March 4, 2014

this and that

::  I've got the photos from Elsie's birthday party that I've been wanting to share, and I really really REALLY need to get Ryann's invites finished and mailed out and I've been wanting to write a 'move it monday' post.  But instead I've spent the last few days trying to delete old photos off my computer because I have zero space left.  ZERO.  On my external drive and my computer.  I've still got room on my laptop but I need at least one of my devices to function.  My phone has been acting iffy so I wanted to back it up, but apparently it has never been backed up on to my computer, and I need 50GB, yes you read that right, 50GB of storage to get it backed up.  I take far too many pictures.  So yeah, that is what I've been doing.  How about a couple of photos because who knows how long before I actually get a post done...


::  Despite needing to do a million other things on my to-do list I absolutely had to get this recorded, because one of the sweetest moments of my entire lifetime occurred yesterday (that might be a tad over exaggerating, but seriously).  Naturally it is already a little fuzzy, but I think this is how it went... Last night when Chris got home from work he came inside to grab Ryann and run to the grocery store before dinner.  He had picked Elsie to give her a hug and I was coming over to take her so they could leave.  As he often does while he is holding Elsie, he leaned in to give me a hug and squeezed her for a little group hug action.  Usually she squirms and pushes away, but last night she threw one arm around Chris and one arm around me, and leaned right in for the hug.  And if that wasn't enough she popped her headed up and leaned towards me, puckered up for a kiss.  Once she was done with me she leaned over to Chris for a smooch as well.  And then back in with the arms around both of us for another hug.  It is one of those moments I wish that I was a reality TV star, so someone would have recorded it.  I could barely handle the cuteness of it.

::  I wonder how many of my dollars have been contributed to the Target dollar section.  They always manage to have so many things that are just so irresistible at $1 each.  Case in point, tiara headbands and magic wands.  E isn't all that impressed, but Ryann is happy as a clam.


::  Lastly I could use a little advice.  For nearly two weeks now, Ryann has been waking up needing to go to the bathroom between 5:30 and 5:45am.  Not that she usually sleeps much past 6:15am, but that extra 30-45 minutes is killing me.  This morning she woke up at 5:30am because she had wet the bed.  Previously she had been able to go all night, and sometimes wouldn't go to the bathroom for over an hour after getting up.  I don't feel like her liquid intake has really increased all that much.  It isn't like we give her a huge glass of anything right before bed.  Thoughts?  Our house could seriously use some more sleep.


Crazycurls said...

This may sound wierd but a friends daughter is going through the same thing and they ended up taking her to a chiropractor! Of course talk to your pediatrician first but it might be something to consider.

Anonymous said...

My little girl turned 4 in December and it was around then that she started waking up in the night having to potty and even has wet the bed a couple of times. I of course worried something was wrong because my girl potty trained very early and had NEVER got up in the night to potty. Doc says completely normal up until 6 years old. The other night she was up 3 times!!! I feel like I have a newborn! I even started taking her potty before I go to bed (she's practically sleeping) just to try and prevent her from getting up which I'm not sure is a great habit to start, but I'm literally at my wits end. I think I got more sleep with a newborn than now:( It may just be a stage we have to get through and I'm sure every child is different. Good luck!

the joys of love said...

Our little trick with our son was to take him potty right before we went to bed. He would go to bed between 7:30-8 and when we go to bed around 10ish we would carry him to the potty and he would always go, even when half asleep. {We called it his "dream potty" like you do a "dream feed" with a baby}. It really helped him last until morning. Now, at 4, we don't do his dream potty anymore, but we hear him get up in the wee morning hours for a potty break and back to bed he goes. He is our early riser, and it always up before 6, however he stays in his room until sleep buddy turns off around 6:20.