none of those were going to be happening.

If I had planned ahead, I might have been more motivated to actually put in some work.  There are plenty of exercises I could have done, even in the comfort of my own room (that requires it's own kind of motivation), but I didn't really have a plan before going to bed, so when I got up in the morning it was much too easy to decide another half hour in my pjs and eating breakfast with the fam was much more fun.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes you should definitely allow yourself to skip a workout in favor of family time or a special occasion.  Life can't be all work and no play.  But really, I had the opportunity to workout, I just didn't take it.

Thankfully Friday we spent just under three hours walking around the Omaha Zoo, and there was a great trail behind our hotel, so I was able to get in a five mile run on Sunday.  So the weekend definitely wasn't a bust in terms of exercise.  It is so much easier for me to be motivated for my runs, than for strength workouts.  That is something I need to work on, considering I only have one session left with my trainer!!  Which do you prefer, cardio or strength?

Do you workout while traveling?  What kind of workouts do you do?  Any tips for staying motivated to exercise while on vacation?

Link up your 'Move it Monday' posts below!  Don't know what the heck I'm talking about?  Go here.

August 28, 2011

week in iphone pics

The quantity of photos I took this week varied a bit (A TON) from day to day.  It is of course really bothering the OCD side of me.  Grrrr....


Apparently all that happened on Sunday, was Ry stealing my Camelbak and a trip to Whole Foods.  Whoa exciting life :o).  Well, we did go to the gym too.  BAM.  We rock!  Ha ha.


A little playdate with JT.  It looks like they were playing together, but the only reason this was happening, is because Ry hadn't realized he was pushing her yet.  Dear Lord, please please PLEASE let the last few teeth come in soon.  Or give me a different reason for this hand chewing crabbiness.  Spoons are funny.  We went to Target for a variety of things.  Ryann wouldn't let this bag of marshmallows out of her hands the entire trip.  Or for another half hour after we got home.  I failed at taking a picture of the two of us during an evening bike ride.


We've been working on our 'sad' face.  It cracks me up every time.  I was feeling crazy (ha!) so I attempted to french braid my hair.  I can not for the life of me do it right, my braids are always inside out!  Ryann took a long nap, and didn't want to get out of her crib.  She rolled around and played for 40 minutes after she woke up.  She has taken to making Simon play peek-a-boo, super cute.  I failed at hiding a new book (Panda Bear Panda Bear) for our upcoming road trip, and Ry made us read it probably six times in a row.


Ry made Simon and Mickey sleep together.  She loves to play with stuff animals and characters these days.  She ate lunch in the kitchen, while I attempted to cook up a little egg white pesto sandwich.  The bread didn't really work with it though...  At 3:30pm my to-do list wasn't looking so hot.  But Ry and I worked to remmedy that situation after nap.  She helped me bake these (which really mean licking peanut butter off the spatula).  I had to make a late night Target run for a friend, and decided since I was there, alone, and no one else was around, I'd just do some browsing.


Hard to tell in this picture, but Ry thought washing her hands before her first day of MDO was super fun.  For lunch I tried my egg white pesto combo in a whole wheat tortilla.  SO GOOD.  Road trip time!  Our just under three hour drive to Omaha ended up taking over four thanks to all the flooding around I-29.  Ry slept for a bit, but we had to find creative ways to entertain ourselves for nearly 3 hours.


Ry has been obsessed with yogurt these days (not necessarily a bad thing!) and loved having it for breakfast.  We took a trip to the Omaha Zoo, Ryann LOVED the aquarium and all the fishes and sharks!  Stickers are apparently the coolest thing since sliced bread.  And my cousin's adorable almost two year old daughter has some mad skills.


Another day where I failed to take iphone pics.  We had a lots of fun little adventures, but I only captured some great sunglasses action.  Love that she is slowly but surely starting to take to accessories.  So much fun!

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August 27, 2011

a week in my life - saturday

WHOOOO!  The last of my 'a week in my life' posts.  I know some people appreciate them, and I will LOVE looking at them a few months from now, and especially a few years from now.  But they were exhausting!  Forgive me if this one is a little rough or lame.  I waited a little too long to turn the note on my phone into a post, and a week later I don't really remember what happened.  Whoops!


5:16AM:  I wake up when Chris is getting ready for work.  Thanks to my early bedtime I'm feeling a bit more rested, so I read some blogs and start working on a post.

6:08AM:  Ry wakes up.  Seriously?  Can't that kid learn to sleep in?  Yes, I know, I'm already up, but still...  I do the usual, get up, make the bed, get dressed and go get Ryann.  She helps me switch the laundry.


