November 3, 2015

halloween 2015

Another year, another costume idea brought to life by my one and only amazing mom.  A while back I decided I wanted to go with a circus theme, and as we got closer to Halloween it only seemed more fitting.  We were going to make Christopher a concessions guy, but he wasn't able to attend the party we went to, so I said screw it and didn't put together a costume for him.  He was so disappointed, I promise.  Ha.

On the 30th my mom, Elsie, Thea and I went to Ryann's school to watch the costume parade.  Ryann was so incredibly excited, and couldn't contain it even a little bit.  I couldn't stop smiling because she was so happy.  After the parade Thea and I stayed for her class party.

totally missed the focus on that one, but I can't get over the look on her face :)

That night the girls and I and my mom went to our friend's annual Halloween party.  She definitely throws a good party.  An awesome face painter, a bounce house, great food.  It was a little chaotic with a baby who was really just ready for bed, and I wouldn't have survived without my mom, but I'm glad we went.  The girls loved getting their face painted as usual.  Ryann requested a rainbow brite zebra.  I have no idea where she came up with that but she was pleased with the results.  Naturally Elsie wanted to be a kitty.  No surprise there!


We kicked off Halloween morning with some monster donuts (thank you pinterest).  The bulk of our day was filled with errands and just hanging out.  A little after five we met our friends for a Trunk or Treat at their church.  Ryann was so funny, I told her we were going to a Trunk or Treat, and she got so mad.  "But mom I want to go Trick or Treating!!!!!!"  Once we got there and she understood what was going on she was rather pleased.  After we made our rounds through the cars, we got a little hay rack ride around the parking lot.  By then Thea was awake and wanting to eat so we went back to our house.  While I fed her Chris took Ryann and Elsie to hit up a few more houses.  Once we were done for the night the girls ate a bit of their candy, and surprisingly both of them more or less requested to go to bed.


All in all a good holiday!



Sweet As Boys said...
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Sweet As Boys said...

Stop it right now! These pictures are ADORABLE! I'm so out of touch with my big girl camera these days. These shots are beautiful :) Would you one day be able to share your editing process?

Michele said...

Love those costumes!!! So adorable!

Liz Runningmomma said...

The costumes are so adorable. Elsie as a clown is killing me with cuteness! And she got to wear yellow shoes!