May 31, 2012

week in iphone pics

So this phone pic recap is a few days later than I was planning, but if I can get the next one up on time I will be completely caught up.  Woot!  Now if I could just get caught up on laundry/cleaning/grocery shopping/etc...


After making it back from a crazy night in Lawrence, we started the day off right with a boat ride.  It was a bit windy, but that just meant after a little bit of fun with Papa my girl snuggled up with me.  While Ryann napped I did a little snoozing of my own... by the pool of course.  After nap Ryann spent more time hanging out with Papa.  She is pretty much attached to him at all times if possible.  Thanks for putting up with it Daddy :o).


Daddy was still snoozing post call, so we had our afternoon snack on the porch.  Then Ryann dominated her 24 piece jigsaw puzzle.  Puzzles are her absolute favorite thing right now (well, except for playing on the iPad and eating sweets, but those aren't always readily available :o).  We made a trip to the grocery store and Ryann got awkwardly excited about pickles.  On the way home she rocked out to Rumour has it.  Her current favorite song of course.


Check it out.  First attempt at braids.  It was TOUGH!  There isn't quite enough hair for me to actually want to attempt them again anytime soon.  But they were cute.  And she loved them when we checked them out in the mirror.  After nap we walked to the park, and sent silly smiles to Daddy while he was working.


Last week Shawna shared 'yellow'.  I showed it to Ryann.  We now watch it a minimum of three times a day.  Oh and that up there in the middle?  Her arabesque :o).  Too cute.  We had a little playdate with my friend Abbey and her baby girl Harper.  Ryann's curls were out of control after nap.  Oh, and she found the sucker in a drawer in our house and begged me to let her have it.  She asked so nicely that I couldn't say no.  But she was absolutely traumatized when she dropped it in the dirt and I took it away.  Seriously, epic meltdown.  Girl loves her sweets.


Oh that?  That is just what I look like when a curly headed monster wakes me up before 5:30am multiple days in a row.  No cool little friend, not cool.  We went for a walk and stopped at the park.  Ryann can never get enough of the slides.  At naptime Ryann tried to protest by yelling at my through the monitor.  I stood strong, she took a nap :o).  After her little siesta she cooked me up some b for d and we waited for daddy on the front porch.


Friday morning we had to make some cookies for my friend's wedding (milk and cookies bar = awesomeness).  The first picture shows the dangers of baking with a toddler.  After nap we opted for a little bit of water table play.  Ryann wasted no time emptying the water from the table onto the patio.  But she had a TON of fun doing it.


If you aren't already aware, I have a ton of hair.  And I'm not real efficient with the curling iron.  So it takes me FOREVER to get it done.  But I wanted to get all prettied up for my friend's wedding.  It was worth it, I think the hubs and I cleaned up rather well (and yes, he wore a shirt to match my dress on purpose.  He just happened to have one that went perfectly!).  It was fun spending the evening, and having milk and cookies :o), with friends.  Big congrats to the newlyweds!

May 30, 2012

project 366 {week 21}


First I wanted to thank those of you who left kind words on my post yesterday.  Many tears have been shed over the loss of her life, but our family is thankful for the long, wonderful life she had.  And that she has been reunited with the love of her life in heaven.

Ok, so the hose picture :o).  Ryann was having a good time spraying her legs, spraying her belly, etc.  I may or may not have suggested she try to take a drink from the hose (with my camera ready of course).  She did.  This was the result.  Mean mom, I know.  But gosh it was funny.  She was pissed for a second, but laughed it off and went right back to playing with the hose.  Well worth it for that picture in my opinion!

And the last shot, well apparently that was the only picture I took that day with Ryann in it.  I had got out my camera, but apparently forgotten that I hadn't really taken a picture.  Thankfully she was in one, and it is a decent representation of the day, but whoops!  Almost missed one!

May 29, 2012

saying goodbye

Our world lost an amazing woman last week.  My grandma passed away Thursday night.  Losing someone you love is never easy, but I am comforted by the fact that I know she is with my Grandpa now.  She has missed him so much, and I am thankful that pain has been taken away.

My grandma was a classy lady, but a lady who knew how to have a good time.  She raised six amazing boys.  Anyone who can survive six boys with a smile on their face, well, they are definitely something special.  She certainly was.  She has left quite a legacy.

