April 14, 2016

elsie says

I love three-year-old's interpretation of a joke...
Elsie: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
Me:  "I don't know, why?"
Elsie:  "To get away from cookie Valentine's Day!"
uh, what?

Me:  "You're full of bologna."
Elsie:  "No I not!"
Me:  "Then what are you full of?"
Elsie:  "Bones!" touche

after giving her a push on the swing
Me:  "Ok now pump your legs! Back and front and..."
Elsie:  "I know how to do it by myself.  You don't need to remind me."

Elsie:  "I stracted Thea.  I was keeping her stracted so she don't touch your fings."
Translation: I was keeping Thea distracted so she wouldn't touch your things.

Elsie:  "I love dose (those) wittle bugs.  Them are so cute and friendfull."  I about died when she said friendfull.  Such a cute attempt at friendly!

Miss Elsie has also started, well, not exactly telling the truth, when she thinks she is going to get in trouble.  The other day we were in my bedroom and I told her I was going to use the restroom.  She jumped up first and said she needed to potty too, and that she could do it all by herself.  Which she can.  She came out and went to the other bathroom (where there is a stool) to wash her hands.  I then went to the bathroom.  When I went to grab the toilet paper it was, wet.  And yellow.  We have yet to install a toilet paper holder in our bathroom, we just keep a roll on the back of the toilet.  So apparently she dropped the roll in the toilet, fished it out, and put it back like nothing had ever happened.  I asked her if she had dropped it in there, "No mama, you did."  PUNK.  We're going to have to work on telling the truth!

And a couple of other little things I'm not sure I've ever written down but now she isn't saying them as much and I don't want to forget.  Elsie used to say Old McDonald's instead of McDonald's.  She calls bananas bee-nanas.  And gymnastics is also bee-nastics.  Honestly I hope that she always says bee-nana.  I know she won't, but I really think it is the cutest thing.


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