May 27, 2010

ryann and the frog

So apparently Ryann isn't friends with the frog toy we have hanging on her play mat. She'll just look around and then lock in on the frog with a face that says something along the lines of "who do you think you are?" (Or maybe she really likes him and this is her way of showing love??)

Here are a couple videos of Ryann interacting with the frog :o). I apologize, they are kind of long and sideways (I took them on the iPhone, and when I edited in iMovie they were this way...). They are probably also a little stupid, but hey its my kid, and I think she is adorable of course.

Hopefully those punches never become directed at me :o)


Kenzie said...

hahaha her face is like bitch stop looking at me! lol i know not very appropriate but she is your daughter! :)

Sandy said...

Hey, just so you know, you can rotate your videos in imovie! It is pretty easy if you go into the crop function!

Ashley said...

Thanks Sandy!