January 23, 2014

that's what she said

while hanging over the seat of a dining room chair
Ryann:  "I'm sleeping like a pony!" uh, ok
Me:  "Oh really?"
Ryann:  "Yeah!  A dreaming pony!  I like to dream."
Me:  "What do you like to dream about?"
Ryann:  "I like to dream about the body.  I like to dream about bones, and the heart and the brain and alveoli."
Me:  "What are alveoli?"
Ryann:  "Alveoli?  The little air sacs in the lungs?  Maybe YOU need to watch some body videos!"

Chris and Ryann have been watching videos about the human body (child of a doctor much?).  And I'm not talking interesting kid geared videos.  She is basically watching a professor or doctor give lectures on various parts of the body.  What almost four-year-old enjoys that?

Not only have they been watching body videos, but they've also been cruising through the Planet Earth DVD's.  Last night they were watching the 'fresh water' and a crocodile was attacking it's prey.  I made a comment about how I didn't want to watch that or told Ryann not to look or something.  She said, "It's ok mom.  It's just life."  For the love, really child?  You're right, it is just life, but COME ON.  She is something else.  ;o)



Caitlin MidAtlantic said...

We watched Young Indiana Jones the other night, and Laura sobbed for an hour when Teddy Roosevelt shot an antelope... kids can be so different!! Maybe we won't watch the Planet Earth series yet!

Anonymous said...

oh I just love these posts!!! she sounds like such a cute character - will be interesting to hear what Elsie eventually pops out with :)Kim (SA)

Makeover With Aspen said...

haha! How cute, What a smart little cookie! These are always my favorite posts :) Today my daughter was telling a story and I said. "Really?" and she says, "Uh, HELLOOOOO...." I felt like such a loser.

Makeover With Aspen