September 17, 2013

the flower girl

A week ago Ryann had the privlidge of being the flower girl in our friend Kyle's wedding.  He married an Ashley, so I liked her from the start, but she is a pretty awesome girl on top of that.  And thank goodness she has a very laid back personality, because I was TERRIFIED that Ryann might create quite the spectacle at the wedding.  Really she did pretty good, walked down the aisle (spiking handfuls of petals as she went), sat quietly next to the other flower girl... that is until the other flower girl (Kyle's niece who is 10?  I think...) got up to do one of the readings.

Ryann had strict instructions to stay by Peyton and do what she said.  She was also told to sit in her chair when Peyton went up to read, but apparently Ry chose to ignore that part.  So she followed Peyton up to the mic.  I wasn't quick enough to jump up and retrieve her, but crossed my fingers that she would just follow Peyton back to their chairs after the reading.  No such luck.  Peyton tried to grab her hand to come back down, but gave up quickly.  And then Ryann tried to climb up to the mic so she could talk.  Oy.  Chris (he was the best man) ran between the happy couple, snagged Ry and passed her my way.  She spent the rest of the ceremony playing with a coloring app on my phone.

It could have been worse?  At least she is cute :o).  Of course she pretty much wouldn't let me take pictures (what is new?), but here she is in all her flower girl glory.


Thank you, Kyle and Ashley, for letting our family be a part of your big day.  We are so happy for you!

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fifth house on the left | family blog said...

too cute! she makes an adorable little flower girl :)