Her mashed potatoes were my favorite.  I'll miss the way she went through every name in the family before getting to mine… "Sar-Liz-Mich-Lor-Al… ASHLEY!"  She used to make me a plate of bacon for breakfast when I was little, just for me, just because it was my favorite.  I loved watching her in the kitchen.  She would bring cookies to my parents for the 4th of July from a place in Omaha, and she would always hide on of the double chocolates on the bottom just for me.  She was such a wonderful, fun and special woman.  I admired her a lot. 

Recently, every time I talked to her my grandma would tell me how much she loved my blog.  She loved being able to see pictures of Ryann, and reading about our lives.  Even though we didn't see each other often, she always felt a part of our life.  She told me she checked it everyday, except Wednesdays.  Because she didn't care what those other people were doing :o).  Because of that I will try to never stop blogging.  I hope wherever she is, she has access to a laptop.  Grandma I won't stop writing for you.  I love you, I miss you.  Give Grandpa a big hug for me.


May 28, 2012

move it monday

Well, I apologize for my absence last Monday, and my late posting today.  I figured not too many people would be really upset, since only a few of you link up regularly (which by the way THANK YOU!  I love reading your stories!).

My lack of posting is related to a few things, one being that we've been busy and blogging hasn't been near the top of my priorities.  Another, is that I've been slacking A LOT in the healthy living department.  In the last two weeks I've ended up with FIVE rest days, and some of my workouts have been simply walking.  There is nothing wrong with that, it just definitely isn't my norm.  Life doesn't look like it is going to be slowing down anytime soon, so I'm going to have to readjust my plan towards working out.

Over the last few weeks my eating habits have been incredibly poor as well.  Thankfully I haven't resorted to fast food, but the sweets?  Off the charts.  And if Chris opens up a bag of chips I have to sneak a few too.  I haven't been managing my portion sizes as well anymore either.  I really feel like I need to do a little detox to just get it all out of my system, and detox my cabinets as well.  Find a few new snacks that I like since I'm getting tired of my regular go-to's. 

The other thing that has been slacking is my water intake.  Which is something that is usually the easiest for me to keep up on.  I've been lazy and not filling up my water bottle.  And if it isn't full I just don't drink much water.  Silly, but it is happening.  Oy, basically I'm just a hot mess these days.  And I'm feeling it.

I  need to get my butt in gear, I've got a 10k coming up this weekend.  I don't plan to really race it.  I just wanted to do a 10k.  But it is going to be warm I'm guessing.  And it has some hills.  And taking into account my lack of miles lately, I really just need to get out there and do it.

My mini goals for this week:

-drink 72+ ounces of water daily
-eat more vegetables
-no alcohol

In regards to #3, I've barely had anything to drink in the last 15 or 16 months.  The last two weekends I"ve attended friends' weddings, and, well, had a pretty good time :o).  It was nice to hang out with my friends and let loose, but man.  I can feel it.  Alcohol and my system don't really mix.  So I'm going to try and keep it cut out as much as possible.

With that, Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all those who are currently serving, or have served our country.  I am grateful for what you do.


Did anyone race this morning?  I know my bestie did!  Way to go Meg :o).

May 26, 2012

project 366 {week 20}


There aren't many projects or goals that I've stuck to for twenty weeks straight.  So the fact that I've made it this far without missing a day is an accomplishment all in itself.  There are sometimes at the end of the day that I have to hastily snap a photo, try and come up with something interesting, just take whatever I can get, and those night make me hate the project.  But then I flip back through the photos and I am reminded once again why I am doing this.

It isn't just about taking pictures.  Yes, it would be nice to have a book full of absolutely beautiful shots.  And some people have the ability to accomplish that.  But what is breathtaking about my project for me is the change in my child.  I can't believe how different she looks over the course of these last twenty weeks.  I so wish I had done this for the first year of her life.  (Cari I hope you're still going strong at it!)  I wanted to, I just couldn't commit.

But Ryann is still at an age where she is changing rapidly.  And I am so thankful to have documented her as she emerges out of babyhood into a toddler, a little girl, as well as some 'firsts'.  I truly hope that I can stick with it.  32 more weeks.  I can do it!

May 25, 2012

that's what she said

Ryann:  "The pumpkins are boys."
... and then she walked off.  I have no idea.

