February 16, 2016

a wild baby shower

I'm absolutely thrilled that very soon my best friend will be welcoming baby boy number two into her family.  So naturally, my mom and I had to throw a party.  Because I love throwing parties, every baby deserves to be celebrated, and I love my best friend.  So there's that.  I know that in some communities a shower for a second baby is tacky.  But seriously?  Babies are fun and parties are fun so why not?  Celebrate all the babies.

Meaghan and I were discussing her nursery plans via text, and she sent me a link to this elephant print she was thinking of purchasing.  Such a beautiful print in my opinion.  So I decided I was buying it for her and the party theme was born.  More or less.  Really I had no clue what I wanted to do.  Full on safari didn't seem right.  I searched 'adventure' in the baby showers, because two boys seems like an adventure, but that didn't seem right either.  So I just called it 'wild adventure', spray painted some animals, and used the nursery colors.  It works, right?

Bless my sweet mom.  She is a master party food maker, but photography with my Canon isn't really her thing.  I was nursing Thea/trying to get her to fall asleep before the party started so I conned my mom into snapping a few photos.  Most of them were out of focus (LOVE YOU MOM, SERIOUSLY), but you can still get the gist!


For food we had a veggie tray, fruit kebabs, spinach and artichoke bruschetta, Mexican pinwheels and chex mix.  Dessert included cake balls and cookies made by the fabulous Jenny, as well as brownie shooters that my mom whipped up.  To drink we offered water, and a punch that Meaghan's mom made.  I cut the paper for the garlands on my silhouette, and my mom made the table runner out of fabric from Hobby Lobby. 

Games included a couple of animal pregnancy themed games I found on the internet, along with try to come up with as many words out of baby's name as you can.  Definitely my kind of shower games, ones that don't require you to do anything ridiculous! We passed out a candle and a Cold Stone giftcard to the game winners.


Everyone seemed to have a good time and I'm so thankful we could shower Meaghan and Henry with some goodies.  And I have to toss this photo in here too.  Meaghan's little boy Lucas joined us at the tail end of the party.  Isn't he adorable?  Such a stud.  :o)


Meaghan I am so so excited for you.  I can't wait to meet Henry!

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