June 11, 2014

ry's first dance recital

The first of June Ryann performed in her first dance recital.  Despite the fact that she only kind of knew the dance, it was freaking adorable.  Every time I tried to get her to practice she'd tell me, "It's ok Mom.  (Two of the girls from her class) are five.  They know the dance.  I'll just look at them."  Oh sweet girl, that isn't how it's supposed to work!  But she's right, the oldest two did know the dance.

When we were walking into the building for the recital, Ryann couldn't stop ooogling everyone else's costumes.  "Look at her pretty costume!  Oh that one has fringe!  That one is sparkly!  I like that one mommy!"  I basically had to drag her along or she would have just stayed on the sidewalk staring at everyone walking in.  It was so cute to see her so excited about all of it.


The girls did pretty darn good considering their one stage rehearsal (where they ran through the dance one time) was close to a wee bit of a disaster.  Obviously nobody care too much since they're four, but you'd like them to look like they at least kind of know what is going on!  The recital was definitely much better.  Their song was Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.  At one point in the dance they march in a circle, and while facing the back Ryann got completely distracted by the silver mylar backdrop.  Chris and I got a good laugh out of that one.


I was so proud of my girl, I think a lot of times we discount how scary getting up on a big stage can be for a little kid (for anyone I suppose).  She didn't bat and eye, got right up there with a smile on her face and did her thing.  It was so fun to see her dance, and I really hope she continues to love dance as much as I did.  Dance was such an incredible outlet for me growing up and I'd love to share that with her.

Great job Ry Ry, I love you!


Nikki Cotton said...

Little Miss Ryann is adorable in her costume! She is going up so fast.

Makeover With Aspen said...

ohmigodness! My heart just melted! She is adorable!

Makeover With Aspen