Ryann:  some words that I understood, but didn't make sense in a sentence
Me:  "Um, sure."
Ryann:  "Did you understand me?"
Me:  "Kind of."
Ryann:  "Are your listening ears on?!?!"

Me:  "Ugh.  I don't want to clean the kitchen."
Ryann:  "Mommy, if you don't want to, you don't have to!"
Oh my dear, if only the world worked like that.

Ryann, while in her crib, supposedly going to sleep...
"I had a little turtle, her name was little Ryann, I put her in the bathtub to see if she could swim like a fishy.  And she sits on the potty.  And she does little poopies.  And big poopies too.  Cause she's a big girl.  Yeah yeah yeah!  Monkey see, monkey do, come meet monkey in the zoo..."
All of this was one continuous song.  Yep.

Me:  "How bad do you want a cookie?  So bad?
Ryann:  "But I'm a good girl!"


May 24, 2012

project 366 {week 19}


Alternate titles for May 10th would be 'burning off energy', as well as 'uncooperative.'  I had a shot in mind and of course she wouldn't play my game.  Rather she was playing her own game.  Run away from mommy's camera as fast as possible.  It is a game we play a lot lately.  Drives me nuts.  Some day, some day she'll love to take pictures with me, right?  :o)

Whew.  One more week and I'm caught up on this as well.  I think I can I think I can I think I can...

project 366 {week 18}


May 23, 2012

week in iphone pics

I thought I was three weeks behind with my phone pics, but apparently it was only two.  Which is awesome.  So hooray!  Caught up on those.  And I am *this* close to having all of my current design projects done.  Doesn't mean the to-do list is getting any shorter, but at least I won't feel guilty about using my time to blog.  Or finish my elevated envelopes that were supposed to be mailed out May 1st.  Or re-design my besties blog.  Which I was going to do like two months ago...

Moving on!

I started my mother's day off right, setting a new 5k PR.  Threw on some clothes (well, and curled my hair) and headed to Lawrence to watch my baby sister graduate.  It was an exhausting morning for Ryann.  She did good, but she crashed hard by the time we got back in the car.  That evening we headed over to Chris's aunt and uncle's house for some burgers.  Ryann LOVED the tree swing of course.


Meh.  Our attempt at a morning smile for Daddy :o).  We had a play date with JT.  It took Ryann about .5 seconds to find the water table in their backyard and get all nice and wet.  We were on our own that night, so I had to take over bath duties.  I hate doing bathtime, but at least my kid is cute.


Tuesday morning I struggled hardcore to get us up and moving.  We may have watched an hour of Disney Junior before I decided enough was enough and we were going to the gym.  That afternoon while we were having snack on the front porch, Ryann looked up at me and said "Mama I'm going to go touch da tree."  And she did.  And came back and finished her snack.  Silly girl.  Also silly is her fish face, and rolling around on the chalk and dirt covered driveway.


Umm, I can't remember exactly what we did on Wednesday.  I think Grammy came to play.  All I had on my phone were these gems.  Particularly that one on the far right.  It's a keeper.


Sadly this was the only picture on my phone from Thursday.  I say sadly because it was actually a great day.  It was Ry's last day of MDO for the year, and she looked super cute.  I picked up my friend from the airport, and more friends joined us for dinner.  Ryann became obsessed with my friend's boyfriend, and it was awesome.  But all I've got is her PASSED OUT when I came to get her from MDO.  I tried to wake her.  It didn't really work.  It was the first time she almost stayed asleep when I picked her up since she was a newborn.


While the hospital held my husband hostage for the weekend, Ryann and I headed to Grammy's house.  Top left is one of her Eater basket presents.  Apparently it looks way more awesome if you are as close to it as possible.  After nap we went to the mall in search of dresses for me to wear to some weddings.  Ryann got to ride the pony, but the best part of that picture is the little girl creeping.  I have no idea who she is.  That evening we did a little swimming.  Thankfully Ryann seems to love the pool a little more than last year.  Now I just have to actually teach her to swim...


Saturday was quite the day.  I left Ryann with my parents and headed to Lawrence.  There was a baby shower for one of my pledge sisters in the early afternoon, and another pledge sister got married that evening.  It was 12+ hours of acting like I was in college again (minus the fact that we were celebrating babies and marriages, but hey).  I was definitely feeling my decisions the next day, but ultimately it was a day that was good for my soul.  It was so nice to see a good chunk of my pledge sisters.  We had a blast together.

