May 14, 2015

a day in my life

I really really wanted to document a day in our life before everything gets super crazy, we move and we add another member to our family.  And then I spent a few weeks completely failing at blogging and never finished typing out all my notes.  So it probably isn't the best representation of our day, but I had some pictures so I can't let it completely go to waste!

This was April 23rd, Ryann is 5 years old, Elsie is 2 years 3 months, and I'm nearly 24 weeks pregnant.


5:45am:  I stir a bit.  I really need to pee, and consider just getting up, but I manage to pass back out quickly.

6:27am:  This time I'm actually awake.  I roll over to play on my phone for a little bit, but maybe three minutes later Ryann flings our door open.  She says she is just too excited to sleep because she can't wait to go to the park.  We convince her to head to the family room, and then I get up and go to the bathroom.  I run down to the basement and switch a load of laundry and then go back upstairs to get dressed.  Ryann is bouncing off the walls because she is JUST SO EXCITED.  Haha.  One of the many dangers of telling her our plans before we are actually on the way to do them.  I silence her with a bowl of cereal.


7:11am:  Chris is getting ready to leave, so I have him poke his head in to Elsie's room to see if she is awake.  She gets so upset if he leaves for work before she is up to get a hug and a kiss.  Immediately I can tell she wasn't ready to be up.  I can hear her grunt yelling at Christopher.  He tries to back out of the room but that pisses her off too.  I go in to offer some hugs for my little mama's girl.  I convince her to get out of bed and give Daddy kisses goodbye before he goes.  Ryann and her scamper off for a bit to play, but a spider quickly ruins the fun.  I get Elsie a bowl of cereal, and once she is finished I turn a show on for the girls.  I throw Ryann some clothes to change in to and then go to find some for Elsie.  When I bring them to her she asks for pockets.  When I ask her to clarify she says she wants pockets in her pants like Ryann.  "Oh yes, your pants do have pockets like Ryann's."  "Yay! Paw-tits! For my phone!"  Wait what?  What phone?  Whatever...  I get their hair fixed and pack a lunch for the park.


8:38am:  We're about 20 minutes later than I wanted to be, but the truth is our plans aren't super strict for the day, so I'm over it.  We head to the gym.  Naturally the girls fight about who gets to push the door buttons and who gets to give the desk people the card.  No matter what plan we come up with in the car, someone is always pissed.  I get the girls dropped off at the child center and then head up to the treadmills.  Me going to the gym has pretty much been a joke.  I basically just walk on the treadmill.  I went ahead and canceled my membership, so I only have until the end of the month to use the club anyway.  When I get settled on my favorite treadmill, I realize Daniel Tiger is on the TV.  Are you kidding me?  Please tell me what grown adult wants to watch Daniel Tiger while working out.  Anyway, I've been toying with signing up for the Mother's Day 5K, so I decide to try and hit three miles in 45 minutes. I throw some jogging intervals in with my walking, and while it was super difficult, I survive.  When I'm finished on the treadmill I gather my things, the girls, and off we go!

10:09am:  In the car again and on our way to the park.  It's been a long time since we've been to this particular park, and we're all excited, plus we're meeting Sarah, Collins and Brooks there, bonus points!  It's a nice park, and not too far from our house, but we just rarely go since there are three within walking distance of us.  Once I'm parked and get the kids to the actual playground, I turn my back for a moment to set down our things.  When I turn back around Ryann has climbed on top of a giant boulder, and several other kids are trying to follow suit.  I can tell the other moms are a bit stressed, haha.  I tell her I need to snap a picture, and then we'll figure out how to get her down.  Pictures are always of the utmost importance, naturally.

I was worried it would be chilly, but it ends up being the perfect temperature.  Nobody cries, and we spend two hours just enjoying being outside and playing with our friends.  The kids start complaining that they are starving around 11am (always starving, always!) and by 11:20 we give in and have a little picnic lunch.  After everyone is fed we play some more, until three school buses show up just before noon.  Definitely our cue to leave!  I promised the girls we could walk the sidewalk and read the story set up by the library, so we sneak that in before heading out.  Ryann amazes me yet again with how much she can read.  I just can't get over it.  Watching her learn to read has been one of the most exciting things in the last few months, it is so exciting, seeing her little mind work and figure it all out, how to turn the letters into words, and sentences.


