December 6, 2013

that's what she said

Ryann:  "Don't come in here.  I'm doing dangerous things."
Said while she was playing in her room by herself.  Turns out she was playing with some of her dinosaurs that we have said weren't for Elsie to touch, but still.  Say that and I am absolutely coming in there!

as we pull in to a parking space at dance
Ryann:  "Stop.  We can't get out until we pray."
Me:  "Ok."
Ryann:  "Close your eyes!  Fold your hands!"
Me:  does what I am told
Ryann:  "Now.  Pray that we turn in to unicorns.  I pray I am a unicorn!"
Me:  stifles laughter "I pray that Ryann has a great time in dance class and especially good listening ears."
Ryann:  "You HAVE to pray to be a unicorn or we can't get out."
Me:  "But... I... I pray that I am a unicorn."



WinterBenson said...

Haha, well, unicorns are fun too!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these posts!!!! ha ha - look fwd to the day I can record my own like these too!!!

Caits said...

I just love your Ryann. She's awesome

Aspen Ballard said...

How adorable! I need to start documenting all the cute little things my daughter is saying now that she is four. Yesterday I was loading up everything into the car and had my arms full with her brother, diaper bag, purse and things to bring to my parents and she is holding the door open and says, " I am not a patient woman!" Now she is obsesses with calling any ladies women

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