October 24, 2013

that's what she said

Me:  "Why do you ask so many 'why' questions?"
Ryann:  "I'm built for doing that!"

Ryann:  "The boys are not very big bosses.  Just little bosses.  The girls are the big bosses."

Ryann:  while watching Elsie pull toys out of her basket
"Whoa!  Look at the variety of things she is pulling out!"

Ryann:  "When Grammy is here she gets all the love.  You don't get any."
ouch, but fair enough.

are you kidding me with that face kid?  we are so screwed.


WinterBenson said...

Hehe too cute!

Whitney said...

She's the best.

Ashley said...

haha...love that last quote. She is so right about the girls being the big bosses. Too funny!

leah @maritalbless said...

Oh my gosh, yes.