February 10, 2014

and then I ate ALL the sugar.

I went a whole month without eating sweets with only a couple of cheats, and then in the first week of February I ate enough sweets to last me a couple of months.  Yikes!  I had a baby shower and a bridal shower the first weekend of the month, and with Elsie's birthday this past weekend (WAHHHHH!!!), I've made plenty of excuses to keep eating the sweets.  Hopefully I'll clean up my act soon, but there are still quite a few cupcakes, maccarons and some cake that are just calling my name.  I did send a whole box of cookies with Chris to work, but I couldn't make myself give it all up just yet.

Running has also really taken a nosedive.  I was busy working on party stuff plus Chris's schedule wasn't the greatest so I took a couple days off.  And then I've been having all sorts of issues.  Probably TMI, over the last few weeks if I run more than 2.5-3 miles the next time I use the restroom there is blood in my urine.  Google gave me a whole slew of options, from nothing to worry about to ohmygawd you're dying, naturally.  But I went with I've been a little dehydrated / not drinking enough water and some random stuff I read said running on an empty bladder can cause it.  Who the heck knows.

Then last Monday I woke up with a ton of pain in my left hip, lower back and pelvis.  Of course Chris wasn't home and I didn't know what to do.  I thought I was dying, or had a kidney infection or something.  I was nauseous and miserable.  After a little back and forth texting Chris told me to take some Aleve as well as consider finding someone to watch the girls so I could go to the ER.  Within 30 minutes of taking the Aleve it was if nothing had happened.  Yesterday morning started off in a very similar fashion.  This time Chris was home and was poking around my back.  The pain didn't really seem to stem from my kidney, but more from muscles and ligaments.  He suggested that some inflamtion is affecting my nerves.  I had gotten all my stuff together to maybe make a trip to the ER to rule out something going on with my organs, but after some Aleve and water I was feeling much better.  Except I'm 95% sure I have a UTI now.

So my body is winning at life right now.  NOT AT ALL.  Payback for eating sweets?  Sheesh, maybe.

Right now I haven't run since Wednesday.  It is stressing me out because I really REALLY want to run a half at the end of April, and I need to start adding to my distance.  But I know no race is worth injuring myself.  At the same time I wonder if there isn't something more going on in my body that isn't related to muscles and ligaments.  Don't you sometimes wish you could just go in for a CT or something for just a quick 'does everything look like its supposed to?'  No?  Just me?  Oy.


Debbie downer post as far as health and fitness goes right now.  Sorry.  Better luck next week?  Can it just be spring already?  I'm going to blame everything on winter right now, because I hate the winter.


Anonymous said...

I would get it checked out just cuz I had a friend who had a miscarriage and started running quite soon afterwards. Had terrible lower back/hip pains and turned out by starting running before her hip bones/joints had "moved back into place"(from being pregnant)she did major damage and has not been allowed to run for last 2 years. Your problem may be nothing serious at all, but for peace of mind, I would get it looked at...All the best, and praying that its nothing serious and that youll be right as anything soon :) hugs x

Jen said...

This happened to me over the summer and turned out to be kidney stones. Keep drinking LOTS of water! I hope you feel better quick!

AMS said...

Yes, a walk-in clinic for CT scans would be awesome! I hate Google for that very reason though. It always makes me so paranoid. I hope you start feeling better soon. Sick and Mommy do not go together well.

Amber Berkoski said...

Hope you are feeling better. Also, I am WITH YOU on wishing for Spring. I am so sick of all this snow, the disruptions to our schedules and just the general hatred of being cold all.the.time.