7:02AM:  Breakfast time!  My week is seeming a bit redundant... peanut butter toast all around, and Ry also eats some yogurt.  After we're done eating we (used very loosely) unload the dishwasher, then I wrestle the little munchkin in to some clothes between reading various books.

7:54AM:  We're off to the gym.  Today I'm taking the 'no limits circuit' class.  Sometimes it's not so bad, sometimes it is ridiculously tough and I wonder why I even came.  The instructors (it has been rotating over the summer I guess) always say to go at your own pace, yadda yadda yadda, but I feel like if I don't give 110% I look like a fool.  Today's class in particular had a few moves that I just couldn't quite get (I SUCK at balancing on a bosou ball and doing weights), and I feel like I didn't get a great workout.  So I hop on the elliptical for 15 minutes before getting Ryann.

9:45AM:  Ryann and I eat a quick snack in the car before driving over to Dick's to pick up my race packet.  Ry has always been a little afraid of escalators (I know you aren't surprised) but today she was all for it.  While we were riding up she kept saying 'weee!'.  I was cracking up.  On the way out she impressed me by saying escalator almost plain as day.  "Ex-a-later again?  Pease?  Ex-a-later?"  I think this kid might be smarter than me by the time she is five.

10:33AM:  The temperature outside isn't too miserable yet, so when we get home we play with the sidewalk chalk.  And of course, Ry gets absurdly messy.  I swear she finds the most chalk covered part of the driveway and purposely plops herself in the middle of it.

 11:09AM:  I finally drag Ryann inside to get cleaned up.  She needs to be wiped down with a baby wipe, and I am in serious need of a quick shower.  To keep her occupied a bit longer I throw some yogurt melts in a bowl (yogurt melts seem to be my go to sit still item... hmm..).  When I'm all squeaky clean and dry I turn on the oven, then Ry watches Diego on my bed while I get dressed.  We eat some lunch, clean up, and get ready for nap time.  Ry is resisting a little bit, and miraculously offering to read her an extra book before laying her down does the trick.

ry ry my dear, you can be such an odd little duck!

12:43PM:  When I plop down in front of my computer and look at the clock, I can't believe the day is only half over.  I am already exhausted.  I read some blogs, and then I start browsing weelicious looking for recipes for Ryann.  I change the laundry, and consider being more productive.  But instead I randomly decide to design a favicon for the blog (is there a little turquoise square with a yellow heart by my web address in your browser?  there should be!).  Then I'm on the hunt for songs for my running playlist.

3:29PM:  Ryann is up from her nap.  I throw my hair back and we sit down for a snack.  Then I grab some dinner items, throw them in the diaper bag and we are off to JT's (and Jenn's) house!  So glad they are back in town, they were gone for over a month.  The kiddos play while Jen and I catch up.  Right before we left I tried to get a picture of Ryann and JT together, it ummm, didn't go so well...

come on ry, he looks so sweet and innocent!

7:15PM:  We pack up our stuff, tell Jenn and JT goodbye and head home for bedtime and bath time.  Once Ry is in her crib for the night I keep working on these silly 'week in the life' posts.  Documenting an entire week is way more labor intensive than I expected.


9:03PM:  Chris is finally home from work.  We each have our nightly snack (cereal for Chris, frozen yogurt and raspberries for me).

And that's where my notes end.  I'm assuming we just played on our computers and went to bed, but I can't remember.  All I know is that it wasn't anything crazy exciting!


And that wraps it up.  My week may not be all that exciting, and probably got a bit repetative, but I thrive on schedules and don't do change well.  :o)  I'm glad I'll be able to look back on a whole week of my life though!

I've got some great mommies lined up to post about their days.  Check back on Wednesday, you might just get a peek at Amy's life!

August 26, 2011

a week in my life - friday

Ummm... major fail on taking pictures this day.  But you come to read what I have to say, not look at my pictures, right?  Hmmm... Sorry :o)


4:30AM:  I wake up incredibly abruptly thanks to nightmares about doing laundry.  Who has nightmares about doing laundry?  Ridiculous.  Thankfully it doesn't keep me from going back to sleep.

5:35AM:  Chris kisses me goodbye.  I would like to go back to sleep again, but go figure, I have to pee.  Per the usual, I end up playing on my laptop.

6:21AM:  Ryann is awake.  Just before I close my laptop I see this picture on pinterest, and immediately want to redecorate my family room.  I love striped curtains.  And the chalkboard?  The turquoise!  Actually lots of things make me want to redecorate my family room.  It is very brown...  anyway... I make my bed and get dressed before heading in to get Ryann.

