August 9, 2009

i'm lazy

I have been too lazy to upload photos, and I feel like a post without photos is somewhat lame, therefore I haven't been posting.  But I feel like that is rude as well, so right now you are getting a lame no photos post.

Non demolition work finally began on the kitchen this past Friday.  It was so exciting!  Our house now has one less window, a few new outlets, and a relocated gas line and water line for the fridge.

Yesterday was a rather busy day at our house.  We started off by throwing all the demo trash into the dumpster that was delivered Friday.  Then my lovely hubby mowed the lawn (after letting it grow for three weeks!  Ok so I could have mowed it... but like I said, I've been lazy :o)  Our brand new Whirlpool appliances got delivered, but unfortunately have to live in my garage for a little while longer.  We made a trip to Home Depot (ok like three or four) gathering supplies to tile our floor.  And finally Chris and Kyle prepared the subfloor for the tile.  Whew!

Hopefully we will get all the tile down today, and I will be in charge of the grout on Monday.  After the floor is finished, our contractor will be coming back to finish up his work on the kitchen.  I am hoping to see cabinets in by Friday!!  Can't wait :o)

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