August 28, 2014

girl's night

Before Elsie was born, when Chris had to work late or do a call shift or whatever, and we weren't at my parents, Ryann and I would have a girls night.  Which usually just meant we ate popcorn and M&M's and watched a little more movie than usual.  But then it get to a point where Chris was working late pretty much all the time, and then Elsie was around, and we just got out of the habit of calling it a girl's night.

Now that Christopher is in fellowship (sports medicine), he doesn't have call shifts, and his schedule has honestly been pretty awesome.  But as the fall sports season gets going he does have some game coverage to do, so there will definitely be some girls nights around these parts.  Last week was one of the first night games he had to cover so I tried to put together a fun evening for the girlies.

We had a s'mores snack mix, painted our nails, took a glow stick bath and watched a movie.  I had picked out Frozen, but I got vetoed and we ended up watching Rio 2.  Still a good choice, but Frozen seemed like a much more stereotypical girl's night movie to me!  I couldn't believe Elsie actually sat still and let me paint her toes.  And the glow stick bath was a huge hit.  I turned on some music and they had a little mini splash rave with the curtain closed.

The only problem is I think Ryann is going to expect some special fun when Daddy has to work.  What to do next time to show her a good time...

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