June 18, 2014

miss elsie belsie

I realized there were a few things I left out of Elsie's monthly post, so I thought I'd just write up a little addition.

::  Elsie is terrified of bugs.  Spiders, ants, flies, anything.  She hates them.  Naturally, our house tends to let in the creepy crawlies through cracks in our doors and such.  I'll be in the kitchen making dinner, and she comes running in rambling gibberish, pointing and clings to my legs.  She won't move until I go find whatever bug it is and kill it.  A fly landed on her high chair at lunch the other day and she about had a panic attack.

::  We had this brief conversation while I was buckling her in to the car the other day...
Elsie: "Nom nom eeew."
Me: "What?"
Elsie: pointing to a wet spot on her car seat "Nom nom eeeeeeeeeew."
Me: "Oh, you bit the carseat and it was yucky?"
Elsie:  "Mmm hmm."
Me:  "Well yeah, we don't bite the carseat."
Elsie: "Whhhyyy?"
Me: "Because a carseat isn't food."
Elsie: "Whhhyyy?"

::  I think Elsie is going to be a biter.  It is driving me insane.  If she gets really frustrated or grumpy, or Ryann is trying to keep her from doing something, she definitely goes in for a bit.  She's bit my leg once when I wouldn't let her open the kitchen cabinets.  She hasn't done it hard enough to hurt anyone, and she goes for it kind of slow like she knows she shouldn't (also giving me time to intervene) but ugh.  Biters are so difficult.  And I will not bite my child back.  Sorry, won't do it.  I don't believe in spanking because I think trying to teach a child not to hit and then punishing them by hitting them is wrong, and that is how I feel about biting too.  Just my two cents.  Hopefully it is just because she is in that frustrating stage where she can't completely communicate, not to mention she is still working on all her molars. 

::  On the flip side, E totally uses kisses to get her way or get attention.  If I've directed my attention elsewhere, she'll run up and kiss me on the leg, because she knows I can't resist it.  Or if she does something she isn't supposed to and I'm starting to get on her about it, she'll lean in and kiss me.  Totally distracts me.  What a little punk :o).

Sometimes she is so cute I just can't handle it.


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