August 29, 2009

i heart my kitchen

This week I ate dinner off a real plate with real silverware, and then washed it off in my very own sink and put it in my very own dishwasher. It was absolutely amazing!

Here is a look at my kitchen with countertops and appliances.

We still have a lot of little things left to do, such as install the hardware, put up trim, tile the backsplash, and of course accessorize :o). But the kitchen is functional and I am loving it. This weekend I am going to unpack all of the kitchen items that I haven't seen since May. I also plan to do some cooking and baking. What a wonderful weekend!

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Adrienne Maples said...

It looks awesome!! I think if you can remain married while renovating a house, it's meant to last, haha ;) I thought I was going to kill my husband while we refinished our first home! But it was all worth it in the end.

Love your new kitchen lady!