February 26, 2014

that's what she said

Ryann:  "Here, I left you a large space, because you have a LARGE bum."

Ryann:  "Whoa Mom, that was a big bite!"
Me:  "It's ok, I have a big mouth."
Ryann:  "And a BIG stomach!"
What kind of theme do we have going here?

Ryann:  "Mom?  Here's the deal.  I'm just going to pretend I ate all my squeezy pouch, ok?"

And a little story about how I know this girl is my child.  Plus a reason I'm proud of her.  We went to a birthday party for one of her friends from school this past weekend.  It was at one of those inflatable places with slides and an obstacle course and such.  Before they got to go in and play they had to watch a little video with the rules on it, that said how many kids could be on what, how to go down the slide, etc.  Of course once they opened the door the kids all went nuts and many of them weren't abiding by what they had seen on the video (they're 3-6 and super excited, I get it).  Ryann was distraught by it.  "Mommy the video said to go feet first and they're going head first!  There are too many kids jumping.  The video said... the video said..."  She followed all the rules and was incredibly respectful to the other children and adults we didn't know.  Thumbs up kiddo.

Also?  She put her problem solving skills to work.  One of the slides had the tower of, well, spider web levels I guess?  Elastic or bungee bands spread across a level.  I want to say there was six or seven levels.  She wanted to climb it so badly, but it was HARD.  Many of the kids couldn't do it, and kept falling back down.  Long after several children had given up, she was still in there determined to figure it out.  And she did.  She couldn't climb it the way it was intended, she was just too short to push herself through each level.  But she discovered that by using the side netting as well as the padded rungs supporting the outside of the structure she could have enough stability and leverage to move up through the levels.  After that she zipped up there several times.  That girl is head strong and smart, that is for sure.  ;o)


In about one month she will be four.  FOUR.  That is insane.

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fifth house on the left | family blog said...

you NEED to get these sayings on video or a short IG video. i crack up reading them, but i can't imagine how funny they are hearing her actually say it. way to go ryann!! she's a smart cookie :)