August 9, 2018

thea says

I'm so horrible about writing down the funny things that Thea says, and even more horrible about getting them up on the blog.  But here are a few!

one day when Thea had been running a fever and jumped in my bed
Me:  "Get your fever outta my bed."
Thea:  "My fever not in your bed.  It under my armpit."

Thea:  "I'm gonna get married.  I gonna get a new dress like you.  And you gonna get a new dress.  And... rambles things that I can't really understand so I just smile and nod"
Me:  "Oh that sounds like a blast."
Thea:  "Nah.  It a party."

at 9:22am when she had slept until 8am
Thea:  "Mom, I want to go to bed."
Me:  "You want to go to bed?  Already?"
Thea:  "Yeah.  Beds my favorite."  me too girl, me too

For the longest time, whenever we'd ask Thea to do something or try something that she didn't really want to do, she'd say "I'm no so sure about dat."

One day I was wearing a shirt that had a little twist in the front, and when I would bend over it kind of puffed out a bit.  While Thea was eating lunch, I walked to her and bent over to help her with something on her plate.  She looked up at me, and with a very confused face said, "Wait.  Where Baby Arden go???"  I replied "She is in the rock 'n play."  Thea looked at me again, gently put her hand on my shirt, and proceeded to push it back until she was able to to press her hand on my stomach.  Then she let out a little sigh, and still with slightly concerned eyes said "Oh.  Ok.  She in the rock n play."  Like she thought somehow Arden had gotten back in to my stomach.  Too funny sweet girl.  Too funny.


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