December 29, 2013

more december fun

December really is just a good month isn't it?  We packed a lot of fun things in.  We made two trips to see Santa at Bass Pro.  The first time we were there in the morning, and apparently in the first week of December he doesn't show up until 3pm.  LAME.  Later on in the month we were successful though.  Elsie was obviously thrilled to see the big guy.

IMG_6829 IMG_6834

Yep, pretty much how I imagined it would go.  I know sometimes the crying Santa pictures bother people, suggesting it is mean that I would turn her over to some creeper in a red suit just for the picture, knowing full well she will cry.  BUT, the way I see it, she cries if anyone besides immediate family tries to hold her, and you wouldn't fault me for passing E to my best friend for a picture, would you?  I know it isn't the same, but kinda...

I couldn't get over the cuteness of her outfit so I had to snap another picture at home.  The dress is from Gap, the headband from Bub + Bug Studio, leggings/tights from a shop in Georgia, and the shoes by See Kai Run.


We also attended Ryann's preschool Christmas program.  Not gonna lie, the first song they sang was pretty dang horrible.  Really, really bad.  Chris and I exchanged sideways glances, wondering how awful the whole thing was going to be.  But the kids pulled through and the other songs were pretty cute.  About half way through I could tell Ryann was extra antsy, so towards the end I crawled up the aisle and asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom.  YEP!  So we made a quick exit.  She obviously wasn't wowed by the experience anyway ;o).


Last week we got our first snowfall of the season.  Ryann was thrilled, and begging to go out the door at 7:30am.  I on the other hand, wish we would never get snow.  Thankfully Christopher was around to take her outside to play.  Later we tortured Elsie again by sticking her in a snowsuit and bringing her outside for a few pictures.  She was so pissed about the snowsuit, attempting to crawl around the house and just crying because she couldn't move.

E was HILARIOUS outside.  She couldn't really sit up in all the puffiness, and did the slowest ever fall to her back.  So then Chris made her into a little snow angel and she just laid there.  Not moving at all.  Just staring at us like we were completely nuts.  Eventually she decided she was cold and wanted to go in.  Ryann couldn't be bothered to stop eating the freaking snow long enough to take a picture.

Ryann's hat is from Koko Hats on etsy.  Keli has been an absolute sweetheart to work with and I will definitely be ordering more hats from her in the future.  Just FYI :o).


I'm on a roll here.  If I could just get my Christmas pictures edited soon I'd feel pretty dang accomplished on the blog!  HA.


Erin said...

haha, I love the Santa pic!! I think I saw it already on IG but whatever, still love it. I am not sure I would have forced Luke to sit on Santa's lap if I had to pry him off me screaming, but when he started screaming AS I sat him down, yeah I'll snap a quick picture before picking him up, why not!? :)

A Better Tina said...

I love. love. love. your older daughters dress she wore to her Christmas program. You're also looking awesome!

Liz Runningmomma said...

All the pictures ate adorable! Your girls are precious!!!

Julie S. said...

I love your girls outfits! They are darling!