October 9, 2015

from the mouths of babes

Coming up with a title for this post was too hard for my tired brain.  Because how do you title a post in which you talk about your kids talking about poop without it being really awkward or really dumb?  That and I felt like several of the titles would encourage hits from people searching weird things and I just don't wanna go there.

SO!  Yes.  This is a post about things my kids said about poop.

A couple of weeks ago I was e-mailing back and forth with Ryann's teacher, because apparently my child talks a lot in class.  Is anyone surprised?  No?  Didn't think so.  But yes, we're hopefully working on talking when it is appropriate.  One of her e-mails came before Ryann had gotten off the bus, and she let me know that she didn't think Ryann was feeling well because she said her tummy hurt and just wasn't acting like herself.  Over the last week Elsie had a cold, and I knew Ryann's nose was getting runny so I assumed she had picked that up.  But the second she stepped of the bus I could tell it was more than just a cold.  Girlfriend looked completely wiped.

She came inside and sat on the couch and I cuddled up next to her.  She felt pretty warm, but asked me for a blanket because she was so cold.  I knew immediately she had a fever.  I started texting back and forth with Christopher letting him know our girlie was sick, and then I found a thermometer to take her temperature.  After confirming she did in fact have a fever (101.3), I got her all settled in on the couch.  We talked about her day a little bit, and then she said to me (and she is going to hate me forever for sharing this, but it is too good not to record), "This afternoon when I went poop it was like brown water.  It was gross when I tooted.  I think the fever melted my poop."

I laughed so freaking hard.  I love how little minds work.


Now with Elsie, we talk about poop a lot.  Her pooping, or lack there of, continues to be a constant issue.  We've resorted to giving her miralax every day to keep her regular.  It is the whole reason I've yet to brave actual potty training with her.  One afternoon before quiet time I sat down on the floor of her room...

Me:  "Elsie, come over here and lay down so I can change your diaper."
Elsie:  "NO!  I still poopin'!"
Me:  "No you're not, you're playing with your kitty house.  Come over here."
Elsie:  "No!  I not done poopin' yet!"
Me:  "Elsie Joann, come over here now so I can change your diaper."
Elsie:  "Hold on!  I not done!  I just gotta poop fer wike, free (three) hours!"

Again, I laughed so hard.


My sweet girls, I'm sorry (I'm not sorry) that I've posted this on the world wide web.  Just know you made at least a few people smile!  Love you!  :o)

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