12:38pm:  Back home again.  I make myself some lunch while the girls spend some time playing.  Elsie is taking care of baby dolls in the family room, and Ryann has retreated to her room to do who knows what.  They're playing so nicely, so I do a little picking up and start the dishwasher.  Eventually I'm able to convince Elsie that it is time for her nap.  She fights going to her room for nap EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Once we're in there and start the whole routine she is totally fine.  It is just the transition from play time to nap time that is miserable.


1:35pm:  I've finally got Elsie in her crib.  I spend a bit of time sitting and scrolling through instagram while chatting with Ryann.  My notes are rather brief here, but my best guess is that I turn on a Leapfrog video for Ry while I run in to take a shower.  At least that is what I usually do on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

3:02pm:  Elsie isn't asleep and I give up on the hope of her napping.  How that girl can play so hard and then refuse to sleep is beyond me.  You'd think an hour at the gym and two hours at the park would wear her out, but apparently not.  I get the girls a snack, and then they spend some time playing in Ryann's room.  While cleaning out closets and bins, I found an entire plastic drawer of post it notes.  I didn't intend to give them to the girls, but Ryann found them, and my house is quickly being covered in little post it note drawings.


3:56pm:  Daddy is home!  Always a highlight of the day of course.  Especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays if he gets home early enough that I don't have to take Elsie to dance with us.  The girls are always a bit crazy when Christopher comes home, but eventually I wrangle Ryann into her dance clothes.  They read a quick book with daddy, then we gives some hugs and goodbyes and we're off.


4:34pm:  We're in the car on our way to the studio.  Ryann's classes only last an hour tonight, but we always have to leave 25-30 minutes before class starts just to make sure we don't get stuck in too much traffic.  It is always hit or miss.  Nothing like having to take the major highways during rush hour to liven up your drive.  It's parent watch week which means I get to sit in Ryann's classes for the whole time.  I have a love/hate relationship with watch week.  I love getting to see what they do of course, but the kids are always a bit nuts and I find myself biting my tongue a lot, wanting to tell Ryann to listen or pay attention or to just stop trying to talk to me!  Haha.  Oh, and for records sake, she had hip hop and tap class.

working on her 'stalls'

6:20pm:  Ryann and I arrive home to the usual post dance scene.  Elsie destroying the family room with toys while watching Thomas the Train, as Daddy gets dinner on the table.  Naturally because I'm writing this post a few weeks later and my notes don't mention it, I have no idea what we had for dinner.  My best guess, based on the picture, are taco stuffed pasta shells.  Chris and Elsie went to the grocery store while we were at dance, and Elsie talked Daddy in to cupcakes.  He can never say no to his girls ;o).  So cupcakes for dessert! 


After we're all fed, Christopher gives the girls a quick bath and I do the dishes.  When they're clean I take Elsie to get jammies on.  When I ask her which ones she wants to wear, she responds with "What sissy wearin'?"  She always always ALWAYS wants to match jammies.  It ticks her off when Ryann picks out a pair that she doesn't have.  They get a few more minutes of Thomas before I decide it is time for no nap Nancy to go to bed.  We read a couple of books, sing a couple of songs, she tries to tell me a million stories and stalls and stalls and stalls...

7:42pm:  I've got Elsie in her crib and Ryann is asking to go to bed.  Christopher takes care of her and I get on to my really important evening tasks... blogging and watching Grey's Anatomy of course.  I just can't quit that show.  Ok I also do a little laundry, and turn to the Royals game after Grey's is over.

10:27pm:  The game is still going but I have to get ready for bed. After brushing my teeth I lay in bed and watch the rest of the game with Chris.  The Royals end up winning 3-2.  And with that, I'm out. 

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