November 13, 2015

thea's baptism

Every time I think I'll get back to posting regularly, all good sleep habits seem to go out the window.  Babies.  They're crazy.  So we're going to keep this short and sweet because truly there isn't much to say anyway!

Thea was baptized on October 18th.  She wore the same dress that both Elsie and Ryann wore, the same dress that my sister and I wore, the dress that my aunts bought for my mom when she was baptized.  So many girls on my mom's side of the family have been baptized in this dress, I absolutely love it.  In my opinion, our family doesn't really hold on to a lot of heirlooms or traditions.  So this dress means so very much to me.  I'm grateful to have it in the family and hope that one day my daughters will have daughters of their own who can also be baptized while wearing it.

The week prior to her baptism Thea had been taking a 2-3 hour nap in the morning, so I thought she'd be great for the 11 o'clock service.  Ha.  HAHA.  I can't remember how long she slept, 45 minutes?  An hour tops for sure.  So by the time we made it to the church she was a mess.  Chris spent the first half of the service out in the lobby with her.  He managed to get her to sleep (I think that was the last time anyone besides myself has gotten her to sleep!), and brought her back in for the baptism.  As soon as the water was poured on her head her eyes popped open.  And moments later she was back to tired and fussy.  So back to the lobby they went.

Ryann and Elsie were also incredibly well behaved.  Not.  Ryann wasn't too bad, but she had zero interest in standing with the family for the baptism, and wouldn't even sit with the other children in the front to watch.  Elsie climbed the steps and was jumping around.  So it didn't take long for them to return to the pews with Gramdma 'Nita.  And while we were trying to take pictures after the service Elsie slapped Chris in the face so he carried her straight to the car under his arm.  Good times I tell ya, good times.

Some day we won't be such a circus when we are in public, right?


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