June 8, 2014

georgia vacation

After I finally finished editing my photos I uploaded them to flickr, and realized I had 44.  Ummm, a lot for one blog post, so I guess I'll break it in two.

We were all very anxious for this vacation.  Life has been busy.  Chris has been working hard.  We were ready for some days of just having fun.  And that is exactly what we got.  We spent time at the beach, in the pool, hanging out with family and eating good food.  Definitely a great vacation in my books.

Shortly after arriving on our first day we headed out for dinner at The Half Shell.  Dinner was great, and the calamari is tasty.  After dinner Ryann requested a visit to Moo Cow, and I have a really hard time turning down ice cream.  Elsie was pretty darn pleased with the situation as well.  Before heading back home for bath and bed we took a sunset walk on the beach.  After traveling for much of the day it was a great end to the evening.


Day two started back at the beach.  Somewhere in there we made a grocery store run.  We walked around in the village a bit, and ended up at Iguana's for dinner.  Definitely some of the best fried shrimp on the island, and they have free soft serve ice cream.  Win win!  After a walk by the water and on the pier, it was time to get the girls to bed.


Another morning, another trip to the beach!  We only got Elsie to wear her sun hat for maybe 10 minutes?  When Ryann was Elsie's age we told her she couldn't play outside without wearing a hat, and after that she kept it on.  Elsie didn't care what we said and totally called our bluff, throwing off her hat and running back to the house.  So the kid was greased up with sunscreen from head to toe for the rest of the week.

We went out for lunch that day, at Bubba Garcias.  I really like the shrimp and pineapple tacos, my mom loves the shrimp quesadilla.  And the margaritas aren't too shabby either.  Ryann loves to over salt the chips as much as possible.  Elsie just enjoyed eating in general.  As usual.

That afternoon we decided to try a spin in Papa's boat.  I was a little leary of taking a smallish boat out on the ocean, but my Dad assured me we could go slow and stay back where the water was calm.  We didn't think Elsie would love the boat, but man, she HATED it.  HATED IT.  She couldn't really move or sit in her life jacket and I'm pretty sure she overheated.  So that boat ride lasted all of like 15 minutes.  Maybe 20.


After dinner my mom busted out a couple of bomb pops.  Ryann was thrilled.  Elsie attempted to bite it and freaked out because it was so cold.  Then she acted like we were torturing her, trying to get her to lick it.  She finally realized that they were tasty, and ended up looking like a baby vampire with all the red juice running from her mouth.


Annd now I'm ready to go back.  Can it be vacation time again??  I'll post the rest of my photos sometime this week!

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