October 12, 2013

a baby shower for my bestie

This past weekend I had the pleasure and honor of co-hosting a baby shower for my best friend.  She's had part in hosting two wonderful baby showers for me (here and here), so I was beyond thrilled to return the favor.  Meg is due in early December with a sweet baby boy, and I am just beside myself excited to meet him.  I can't wait to watch my friend become a mama.  And just typing that makes my eyes well up.  Sheesh, I'm such a sap :o).

Our theme was 'Oh the Places He'll Go'.  No, not like the book.  No, not planes, trains and automobiles.  Maps and globes and suitcases, mmmkay?  Haha, the mama to be told me she planned to use globes or maps as well as burnt orange in the nursery, so I went with it.  I had many grand plans for this baby shower and I was so incredibly excited while planning it.  But of course the procrastinator in me just couldn't get going, and then suddenly it was a week to go and I had, um, nadda put together.  Overall I think it all turned out great, we had a good time, the sweet little man was showered with love and gifts, and Meg was happy.

And of course I just realized I have yet to take a picture of the invitation I designed, and I'm a wee bit too lazy to get off my butt and go do it, so that will be a separate post at some point.  Also, please please PLEASE excuse my crappy photography.  I of course was running behind and trying to snap these before everyone started eating and such.  Therefore I didn't make sure my settings were right nor did I check to see if things were in focus.  Whoops!  But you'll get the idea...


I of course used pinterest to round up all of my ideas.  Many of the recipes and decoration inspiration can be found here, on the board I created specifically for the shower.  Our menu was somewhat of a sampling of foods from around the world.  Greek layer dip, curried snowball, Asian chicken lettuce wraps, turkey taco bites and caprese skewers made up the appetizers, while the desserts consisted of pumpkin cake balls, French macarons (from Natasha's on the plaza) and mini salted caramel apple pie bites.  The take home favors for the guests were just a bag of snack mix (M&M's, peanuts, pretzels, Cheezits and yogurt covered raisins) tied with baker's twine and map circles. 

About those map circles... originally the plan was to find vintage maps to cut up and use for decor.  But Katelynn is a procrastinator just like me, therefore when she got around to making the garlands, there was no time to look for vintage maps.  So our circles are cut from print outs of a vintage map image found online.  They looked great and were cheap and easy enough.  So don't stress about finding the real deal if you're going for the same look.


I'm generally not a fan of shower games, but go figure we played three different ones.  When guests arrived, I had them fill out a bingo card with items they thought Meaghan might receive as a gift.  Then during the gift opening they crossed off spaces as they went.  It's was a fun and easy way to keep guests entertained and interested while the guest of honor is doing her thing.  Although baby shower gifts are my favorite to watch being opened anyway.  Baby stuff is just fun and cute.

Before the gift opening, we also 'celebrity baby match', at least that is what were calling it.  Katelynn put together a poster with pictures of celebrity couples, and also pictures of their babies.  Guests had to try and match the baby to the appropriate set of parents, and they got bonus points for knowing the child's first name.  I'm not sure I would have gotten more than two points or so, but Meaghan has a thing for celebrity gossip and the like, so we thought it was a fitting game for the party :o).

Our last game was 'The Price is Right.'  For our gift to Meaghan, my mom and I filled a basket with different baby necesscities (which of course I forgot to get a picture of).  Guests were given a sheet listing each item, and then I more or less opened the basket for Meaghan and described each item.  Everyone wrote down their best guess for what each item cost.  Whoever came closest to the basket's total, without going over, won a prize.  For prizes I wrapped up a $5 Starbucks gift card along with a small candle from Target.

We also had one activity for guests to complete.  Katelynn gathered some postcards, and then each guest wrote down some advice for the baby boy as he 'traveled through life.'  Clever, huh?  :o) 


Meaghan, I truly am so excited for you to become a mama.  You're going to be a natural.  I had so much fun putting this shower together for you, I love you!  And a huge thanks to my mom and Katelynn for putting everything together with me, I couldn't have done it without you!


Baby Mama said...

I love the theme!!

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

what a great shower! you pulled it off amazingly!

J Young said...

Cute shower, fun theme! And I LOVE the Price is Right at Baby Showers, it's like, the one game I'm actually good at :)