May 23, 2014

that's what she said

Ryann:  "What did the apple say to the peanut butter?"
Me:  "I have no idea."
Ryann:  "MILK!"
apparently random words = jokes in her books

overheard while Ryann was playing with beads
Ryann:  "Oh no Elsie, those aren't for you!"
Elsie:  "Whyyyy?" yes, help me, she says 'why' already.  ALL. THE. TIME.
Ryann:  "Because they are small and if you eat them you could choke and die."
Elsie:  laughs
Ryann:  "Um, that isn't funny."

Ryann:  "I'm a bacon, bacon, BACON!  I'm a bacon machine!"

Ryann:  to Papa "When you were a kid I wouldn't trust you with a knife."


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