May 5, 2010

ryann and the iPhone

Today I upgraded my iPhone to the 3GS. Definitely not necessary, but hey, I figured I have a kid so I might want a phone that takes video :o). Completely logical right? I thought so. I also downloaded a fun new app called Hipstamatic (sorry it isn't a free one, but it only cost $2). It is a camera app that allows you to take vintage style photos. You can change between a few lenses, and a few different types of film. You can also buy more lenses and more film styles. It probably does some other things as well, but this is as far as I have gotten.

And in honor of my new phone, here is a video of Ry enjoying the iPhone. The video was taken on Chris's camera. Please disregard my stupid voice.

She seriously loves staring at anything that produces light.

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Mackenzie said...

you and chris are both dorks! but i love you! :)