January 8, 2017

thea - sixteen months

Bahahaha per the usual I started writing this and then NEVER finished it.  So I'm just going to post what I had plus pictures and move on to the 17 month post before the child is 18 months old.  Thea I LOVE YOU.

16 and a half months that is.


Thea has most definitely turned into a full blown toddler the last couple of months.  She is running all over the place, talking up a storm, climbing everything and getting in to EVERYTHING.  She is a tiny tornado leaving a path of destruction every where she goes.  Yay!  Ha.  Really she is so much fun, but absolutely exhausting at the same time.  And she just screams if I try to leave her in the pack n' play or the crib for an extended period of time to try and get something done.  You know, like pee without my shower door being broken off the hinges.

The biggest change to our day to day is that we are no longer nursing!  Just before Thea's 16 month birthday, she stopped falling asleep while nursing.  I really was left with no choice but to put her down awake after that.  The first night I nursed her, laid her down, and she cried for maybe 20 minutes or so?  The next night it was only 10.  Then 5.  Then maybe a whimper.  So a couple nights later I bit the bullet and didn't nurse her at all, just laid her in her crib.  I expected at least a little bit of a fight, but NOTHING.  Not a single tear was shed.  I was absolutely amazed.  I thought naptime would be a different story, but nope.  She went down for her nap like a champ and hasn't fought either since.  She gets excited to cuddle with zebra (her lovey) and a blanket knit by Christopher's aunt.  She tells me 'nigh nigh' and blows me a kiss as I walk out the door.

WHO THE HECK IS THIS KID?!?!  Don't get me wrong, I am so thrilled it wasn't a battle or traumatizing for either of us.  But the amount of sleep battles we've fought over the last 15 months, I just can't believe how easily the switch flipped.  It does, however, make me grateful I didn't force the issue earlier.  I could tell she was different than Ryann and Elsie, she just did not take well to the sleep training at an earlier age.  And now Chris can lay her down for nap or bed no problem.  Freedom!  We haven't really capitalized on that yet as far as date nights go, but hopefully soon.

And that's as far as I got.  Lol.


Thea I do know the amount of words you were saying had increased greatly, and then you are hilarious and cute and oh so ornery.  Love you to pieces girl.


Jamie said...

Where is that cute desk/vanity from?

Ashley said...

It's a play vanity from Land of Nod! :)

Jamie said...