January 10, 2014


For the longest time, Ryann has not be in to playing dress up.  She wasn't interested in wearing hats, putting on fake jewelry, fun skirts or glasses, etc.  She just wasn't.  She'd rather play with her dinosaurs and trains and legos.  No baby dolls, no playing mommy, no princesses, nothing of that sort.  Now she still loves pink and purple and prefers dresses over pants, so I wouldn't go so far as to say she is an all out tomboy or anything.  But yeah, girly girl stuff just hasn't been her thing.

All of the sudden in the last few weeks though, Ry regularly wants to put on a fluffy dress and multiple hair bows and who knows what else and prance around the house.  I'm sure part of it is that she is probably more aware of what is supposed to be 'girl' stuff, and what is for boys, and I feel a sad for her in that respect, but she IS having fun so maybe her tastes are just changing a little.  And I'll take it, because I think watching her put together an ensemble is hilarious and adorable.

She constantly wants to wear this dress and play 'wedding' with me.  Yes, I get to be the groom.  And all she wants to do is walk across the room (while she hums 'Here Comes the Bride') and then we kiss.  And of course eat pretend cake and ice cream.


This get up came about while I was attempting to take some pictures of Elsie for her party invitations.  I was about to get started and naturally Elsie pooped, so I went to her room to change her diaper.  Ryann came waltzing in dressed liked this and I couldn't stop giggling.  Neither could she.  And she was even sweet enough to let me take her picture.  That NEVER happens.


This one I'll call her 'Fancy Nancy' attire.  For the record I love the Fancy Nancy books.  I think they are cute stories with decent messages.  Anyway we've read several lately, and the other day Ryann put together this outfit.  Two skirts for an extra 'fluffy' dress, a variety of hair accessories, some necklaces, bracelets, rings, and she even asked me for pretend earrings, which we managed with stickers.  I love it.


I hope this trend sticks around for a little while.  I'd love to get her some fun dress-up and pretend clothes for her birthday.  But if it doesn't, I'm so happy she let me take these pictures, I absolutely love them.


fifth house on the left | family blog said...

she is literally the best! such an adorable personality!!!

MommaBBabyboy said...

This is just waaaaay too sweet for words!!

Tara said...

She looks so grown up! I love her creative fashion designs :)

Kerry said...

love this!

love your curtains, where are they from?

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

How sweet is she?!!! Love your blog & your cute fam!!