June 23, 2014

this and that

::  Christopher graduated from residency!  Wooo FREAKING HOOOO!  I seriously can't believe residency is over.  I know compared to other specialties, his residency wasn't all that bad.  But let's face it, residency sucks for almost everyone involved.  They actually had their graduation a week before their contracts are up, and of course Chris would be the last third year working, but still.  Done.  Residency is done.  Now we just have to survive a year of fellowship.

I'm so proud of Chris and all he has done.  He poured a lot into his residency program, constantly striving to make it better.  And at the graduation dinner he was given an award for teaching during residency.  All the while taking care of his family (even though I bitched about it the entire three years) and being a good man.  Truly, Christopher, so very proud of you.


::  Ryann picks out a movie to watch a bit of before bed every night.  Last night she wanted Shrek: The Final Chapter, so tonight I just push play for the end of it.  BAD FREAKING PLAN.  She was epically traumatized by the ending, thinking Shrek was going to disappear.  She has watched all sorts of movies and never gets truly attached to it.  This is the child that while watching animals attack and kill each other told me "It's just life Mom."  But she just could not handle it, and it took me nearly 45 minutes to calm her down, and even then was more or less whimpering in bed as she fell asleep.  Fail.  Parenting fail.

::  I really wanted the girls to wear red shorts on the fourth, but can't find any anywhere.  Come on stores, help a girl out!  If you've seen any girls shorts in red (would have to coming in a 4 and a 12-18 month) please oh please let me know.  That is, if anyone still comments on blogs.  I know I rarely do, so I'm not judging.  Still reading though!

::  Speaking of the fourth, I'm super excited for the holiday (festive outfits! family time! hooray!), but terrified of all the tempting foods and wondering if I can handle it.  I've finished day 26, only four more days to go, I don't want a holiday to completely derail everything I've put in to the last month.  It will definitely be a true test to my will power, whether or not I can reasonably enjoy party food and not go overboard.  Not to mention our anniversary is this weekend and I don't want to make Chris stay in (plus I'm down with a break from cooking!).  I'll go in to more detail on how the Whole30 has been for me next week, once I'm done, but for now I'd say if you're considering trying it, go for it.  It has been empowering and fulfilling.  And I've eaten a LOT of good food.

::  E has an awesome new trick (several new tricks actually, such as scaring the shit out of me climbing on top of everything and picking her nose until it bleeds in her crib, those ones aren't awesome).  Grabbing your cheeks when she goes in for a smooch.  Dead.  Every freaking time.


Just excuse the dinosaur and cat bomb, mmmkay?


J Young said...

Red shorts at Old Navy: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=959078002

Also, how cute are these at Children's Place?? (but they're not in 4T, darn):http://www.childrensplace.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/usstore/p/Americana-flag-shorts-2017598-IV

Anonymous said...

Where is your red dress from?

Anonymous said...


Kelly said...

Ditto the question about where you got your red dress! I love it!

Carrie said...

your dress is to die for! i also have to ask where it's from. it's AMAZING!

Ashley said...

Sorry ladies, I'm slow. I got my dress at Nordstrom!