November 9, 2014

halloween festivities

And then suddenly it has been more than two weeks since I've blogged.  Whoops!  I keep thinking I'll get back in to it, and then it just doesn't happen.  Maybe someday.  Until then I'll just throw up posts here and there for my own benefit of remembering this crazy life.

So, Halloween.

The weekend before the 31st we went to Topeka to attend a Halloween party.  My mom did the bulk of the costume work, making the wings and tails for the girls.  If you can't tell, we were characters from Rio 2.  So many people though the girls were peacocks, and it drove Ryann crazy!  Either way their costumes were beautiful and my mom did a wonderful job.  Christopher and I looked like we threw on whatever khaki-ish colored clothing we could find (pretty much true) and called it good.  And Chris's vest.  Oh my goodness.  He isn't the best shopper, in that he doesn't really pay attention to what he is getting.  So he saw a vest, and grabbed a large.  Yeah, pretty sure is a children's large.  Whatever.  Haha.


 The next morning my parents and I took the girls to Boo at the Zoo.  When we first entered the zoo, Chuck-E-Cheese or whatever was standing there and Elsie immediately freaked out.  Which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the morning.  The girls definitely had fun, but Elsie was scared of almost everything!  They both loved getting candy in their buckets, and Elsie especially loved feeding the goats.


Rocking their matching pajamas on Halloween morning.  Elsie is so funny lately, if Ryann comes out wearing a pair of pajamas that they both have, and she is already wearing something else, she freaks out whining "no like these! wear those!" They share my love of matching jammies.


Halloween morning we went to Sarah's house for a festive play date.  The costumes didn't last long and the group shot was comical as usual, but we had fun!  Sarah made the kiddos lunch and monster cookies.  I love play dates with these guys, especially festive ones.  All of the kids have gotten close, as have us moms, and we just have a good time together.


Trick or treating was fun but short lived.  We headed out at like 6PM because it was cold, and only getting colder, so nobody else was out and half the neighborhood still had their doors closed.  It's all good, no one needs that much candy anyway, right?  I layered the girls' costumes, and we took out the stroller with blankets, but 15 minutes in and Elsie was whining about how cold she was.  Ryann was quick to follow.  So we headed back home to pass out candy instead.  I think the cold kept everyone else in too, because we had way less kids come to our house than usual.  All in all, we had fun celebrating Halloween for like a week straight!


Hahaha, their cold faces.  Now to start brainstorming for next year's costumes! :o)