July 19, 2012

nine weeks


Go ahead and picture me doing cartwheels and an awesome happy dance right now.  Today I found Baby J 2.0's heart beat on the home doppler I have.  Really, it is pretty early to be looking, and if I hadn't found it, that wouldn't mean anything.  Most doctors don't even try to find the heartbeat until 10-12 weeks because the babes are just so tiny that it is tough.  But I found it.  Just beating away at about 145bpm.  I can't stop smiling I'm so happy.  I think maybe, just maybe, this pregnancy might start to feel real soon.

how far along:  9 weeks

size of babyaccording to the bump an olive (which still makes me shudder, thinking about eating an olive), about .9 inches.  The baby is forming more distinct facial features and continuing to grow.

weight gain: -3 pounds.  Down yet another pound this week, even though I feel like I've been eating more than I have the last few weeks.

maternity clothes:  nope

symptoms:  The bloating has completely disappeared this week, thank goodness.  That was annoying and incredibly uncomfortable.  Still feel a bit nauseous a lot of the time, but not as bad.  I'm also tired a lot, but again, not as bad.  Yesterday I manged to cover 3 miles on the treadmill, unload and load the dishwasher, sort and do three loads of laundry, cook dinner AND take a shower :o).  I felt very acocmplished

exercise: Hit the gym four times again this week.  The workouts included a 2 mile walk, 3 miles on the stationery bike, a 3.6 mile run, a 5 mile run, and a 3.1 mile run/walk combo (again I throw a little walking in on all the workouts, but the 'runs' consist of mostly running).  I can feel things starting to get uncomfortable, which is making me a little sad.  Pretty sure I'm already getting round ligament pain on my left side, no good, no good at all.  I really REALLY want to continue to run for another 20 weeks or so, if not more.  But I'm not sure my body is going to make it.

cravings/aversions:  Most things besides carbs still sound pretty repulsive, but I'm able to convince myself to eat halfway decently.  The other day I got a serious craving for Snickers Ice Cream Bars.  That is a craving I decided to give in to.  So good.

movement:  nope

sleep: If I don't take a nap during the day, I sleep much better at night, falling asleep more quickly even if I do wake up to go to the bathroom.  But I get so tired in the evenings right now, it is tough to decide which is worse, taking a nap or not taking a nap.  Just really hoping my energy returns soon.

gender:  Well, I fell in love with a girl's name this week (unfortunately Chris doesn't love it, but I'm hoping maybe it will grow on him :o), so all I can think about is little girl things.  I think until someone 100% tells me I'm having a boy, I will always think about little girl things.  It is what I do.  But really I have no idea either way.

looking forward to:  Telling people and coming out on the blog.  At the same time I also feel in no rush to share my secret.  I go back and forth all the time.  I want to tell people so I can start pinning baby things on pinterest and talk about working out while pregnant and all sorts of other randomness in my brain.  But still, it is kind of fun to have a secret.

worries: I think some sort of miscarriage will always be in the back of my mind, but today I am feeling on top of the world.

what's different this time:  I wish I had documented my earlier weeks with Ryann...

milestones:  Baby graduated from being an embryo to a fetus this week.

best moment this week: Hands down finding the heartbeat on the doppler.  I feel such a sense of relief, and I am not scared to go to my appointment at all tomorrow.  Well a little scared because Ryann is coming with me and who the heck knows how that will go...

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