August 7, 2017

News to Share

Our family is very much looking forward to hopefully starting 2018 on a much more positive note than we did 2017...


We've got another baby on the way.  And it's another baby girl at that!  The girls are so very excited, and talk about their baby sister everyday.  I have zero personal space as they are all constantly trying to 'hug and kiss' baby sister.  I plan to do a separate post about how this pregnancy has been in regards to the miscarriage, but for a now I'll answer a few of the regular questions I get...

When are you due?  January 21st!  My OB's office claims the 19th, but I'm pretty certain I didn't ovulate quite that early.  We'll see how early this baby gets herself kicked out, but it is pretty likely that she'll be a 2018 baby.

How did you find out the sex so early?  Early genetic testing, aka free cell DNA testing.  It isn't always covered by insurance for women under 35, and I couldn't get a clear answer on what our cost will be, but we haven't seen a bill yet.  Hoping it isn't more than $100-$200.

We're you trying for a boy?  Four kids has kind of always been my number.  After Thea was another girl we were hesitant to have a fourth, simply because four girls sounded slightly terrifying, but when it really came down to it we were happy to bring home a baby of either sex.  We won't keep having kids.  Four was our max.

Do you already have a name picked out?  Nope, feel free to leave suggestions.  :o)  Preferably not in the social security top 100 list, and nothing that starts with a B.


I have written a handful of pregnancy updates.  They are now posted, but back dated.  If you'd like to easily read through them, click pregnancy #5 in the sidebar.

Four kids, four girls, it is going to be quite the crazy ride.  But we're very much looking forward to bringing home another baby and praying for her safe arrival.  And I mean seriously, how much crazier could it get?


Jessica said...

Congrats! I feel like like Rory, Audra, Gwen, or Ivy fit your style. Excited to see your family grow!

Theresa said...

Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you and your family! Cannot wait to hear the name you pick!

Erin said...

So excited for you!! I hope this pregnancy is very uneventful.

Amanda Barnett said...

Congratulations! I'm a long time follower but infrequent commenter. So happy for your beautiful family.

Kristen said...

Congrats!! Campbell is my little girl's name and still my fave :) Good luck with everything!

Kim said...

SO HAPPY for you all!! YAY congrats!!! Also a long time follower but infrequent commenter.

I LOVE following your blog - whether its how you're doing with your running (always inspires me), or your great d├ęcor or party ideas and the things your kids say...I really enjoy reading, please don't stop!!

Really trusting all goes well with this one.Looking forward to following this pregnancy with you.

I think Evelyn (Evie) fits in with your style! I love Holly and Jayme is my daughter's name. My sister has Faryn, Kaityn and Keira! Like any of those !? ;)

Your South African follower, Kim

Lauren Hulett said...

I also think Maren fits your group of gals :) I am anxious for your fun name reveal post for this babe!