April 21, 2010

a beautiful family room

So awhile back I mentioned how I wanted to add a touch of spring to my fireplace mantel. Um yeah, still hasn't happened. But that is beside the point. In reality I want to brighten up my entire family room for the spring and summer. And thanks to Caitlin of Caitlin Creer Interiors I now have some inspiration. This week she posted photos of this fun and beautiful family room.

I NEED those pillows on the couch. NEED. Specifically the green lattice? pillow, the yellow rose pillow, and the pillow with blue, yellow and green wavy lines. They are a great summer alternative to what I have in my family room now. I also love the yellow flower pot, but with my cats, and live plants just aren't realistic. Ask Chris how many times they have knocked over vases of flowers...

So does anyone have any more suggestions of how to spruce up my family room? And now, those pretty flowers are no longer on the coffee table. Actually if I posted a picture of my family room now, oh boy. It is a total mess complete with a pack and play, play mat, and oh yes, my big desk top computer and giant printer on top of the bar.

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Anne Pendleton Photography said...

I am of no use, because I have absolutely no suggestions...BUT that is my absolute favorite color of green! I have a Kate Spade wallet in that color, and when (if) I ever have my own house it will be everywhere...thanks for sharing :) -Annie