Now if I could just get up to date on my project 366 photos...

May 22, 2012

week in iphone pics

And when I saw week, I definitely don't mean last week.  I mean like three weeks ago.  The to-do list is semi long right now, and when I'm not working I haven't had a real desire to sit in front of the computer and edit photos/write posts.  I'm crossing my fingers that it all slows down a bit after this coming weekend, but I don't think it will.  Which is unfortunate, because I have a lot on my mind.

Anyway, here are some iphone photos from the week we were in Georgia (May 6th - May 12th).  Going through them all made me want to go back right now.  Especially since my mom is currently there with my sister (jealous.  definitely).  But thankfully we do have a trip planned for next month.  Hooray!  Oh and I apologize for the photo overload in advance.  Apparently beach = a million photos.


Ryann acted like a princess or something, and demanded that papa juggle for her.  Thankfully she's cute.  We spent the morning at the beach and Ryann and Papa tried to dig a whole to China or something.  And seriously one of the cutest things, Ryann dancing to Papa's guitar playing.  The next picture is Ry sporting some dress-up heels courtesy of my mom's friend Patty.  Coloring outside, a nice dinner, more coloring outside with Grammy, and a kid that seemed like she'd never go to bed.


My mom had to drop Papa off at the airport for a 7am flight.  When she got back we went on a walk and stopped at a cafe for some breakfast.  Not a bad way to start the morning.  We spent the next hour playing at the park and checking out the pier.  After nap we made our way to the beach.  It was pretty overcast with storms creeping up all around, but Ryann didn't mind.  Oh and of course I think her favorite part of going to the beach is getting sprayed off when the house when we come home.  Why oh why she likes getting blasted by ice cold water I'll never know.


Ryann hopped in the shower with me, and then refused to get out.  Which I've discovered is the best way to give myself a chance to get ready.  We spent the morning doing a little shopping, and Ryann of course came away with quite the haul from Old Navy.  Side note, I showed her the cowboy hat, her response, "I don't want a BOY hat!"  Ok my love, cowgirl hat.  Sorry!  The afternoon was spent, of course, at the beach.  The big floppy hat didn't stay put as well as I hoped, but the cuteness was worth it.  The tide had been so high the night before so we found all sorts of things on the beach, including a tire.  Ryann spent an absurd amount of time running through the puddle around the tire.  Post dinner we made another trip to the ice cream shop.  Mmmm peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream.  And I had a hard time washing the wee one's hair that night, simply because her curls in Georgia are too cute.


Apparently I calmed down a bit with the picture taking on Thursday :o).  We spent the morning at the beach, and Ryann continued to kill me with her cuteness.  My child is obviously better dressed than me on the regular, and looked like quite the vacation goddess.  Oh and Ryann was incredibly confused by the guy sunbathing on the beach.  I swear she must have thought he was dead or something.


Time to head home, which was of course bittersweet.  Yeah for seeing daddy, boo on leaving the beach.  We had to leave by 6:45am, and I pretty much grabbed Ryann out of bed and through clothes on her before strapping her into the car.  She was a wee bit out of it.  Thank goodness for the play area in the Nashville airport.  Ryann 100% wore herself out climbing on everything, and slept the entire way from Nashville to Kansas City.  She was definitely happy to be home that afternoon.


Chris had to  work Thursday night, so we finally got to see him on Friday.  Reunited and it felt so good :o).  Ryann's Great Grandma stopped by with a little gift, and that little gift ended up plastered all over my arm.  And just a cute picture of my little grocery shopper.


Ryann and I went to the gym Saturday morning and texted Chris before heading home.  That was his response... Lets just say it isn't normal for a tank to be driving around by our house.  We had to wake Ryann up from nap to head to my sister's graduation party, and she pretty much looked like that the entire drive.  The very last picture is probably one of my favorites of our little family.  I think it definitely captures our true personalities.  And my favorite part of it might be Ryann's little foot poking up behind the seat.  Not sure why :o).

Whew!  Ok.  One week down, two to go.  I'm hoping to catch up on my iphone pictures this week, and maybe next week I'll tackle all my project 366 photos (sort of dreading it, and not loving the project anymore :o(.  Then MAYBE I'll actual draft a meaningful post.  Maybe :o).