July 19, 2009

kitchen craft projects

Less than a week until we rip out our kitchen! I seriously can't wait. Today when the hubs and I were making dinner (which yes, was Kraft Mac & Cheese and turkey sausage) we started discussing how awesome it will be when it is finished. And then I started envisioning the craft projects that were definitely going to enter the space.

The first thing I would like to make is a framed chalkboard. I found this one through google images, see the blog here.

I want to make a good sized chalkboard that we can very carefully attach the side of the fridge cabinet. I thought it would make a great place to write notes, tack up pictures, or display invites and such.

Also, I hope to etch some labels on glass jars. My plans are for a cookie jar to keep on the counter, but I found instructions on Martha Stewart for pantry storage jars. Maybe I'll end up with a cookie jar and storage jars. (That will definitely depend on how well my skills in etching end up being).

Alright well those are the only projects I've come up with for now, but I am so excited to get started on the kitchen!


Daily Notes said...

I've been seeing that chalkboard idea a lot arond the blog world--so fun!! :) Oh craftiness...

Anyways, I'm excited to see your new kitchen!

Whitney said...

Your new kitchen will come just in time for me to take a break from moving myself to come see it! Perfect. And I love love love that chalkboard idea. The frame in that picture is adorable.

See you Wednesday!