March 9, 2018

thea + arden

I get so many questions about how Thea is adjusting to Arden coming home.  And truly, I couldn't be happier with how she has handled the transition.  She hasn't lashed out, and the bulk of her behavior can be attributed to the fact that she A) is 2.5, and B) has some strong willed older sisters whose mannerisms are rubbing off on her.  She tells me Arden is going to be her best friend and she loves to 'gently' rub her head.  If Arden spits up, Thea wants to be the one to wipe it off (sorry about that Arden, I know her spit wiping skills aren't the best).  When I ask Thea if she wants Arden to join us for bedtime, or Daddy to take her, she usually wants Arden in her room.  She has already asked if Arden can sleep in her bed with her.  I'm so proud of Thea and just love watching their relationship form.

photos taken February 8th, Arden was 3 weeks 6 days


And a couple more photos of Arden because she is cute and I have them...


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Asia to Africa said...

I didn't think a baby could look so beautiful so young!!
Shes gorgeous!

So glad shes fitting into the family so well.

Keep posting!!