December 10, 2015

elsie says

I wish I was better about jotting these down.  Because Elsie says something absolutely adorable or completely ridiculous every single day.  But here are a few I did manage to remember.

Me: "Oh my word Elsie, your diaper is disgusting. Why do you poop so much?"
Elsie: "I'm Poopalicious!" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at that one.

running through the Target parking lot with a recently potty trained toddler...
Me: "How bad do you have to go potty?"
Elsie: "Bad.  Like two weeks ago!"

Ryann:  "Why can't she wear underwear on Tuesday?"
Me:  "She has school on Tuesday.  We should probably get a day under our belt before we send her off to school."
Ryann:  "Under our belt?  I don't even have a belt."
Elsie:  "Me either!"

Elsie:  "Honeydew? I don't like honeydew! I tried some, and it was good, but I don't like it."

Elsie:  "Oh hi Fee-uh! (Thea) Did you wake up from a beautiful nap?  Oh oh, don't cry sweetie.  I'm here.  I got ya." yes, my heart exploded from the sweetness


December 3, 2015

thea - four months

I'm not as late as I was last month with this post, so winning?  Lately there has just been no time for blogging.  Being present for my children is certainly more important, but I also believe being the keeper of our memories is also important.  I need to get back to it!

Four months!  Suddenly Thea is a legit baby and not just a squirmy lump of a newborn!  Seriously, in the last two weeks she seems to have changed so much.  More aware of her surroundings, better control of her body, more social.  LESS SCREAMING!  I love it.


We had Thea's well check on Monday (the 30th).  She weighed in at 15 pounds even and measured 25.5 inches long, putting her in the 78th and 90th percentiles respectively.  For comparisons sake, Elsie weighed 15 pounds at six months.  Strong work Thea, way to be a beast!  Just kidding, I know she is a big baby, but it isn't as if she is incredibly chubby or anything like that.  She just looks like a six month old.  Not a four month old.  She is still pretty solidly wearing 3-6 month clothing and size 2 diapers, though the life of those seem to be coming to an end.  Today she spit up all over herself, and the easiest shirt to switch out in the closet was a 6-12 month.  And it really wasn't big.  Sad!  Stop growing sweet girl!


Sleep is still all over the place.  Usually at night I'll get at least a 6-7 hour stretch.  I've gotten a glorious 8.5 hour stretch once, and occasionally it is as little as 4 hours.  And a few times she has woken up 30 minutes after I've put her down for the night and I've basically had to start over, but then she gives me the long stretch.  Ultimately she is up at least once in the middle of the night, and if her first stretch is longer she is up again in the 5:30-6:30am range, but usually still goes back to sleep after that.  And sometimes we are up for two hours in the middle of the night.  You just never know.  She likes to keep me on my toes.

Naps are pretty much the same too.  Every day usually consists of two to three short naps, plus a longer 2-3 hour nap.  Sometimes that long nap is in the morning, but lately it has fallen from 12-3 or 1-4.  Which means dual quiet time.  Which means WINNING in my world.  But honestly I just like that three hour nap no matter what.  However more and more I can see those short naps are really starting to wear on Thea.  I've also been trying to get her to nap in her crib here and there.  That is going well.  Actually not at all.  She hasn't lasted more than 30 minutes in there.  That combined with the fact that she nurses to sleep, and she tries to roll over in the rock 'n play, means we need to explore a more structured sleep training method.  I'm dreading it.  We've done it with both girls and it never ends up being as bad as I expect it to be.  But still.  No fun.


Thea nurses a lot.  Another reason why I need her to stop nursing to sleep.  Not so much because I don't want to nurse her all the time.  But because I don't think she is really hungry all the time, she just enjoys being soothed that way.  We've yet to find my pump (the movers did such a great job labeling stuff...), but when we do I am determined to get her to take a bottle so I can have a little bit of space.  And I just don't see how I can leave her with anyone with the set up we've got going on right now.  Not to mention she spits up a ton.  I don't think eating less often will really help that because I don't think she is actually taking in more milk.  I think she just eats less at a time.  But maybe it will help.  Who knows.  Truthfully nursing has become a touch annoying as Thea gets more curious about the world around her.  Nursing in public is pretty much a joke (or anywhere without the stupid boppy).  With or without the cover she is constantly popping on and off and incredibly squirmy.  Even at home it can be tough to get her to stay focused.  But I'm determined to power through.  At least for another two months.  If we get in to a better rhythm with sleep I don't think it will bother me as much any more.


In the gross motor skills department Thea is getting much better about pushing up on her forearms during tummy time, and is really gaining control of her head and upper body.  Still no real rolling either direction but she is definitely getting closer to going from back to belly.  Her only movement continues to be just rotating a little in each direction.  Thea has been more distinctly swatting at and grabbing toys.  When I am holding her she'll reach for my water or my phone.  And just recently she starting grabbing on to her feet.


Miss Thea has really found her voice this month.  She 'talks' all the time.  Falling right in line with her sisters no doubt.  When they get loud she gets loud right along with them, making sure that she is not forgotten amidst the chaos.  Having 'conversations' with her is so much fun.  I love watching her mouth move when she makes different noises, I wish I knew what was going on in that little brain of hers.

And her smiles.  Oh man.  Her smiles are still just the best.  A couple of weeks ago we discovered that Thea absolutely loves to stare at her own reflection.  She gives herself the biggest smiles.  It is just the cutest thing!  Another fun development this month are adorable little baby giggles.  Her best giggles truthfully come when she is on the verge of losing it because she is tired, so I'm not sure what to make of that.  But she definitely can laugh and I love it.


Something Thea hates is getting out of the bath.  Or shower rather.  But same idea.  She'll be in there all pleasant and enjoying the warm water, but as soon as you get her out she is beyond pissed and upset.  To the point you'd think she is in pain.  It is almost funny because she is so ridiculous about it, but really it is just sad.  This past month I braved sticking her in the tub with Ryann and Elsie, which they thought was absolutely awesome.  But the whole time I was worried they were going to dump water on her face and the seat takes up so much room that it just really wasn't the best set up.  It will probably only happen a handful of times before she can sit up on her own.  And at some point I bet Ryann will want to start taking her own showers anyway.


Right now our life feels like a tornado.  Things are happening faster than I can comprehend, the days feel chaotic and hectic.  There are definite highs and lows.  A third baby (and a threenager, Lord help me) changes the dynamic in so many ways.  But Thea?  Sweet girl.  I'm so glad you're in my life.  Watching you grow, learn, discover, it is such a privilege.  I wouldn't give that up for anything.  You and your sisters are a gift from God.  I love you.