September 11, 2013


Tuesday morning I remembered that I hadn't received a 'day in the life' post for the week yet.  So I opened my e-mail to check the schedule.  I'll give you one guess whose turn it it.

Yep.  Mine.  Fail.  I suppose I should really put that stuff on the calendar.  Hopefully over the next week I'll get a post written, if for nothing else but memory keeping purposes.  I know you are all devastated that you can't creep on my day right now, but I think you'll live.  Instead, here are some cute pictures of Elsie to tide you over.



Megan Wade said...

Ha! I keep going into my email totally paranoid that I've missed my November :P I think these cute baby pictures make up for you forgetting.

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

she looks more and more like miss r everyday! what a doll!

Anonymous said...

She is sooo cute!! Where did you get that tutu?

AbbyandNathansMom said...

Would it make you wanna punch me in the face if I asked you to post what lens you're using most these days? I've made the jump to only shooting in manual for my Momtography and you're pics of Elsie are AH-mazing!! Guess it helps that your subject is just picture perfect!