November 2, 2015

fall fun

We had another stretch of not so great sleep (from anyone, I swear) plus a ton going on.  So I'm trying to play a little catch up over the next few days.  Or however long it takes me which is going to be forever and I'm never going to be 'caught up'.  Oh well.

As I started typing this I realized I never posted any photos from our Cider Days adventure (back in September!).  It was our first attempt at taking Thea to any sort of event.  I was nervous that she'd be a complete mess, but she did us a solid and slept nearly the entire time in the carrier.  There was camel rides, an exotic petting zoo, bounce houses, some food and a craft fair.  And cider.  But seriously.  Just cider.  No donuts, no slushes, no exciting cider items of any sort.  I was disappointed.  But all was forgotten when I ate a funnel cake drizzled with nutella.  Yummmmm.  We spent way too much cash, but had a good time, and it felt good to get out of the house and really do something.


Then a few weeks ago we headed out to the pumpkin patch.  It was no KC pumpkin patch, that is for sure.  But we went when it wasn't busy at all so that was nice.  I had high hopes that Thea would again sleep through most of the outing in the carrier, but no dice.  She absolutely could not stand the wind and was gagging and screaming like a crazy baby.  So we ended up grabbing the car seat and lugging her around until she passed out.  The big girls did a bounce house, a little train, and a giant slide.  Plus just some running around and getting dirty.  We snagged a wagon full of pumpkins, drank a cider slush (making up for the lack of one at a cider event!) and headed home.  Maybe next year we'll be up for the hay rack ride, but we'll just have to see!


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