February 17, 2014

this and that

How long has it been since I've thrown in a random post?  Far too long I think.  But I'm cozy on the couch with my laptop waiting for Christopher to finish working out so we can watch the new Thor movie, so I figured why not.  Everyone feels better after a good brain dump.

::  First things first, I dropped my phone in the toilet this afternoon.  Yep, plunked right in the damn thing.  No I hadn't used the toilet before this happened.  My phone was in my back pocket and I completely forgot about it.  I stood there for 15 seconds or so just staring at it, unable to comprehend what just happened.  I've used it a little bit (yes, after wiping it down with clorox wipe) and it sort of seems to be working fine.  But all the sudden my phone service disappeared, so it's sitting in a bag of rice.  I've got everything crossed that I didn't destroy it, I just got it in November!  This is the first time I've ever damaged a cell phone/smart phone of any sort.  Boo.

::  I considered doing a whole post detailing our Valentine's day, but overall it was pretty uneventful, so I decided to just sneak it in here.  Chris and I agreed not to get each other anything.  Instead we watched Ender's Game on the couch together.  It works.  I made a festive breakfast for the girls.  We went to a playdate at a friend's house.  Pink popcorn and pink pretzels for snack, and mini heart shaped pizzas for dinner.  Valentine's day might be one of my favorite holidays simply because I enjoy pink and hearts.  I don't really care if it is a 'Hallmark holiday', I enjoy the excuse to do something out of the norm and a reason to dress up my kids :o).


::  I put a fair amount of time and energy in to planning Elsie's first birthday party.  It went well, everything looked cute, she was in better than expected spirits, I was happy with it.  Now I need to figure out what the heck to do with Ryann's party.  I tried to convince her that a pajama party the morning after her birthday would be great, with breakfast food and such.  Yeah no dice.  She wanted princesses and unicorns and butterflies and purple and pink and coral and the rainbow.  Hmpf.  That is fine and dandy, whatever, I'm down.  Except she still doesn't really have a lot of 'friends' we would invite.  Sure she has plenty of little friends and school, dance and gymnastics, but I don't really know the parents, and I feel like at this age for the most part the parents still stick around.  Not to mention Ryann's best friends are boys, and I'm not sure they'd all be real hip on coming over for a princess party :o).

I thought about maybe having a unicorn playdate party for some kids and moms during the week and a family breakfast of sorts the day after her birthday, but she has already told me that she wants the same people that came to Elsie's party to come to her party, and I feel like that would leave out some people.  So I guess I hope all MY friends and Chris's family are up for playing some 'pin the horn on the unicorn', because that is where we're at!

::  There are three 'sessions' of laundry piled up in my room.  Not like three loads, like I've done laundry three times in the last 10 days or so, and we um, haven't put any of it away.  Well that is a lie, I put the girls' laundry away.  But ours?  Not so much.  I loathe laundry.  But truthfully it is only the putting it away part that I hate.  Well, that and the fact that my washer and dryer are in my creepy basement and I hate going down there.  But still.  Putting laundry away is quite possibly my least favorite chore.  Maybe if we have main floor laundry in our next house.

::  Speaking of next house, I am so ready to move.  We know we will move after Chris's fellowship.  So I've got roughly 16 months left in our current house.  I CAN'T WAIT.  Depending on if Christopher gets a contract that he is pretty sure he is going to get, we are toying with the idea of building.  We've found a floor plan that we LOVE.  Now it's just a matter of collecting the funds and finding a lot.  And probably a million other things that you have to do before you up and build a house, but that is beside the point.  Just get me out of our current house asap, please and thank you.

::  To keep myself from buying any more leggings and headbands off etsy, I should probably put the computer away and go to bed.  Because I am addicted to leggings and headbands.  And don't sleep enough...


Caits said...

Totally agree with you on the laundry! Hate putting it away, usually it sits in the basket or on top of my dresser for weeks (how embarrassing to admit). Plus the machines are in the creepy gross basement!

fifth house on the left | family blog said...

love your this and that posts :) i currently have numerous sessions of clean laundry lying all over our bedroom floor and it's been sitting there for weeks...weeks. i'm over laundry. i do a load daily thinking i will stay on top of the game, but no. it gets washed and that's it. maybe one of these days i'll get my crap together! can't wait to see elsie's party {assuming you will be posting about it}, i'm sure it was beautiful! you should be a party planner :)

Clara Brooks said...

Is it working now? I hope so. A new phone like that could still be saved. Although the warranty is revoked in cases such as this, there are ways to repair it. Good luck!

Clara Brooks @ Telco World