November 10, 2014

more fall fun

One weekend in October Chris and I took the girls to Faulkner Ranch.  I was hoping they would have an actual pumpkin patch along with their activities, but no such luck.  Only I, the one who wanted pumpkin patch pictures, really cared though, the girls were plenty content with the pony rides, face painting and other things of that nature.


When we were in Topeka last month the weather was BEAUTIFUL.  So naturally we had to spend some time in the bounce house.  I'm pretty sure I gave my mom a hard time when she first bought this bounce house.  I mean, who buys a bounce house?!?  But it has been totally worth it, and both girls love it, and it just makes Grammy's house that much cooler.


And we can't get through fall without taking some pictures in the leaves in our yard.  I raked at least 12 bags full of leaves and our yard is pretty much covered again.  The trees are gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but sheesh!  They sure make for a lot of work.  But fun pictures too :o).


Lastly, because I'm not sure where else to stick this photo, Elsie after 'helping' Ryann and I bake.  Because baking is simply an obstacle to get through before you get to smear chocolate all over your face. Essentially.


I can't say I'm looking forward to winter.  Fall has been great, we've had a lot of fun.  But festive Christmas gear and more cookie baking and Santa visits and all that jazz?  Bring it on.  I'm excited!

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