September 28, 2014

georgia vacation part one

I'm feeling lazy and don't want to throw too much in to one post, so I'm splitting my vacation recap in to two.  A couple weeks ago we went to Georgia for a little family vacation.  Chris had a five day stretch without any games or things he had to attend so we decided to jump on it.  Plus my mom thought this was her birthday celebration :o).

We usually fly in to the Jacksonville airport, but this time the prices to there and Brunswick (which is closer to my parents, but a SMALL airport) were pretty comparable so we switched it up.  And in a bold move we scheduled the 7AM flight out of Kansas City.  Truthfully I think it ended up working out better.  Sure it sucks to set your alarm for 4am, but I was 100% packed the night before because there wasn't another option.  I had clothes and everything laid out for the girls and I, so I just woke up, got myself ready, we packed the car and then woke the kids up and essentially buckled them in and left.  No doing any last minute things or packing any last minute things or convincing kids to get in the stupid car.  And that way we were at my parents house by 1pm, essentially giving us an extra day.  Winning.

The only downside to the early wake up call?  Ryann didn't make it through dinner.  Whoops.  We tried to get her to take a nap earlier in the day, but she couldn't get comfortable on the plane, and by the time we were there she was just too excited.  She passed out at the table, and Chris eventually moved her to a nearby booth where she slept until we left.  She pretty much went right to bed when we got back and slept all night so no harm done I guess?  It was funny.


Sunday morning I woke up early and went for a disgustingly humid seven mile run.  I have a serious love/hate relationship with Georgia running.  The views are so much prettier than what I usually have, and it is nice and flat.  But humidity is just plain gross.  Nonetheless, I got it done.  We had some breakfast and then headed to the marina to go out on the boat.  Our last Georgia boating experience lasted approximately 5 minutes thanks to Elsie hating it.  This time she gave us a solid 20 before deciding she was done.  I'm not a huge fan of being on the boat there, but it was very pretty.


After boating we headed back to my parents house to swim and eat some lunch.  If you are ever putting in a pool I highly suggest having a shallow deck.  The girls LOVE being able to just play easily in the water, and it is nice to be able to sit in the water as an adult as well.


On Monday we spent some time at the beach.  Both Elsie and Ryann LOVE being at the beach.  Minus the heat, they both can only handle it for so long.  But Elsie was charging the water and splashing in the waves.  Ryann loves playing in the tide pools.  And they both enjoy searching for shells.  After the beach we got changed and headed to lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  Margaritas in the middle of the day make me kind of useless, but they sure taste good :o).


I think there was some more swimming and of course more eating that day.  Which is pretty much what our entire vacation consisted of.  And I am not complaining about that one bit.

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Candence {The Lowe Road} said...

I live in Georgia and St. Simons is our go to beach multiple times a year. We just got back from our stay at the King and Prince! It's our most favorite place to vacation. We love the island!