7:02AM:  Failed attempt at getting breakfast going.  Ryann keeps saying "hug mommy?  hold you?"  So we snuggle in the kitchen for a bit.  Eventually I get her settled in the booster with some yogurt and start making peanut butter toast and scrambled egg whites (Ryann of course won't even think about trying the eggs).  After breakfast we do some playing and coloring in the family room, and then throw some clothes down the 'hole' (laundry chute).  Ryann loves to chuck socks at it and say "wee socks!  wee socks!"  She lucks out and gets to watch some Jake and the Neverland Pirates while I attempt to control my ridiculous bed head.  Then I get Ryann dressed and we read a couple books.


9:04AM:  We head over to the post office to make sure my envelopes will mail.  My only choices for stamps are a dolphin or a wedding cake... hmmm... going to have to think about that one.  Then we are on our way to the gym, I have a training session scheduled.  We eat a quick snack in the car (bananas and goldfish grahams) before heading in.

10:40AM:  I planned on doing a little cardio after my session, but while I am walking on the treadmill I notice the sky getting darker and darker, so I decide it is best to get Ryann and head out before anything crazy happens.  When I turn around the sky on the other side of the building is nearly black.  I go as quickly as I can (without looking like a fool) to get Ry, but just as we reach the front door of the building, it starts POURING.  And my umbrella is freaking in the car.  Of course.  My weather app on my phone won't load, so I have no idea how long the rain will last.  So we run for it.  Ryann says "No!  Mommy!  No!  Rain!  Wet!" the whole time.  I jump in the back seat with Ry, and we are both completely soaked.  Lovely.


11:10AM:  The drive home was miserable, but we made it.  I take a quick shower while Ryann throws toys in at me.  She is so sweet to think I want something to play with, right?  Ha.  I dry off, throw on some clothes, and plop Ryann on the kitchen counter to help me make her a tortilla pizza.  Whoa.  I know.  We are getting crazy today!  I spread some tomato sauce on a tortilla, and try and get Ryann to help me sprinkle on cheese.  Instead she just eats some cheese.  That's cool.  I pop her pizza in the oven, and then make the mistake of telling her to watch it bubble while its cooking.  Apparently the bubbles are scary.  Great.  I do manage to get her to eat about 1/3 of it, so I'm calling it a success.  Next up is nap time, hooray!

she was pounding it with her fork, and no, I did not prompt this.  my kid is just that awesome.
good job fork.  great work with lunch today!

12:47PM:  Ryann is in her crib, and I try and quickly make my way through my blog roll.  Then I head downstairs to sort the laundry.  I hate my laundry room.  No wonder I was having nightmares.  I head back upstairs and design the inserts for my envelopes and working on my client's wedding program.

3:24PM:  Ry is up, and has crazy nap hair yet again.  For snack we split an apple.  At first she wanted to eat it like a big kid, but it wasn't working out for her.  So I cut it up.  I also had some pita and hummus.  Ry got a few crackers, and surprised me by correctly counting them, "One, two.  Two crackers.  Mommy.  Two crackers."  Yes, she can count, but usually if I ask her to count something she just keeps going, no matter how many of an item there might be.  So I was impressed that she stopped at two, and specifically told me there were two.  We again consider running out to do a couple errands, but Ry seems pretty content just hanging out at home.  So that is what we do.


6:04PM:  Chris is on his way home, but Ry and I are already past hungry so I heat us up some dinner.  Leftovers for me, a Gerber meal for Ry.  Chris informs me that the Chiefs play their first preseason game tonight, YES!  I am so excited for football season.  But the part of the game we watched?  Lame.  Hello fumbles.  Come on guys, I really want to see a great season.  While we are watching Ry brings us different toys and books that she wants to play with.  She loves pointing out all the characters in an Elmo book she has, I especially like it when she says "Baby Zoe".  I don't know why, it is just really cute.

7:49PM:  After putting Ry in bed, I read some blogs and attempt to be productive.  But my printer is being lame so I turn to pinterest instead.  Good alternative right?

8:47PM:  Chris is heading to bed.  Even though I feel like I have plenty of things to do (nothing super important, just stuff I want to do), I decide I want to cuddle with him.  Of course I have to grab my ice cream first :o). 

9:42PM:  I thought about playing on my laptop for a little bit, but after about 10 minutes my eyes are starting to close.  I decide getting to bed at a reasonable time isn't such a bad idea.  Good night!