May 30, 2017

six weeks | baby five

written May 30th
how far along:  6 weeks + 2 days (compare to 6 weeks with Elsie, 6 weeks with Thea)

size of baby: A Maine blueberry.  Baby is forming tiny little buds that will turn into arms, and his/her eyes are beginning to form.

weight gain:  +1 pound.  So down 1.5 from last week.  And I'm sure a few more pounds will follow, since almost NOTHING sounds good anymore.

maternity clothes:  nope

symptoms:  Nausea.  So much nausea.  No actual vomiting, but I really wish I could sometimes.  I'm tired too, and I can tell my ligaments are uncomfortable, I sometimes get sharp pains when I try to roll over in bed.

exercise:  Started off the week great with MMA Speed on Monday, by Tuesday during Upper Fix I kind of wanted to nap between exercises.  Wednesday I went for a short run, and honestly considered stopping to lay down on a bench.  By Thursday I felt like everything was going to make me throw up.  So I've been walking.  Well, with an easy short run on Saturday.  Meh.

cravings/aversions:  The Italian Night Club sandwich from Jimmy Johns.  I can't stop thinking about it.  Everything else sounds awful.

movement:  nope.

sleep:  Not bad.  

gender:  My gut says boy, but my brain says girl.  I think that is the result of being pregnant with a girl four times.  I've also thought it was a boy three out of the four, and clearly I've been wrong.  So who knows.

looking forward to:  I scheduled an ultrasound and my first appointment for next Friday (June 9th).  I'm anxious to see if there really is a little baby with a heartbeat in there.  And to talk to my doctor and find out if there will be any sort of a different plan for this pregnancy.

worries:  That something will go wrong and we'll have to put the girls through a loss again.  Overall they've done ok, but I know the loss is still on Ryann's mind a lot.  On Sunday at church their group I guess drew what they thought heaven would look like.  She drew a picture of her 'meeting the baby sister who's heart didn't work.'  I don't know how I managed not to lose it.

best moment this week:  I got my second HCG levels back.  They went from 378 to 9925 in a week, which is roughly a 36 hour doubling time.  Good news!

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