May 7, 2017

thea - twenty one months

In three short months this girl will be two.  I really can't believe it.  The still somewhat minimal amounts of hair really keep her looking like a baby.  But that hair is definitely growing, doesn't look like she is too far behind where Ryann was...

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Thea is definitely growing, and I think she is decently tall, but I could be making that up.  I just noticed that she could really reach the railings without any trouble while we were walking down the stairs.  Which is good since she has ZERO interest in letting me help her.  I get a lot of "Put me down!" and "No help mama!"  Such a sweetheart! Ha.  Really she is a huge sweetheart.  We went to a (pointless) follow up from the surgery on her head on April 14th, and she weighed in at 27 pounds.  I've still got her in mostly 18-24 month clothes because I haven't wanted to deal with switching them out.  But the pants are getting a little short and her belly hangs out of some of her shirts.  So 2T probably isn't a bad idea.  Size 5 diapers and size 6 shoes.  All her teeth are in except the two year molars, and despite the fact that she screamed through her entire dentist appointment, they said all the teeth were looking great.


This girl is a climbing machine.  I was pretty sure a year ago that she was going to be my climber, and I was 100% right.  If left alone she can figure out how to climb ANYTHING.  The only things she hasn't done that I am expecting her to, is to climb on the kitchen counters, and climb out of her crib.  Really I am absolutely surprised that neither has happened.  Scratch that, she climbed on the counter the day after I typed that out!  The other day I forgot the ladder to the bunk beds was down (we usually keep it on the top bunk BECAUSE THEA), I ran to my room to grab something.  As I came back past Elsie's room, there is Thea, sitting on the top bunk, goofy little wave "Oh hi Mommy! I climb Ryann bed!"  Heart attack.  Sheesh.  I really don't know how she hasn't fallen off of something high or gotten seriously injured.  Knocking on all the wood over here.  It's bound to happen though.

To go along with her climbing skills, Thea is excellent at jumping.  Gross motor skills are definitely her thing.  She can get a decent amount of air when jumping on the ground, is great in the bounce house, and is certainly not afraid to jump off of things as well.


Thea still remains our absolute pickiest eater.  It is going to drive me mad.  The only things she consistently eats are peanut butter & jelly and mac 'n cheese, blueberries, cantaloupe, grapes, cheese, crackers, and sweets.  And waffles, pancakes, muffins and cereal.  Can't forget those.  And cheese quesadillas.  When I start typing it out, it seems like more than I expected, HOWEVER, no vegetables at all will go down.  She doesn't like pineapple and protein is pretty much a no go too.  She'll occasionally eat chicken nuggets.  And she is obsessed with squeeze pouches still.  Donuts might be her absolute favorite food.  Pretty sure.


She is starting to pick up more and more phrases.  I mean, I still can't understand her probably a third of the time, but she talks A LOT.  Current favorite phrases are "Mama what is dat?", "Mama where going?", "Thea do it!", "Get off me!", and "STOP IT."  The last two most often said when I'm trying to help her down the stairs, or really help her do anything.  She wants to do everything herself.  The best though, are her "Ohhhhh tank you!"  She is great at using her manners, please and thank you, and naturally that wins the heart of everyone out in public. 

Thea has also gotten pretty good at tattling on her sisters.  "El-ee hit me!  Hit Thea arm!"  Of course that is driving Elsie nuts because now she can't just play dumb and act like she didn't do anything.  Not that Thea is one to get pushed around.  No way.  She mimics Ryann and Elsie all the time, often following their every move.  But if they try to get her to do something she isn't interested in, she tells them off or ignores them.  And when given the choice between fight or flight, that girl is going to fight.  When I start coming towards her like I'm going to tickle her, she just charges me instead of running away.  It is so funny.


Her color recognition has gotten quite a bit better, yellow and purple are the ones she identifies correctly almost every time.  She seems to really like the color yellow, and if given a choice of items will pick out a yellow one if there is one.  She is also obsessed with some yellow rainboots, but all the girls have loved those.  Blue and green get confused and red and orange, can't say I blame her.  She can also apparently count to eleven, but she doesn't do it on her own.  If I ask her to count something she just repeats  '1 2 3 1 2 3' over and over again.  But if I get her past 4 or 5 she will say the next numbers up to 11.  She tries to sing the ABCs, but really gets maybe a few letters correct here and there, just sort of hums the tune instead.


Thea's personality tends to range from the absolute most adorable sweetest baby in the world, to something akin to a feral cat.  Pretty predictable.  Not.  She gets nuts when you try to tell her she can't do something she wants to do, like climbing on things or playing on stuff outside.  Also if you take away an electronic or turn off a TV.  But really, for the most part, she is just so freaking sweet and cute and I can't get enough of her.  I absolutely love watching her play.  She gives me all sorts of hugs and kisses and sings to her baby dolls and has to hug the baby dolls in Target and hugs all the pictures of babies she sees.  She got to hold my friend's baby when they came over and now she'd prefer to hold all the babies.  She is just so much fun.


Thea girl, I love your crazy little self so much.  Can't believe you're so close to two!        

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